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Developing HRD Skills

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Developing HRD skills
There have been numerous problems encompassing individuals, society, group, country and ultimately the whole world in which we, human beings of varied peculiarities vicissitude dwell. We are in the modern, scientific and technologically advanced era. Mechanizations have come to stay and has been taking over every sphere of our life be it in personal, commercial or industrial sectors. Whatever is the nature, speed or intensity of the revolution taking place, there is something behind all such developments. All these changes do not take place naturally like the happening of ‘day’ and ‘night’. Some artificial force activates and explores such non-natural developmental changes. And the so called simulated force is nothing but the human force. Any revolution/rejuvenation is brought to light only by a human brain and it is also owing to the ongoing process of application of human brains. Therefore, it is obvious that the changes, we see from time to time in and around us, are activated and molded by none other than human beings.
To put it explicitly, when a computer is installed, unless human finger touches are keyboard and give necessary/appropriate command, computer cannot do anything by itself. If you ask the computer what is 4+3=, it cannot give readymade answer ‘7’ unless a software is programmed to do so. Thus, it is to be distinctly understood that human being is the base for everything whether it is the landing in the moon/sun or drying up the sea or pushing down the earth etc.
Some of the human beings are always eager to create something new. This indicates that all human beings do not possess the identical quality of think-tanks but it varies from person to person. Think-tanks imply both constructive and destructive application of human brains. One cannot expect all human beings to be perfect by possessing all skills relating to Human Resources Development (HRD). X may possess something which Y may not possess and vice versa. And also the yield of such possession differs in quality amongst human beings. In the process one may have high standard of quality thinking and other may have lower standard. Based on the input already exists in brain application, numerous changes are taking place. It is, therefore, imperative that every individual possess certain human characteristics which in HRD skills apply to any sectored alliance viz. government, service, manufacturing, household etc.

Willingness is the primary tool in HRD workshop. It is just like children begin to spurting their voices as ‘Aa’ ‘Aah’ ‘Ee’ ‘Eee’. Children do this out of their passion for learning to pronounce the sounds alike which they hear. If a child does not have any passion for learning, it cannot pronounce and learn sound. Without willingness, nothing could be turned around in this world not only physically but also even our own minds. If one has willingness to work or think on anything, he could shape his characteristics to further and farther his action. Once a shape is given to his work, improvement in the quality of execution of a job takes place primarily. Moreover, certain jobs might involve frequent outdoor work. Here, one has to have willingness to do the required outside work connected with the assignment being held by him in order to get the efficient and excellent result out of jobs performed. If one wants to be always assigned in-house job and the outside work connected with that particular job performed by other persons which is not of that desired standard as expected by in-house person, then comes the problem, dislike etc. leading to ineffective execution of jobs assigned in toto. Punctuality, regularity, discipline, obedience, sincerity, integrity and honesty could be called as associate properties of ‘willingness’. If one does not acquire these automatically, ‘willingness’ alone cannot be of any help in improving the undertaken job further and farther. These associate properties are like catalysts to activate the main property.

Attitude occupies a significant place in the HRD field. It is ‘attitude’ that bring to the fore an individual’s personal qualities. Individual’s attitude towards various issues involving formal and informal objectives reflected his mentality, ideas, and ways of executing various assignments approaching in different angles towards a particular object. Attitude should always be positive. Negative attitude does not earn anything. When we mention ‘attitude’, it does not only mean the positive attitude. It should necessarily be of realistic nature. Then only attitude attains a fully matured shape. This positive and realistic attitude helps one take decision or decides on a particular course or action or a matter. If the attitude is negative and unrealistic, it will not bear any effectiveness on the progressive characteristic growth of individuals concerned.

Unless one has sincerity in whatever job he undertakes, it will not be possible for him to execute job in the manner it is ought to be so whether it is personal or impersonal, formal or informal. When sincerity fails, there cannot be any commitment. With the correct attitude and personal qualities, it should be possible for one to activate a particular thing whether it is visible or invisible. It would be automatically carried out in a methodical and systematic manner for which ‘thorough going’ the envisaged action is must.

Communication skill is now-a-days significantly gaining importance. However, it is very pathetic to note that most of the people do not acquire the required communication skills. For instance, a post graduate does not know how to write even an application for a job. This does not mean that everybody should have fluent language. Communication does not mean the fluency of English language. Communication may materialise in any language. That the skill to communicate the feelings in a perfect, in a required manner and in a simple style which is easily understandable to addressee is called proficiency in communication. Most of the people particularly the current generation lacks in communication skills. Communication capability does not end with the two persons.
Nature of communication differs in its contents at various levels and at in different circumstances. For example, communication with colleagues may not be the same nature when a person communicates with his subordinates or superiors. Similarly, when one dialogues with management or government officials, it will be entirely different nature. So, also is with visitors, customers and public. Overall, one should cultivate his communication capability to be appreciable by different segments to which a person has been in communication as referred to above, whenever he does so. Even one’s personality spurts out in the manner in which one is making a qualitative communication. This applies to both oral and written communication. If one has the required skill in communication, he will be able to execute any job successfully.

