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Devaduta Sutta: The Deva Messengers

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Very interesting. Also the index giving various discourses under "majjhima nikaya" is interesting.

Some of the tortures mentioned....like the below...shakes up the imagination!

subjecting him to the 'porridge pot,' the 'polished-shell shave,' the 'Rāhu's mouth,' the 'flaming garland,' the 'blazing hand,' the 'grass-duty (ascetic),' the 'bark-dress (ascetic),' the 'burning antelope,' the 'meat hooks,' the 'coin-gouging,' the 'lye pickling,' the 'pivot on a stake,' the 'rolled-up bed'; having him splashed with boiling oil, devoured by dogs, impaled alive on a stake; cutting off his head with a sword?'
Not open for further replies.

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