Clear thinking is analytical; shifting information, selecting what is relevant, establishing and providing relationships. It is a process of reasoning which clear, unemotional and based on relevant facts. Clear thinking is an essential attribute of an effective person. Clear thinking tries to avoid the fallacies, viz. sweeping statements, potted thinking, special pleading, over-simplification, reaching false conclusions, begging the question, false analogy, using words ambiguously and chop logic. Therefore, clear thinking helps one to derive judgement and correct conclusions from the evidence by the process of reasoning. In a way, clear thinking is a logical approach to problem solving, decision making and case presentation.
Clear thinking, thus, assists one to acquire the ability to argue persuasively and to detect the flaws in other people’s arguments. To think clearly and to argue well, you need to understand first, how to develop a proposition or a case from basic principles; second, how to test your proposition and third, how to avoid using fallacious arguments and how to expose the fallacies used by others. Clear thinking plays therefore, a vital role in the HRD of any individual.

Listening to ideas and act on the good ones is one of the important skills for developing oneself and so is learning. Whatever job that we do, whether it is of physical nature or mental nature, we should be able to learn what we do and also be able to analyse the same as to why and how the given job is done etc. Like face powder and lotion, physical health, cheerfulness, neatness in every stage of execution add perfection and it emits a good ray of impression to the others. Definitely this is a plus point to the person who possesses this developing skill.

Ability is the backbone of HRD’s chief property. Whether one does good thing or bad thing, he should have some sort of ability without which he cannot achieve any desired goal whatever the nature it be. One should have the ability to understand the multiple possessiveness of criticism at all times. Criticism is a kind of analytical assessment. It could be vary from one to another because the basis preferred for leveling criticism does not possess the same degree of characteristic. Therefore, one has to have the analytical ability to understand others and their feelings etc. Ability also plays a vital role in spotting opportunities on an ongoing basis. If a business man is not able to feel the opportunity for his products/services, when it happens, his business ability becomes zero. Ability is to meet any contingency when unpleasant situation arises; it may be in business or in administration or in negotiation of settlement or alike. If a person has the ability to congregate any unpleasant situation, he will really be a ‘raja’ to the entity to which he is associated.

We see many changes not only in our physical body but also in an around us. There have been number of changes taking place in all segments of our life. Therefore, one should have the ability to adapt quickly to change wherever and whenever he happens to encounter with those. Otherwise, his whole efforts would be washed away within a matter of time. Also one has to work with and mingle with different people, if at all he wants to achieve excellence in his work. Business and managerial excellence is built on the stone of ability. Therefore, one has necessarily to possess the ability to accomplish deals and negotiate efficiency in his execution of job. One works with multiple nature of colleagues and in such situations, those who want to excel in their assignments must have qualitative ideas and thoughts in more number than their warrants, one should be able to change the managerial style to suit occasion. If the style is not changed towards obtaining trend at time, there will be miserable failures. All the more one should have persuasive ability to get the things done in a desired manner. This ability is one of the most important characteristics of human properties.

To conclude, it should be said that commitment, perseverance, initiative, determination and alertness play vital role in qualitative aspect of HRD. One should keep calm and composed under stress. He should maintain coolness all the while. One has to have creative approach to solve any kind of problems. The above listed few human chattels is not exhaustive. A lot more could be illustrated on the HRD front. Where a human being wants to grow up qualitatively, a few basic HRD properties mentioned above is a must while others have to supplement it.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS So much is discussed in this head . see how amazing the communication skill exhibited by rustic simple ignorant villagers who have interacted with me in my profession. While I was in the out patient department suggested to one elderly patient that he should go to clinical lab to test his urine which is in the first floor ஜயா உங்களால ஒத்தேல மாடி ஏற முடியுமா ? பைய யனப்பாதேலே பேயிடிவேன் !! ( He will go up the ramp not by stairs!)
Another illiterate elderly lady"s complaint கிட்ட பார்வ தெரியல . Normally patients complain that they are not able to read news paper. நீங்கதான் படிக்கலயே எப்படி கண்டு பிடுச்சீங்க ? அரிசிலே கலலு நெல்லு பொருக்க முடியல ! These communication skills are natural rather than nurtured Jambu:loco:
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