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Details of marriage-- sub divisions.

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1. vara prekshanam. 2. vaang nichayam. 3. vradha poorthy--kaasi yathra. 4. vara pooja -kanya dhaanam. 5. Agni prathistaapanam. 6. madhu bharga dhaanam. 7. Dev atha prarthana. 8. Vibaha sangalpam. 9. kanya samskaaram. 10. Koorai pudavayum alankaramum.11. Maangalya dhaaranam. 12. Agni mukantham. 13. paani krahanam. 14. sapthapathi. 15. Agni pradhakshinam. 16. Ashmarohanam.-laaja homam. 17. jayadhi homam. 18. Pravesa homam. 19 . Aagneya stalibhaagam. 20. aupaasanam. 21. sesha homam. 22. naandhi. 23. phala dhaanam. 24. Thaamboola sarvanam. 25. Aasirvadham.

To fix MUHURTHA LAGNAM without having 21 doshams Muhurtha lagnam must be fixed . (1) ULKA. The 19th star from the star in which the sun is running on the star on wedding day. For example.: 21st june 2012. is the wedding day for a particular bride the star of bride is Rohini.Lagnam kadagam.Star on that day punarpoosam dwithiyai thithi, Amirtha yogam.

to be continued.
For each Tamil month maadha soonyam for thithi, star ,lagnas are there. You should not do subha karyams on those days, and on those months.
CHITHRAI; Astami; Ekadasi; rohini; Kumbam;

VAIKASI; Dwadasi, chithrai, swathi, uthraadam, meenam.

AANI; Thrayodasi, punarpoosam, Rishabam.

AADI; Shasti, Avittam,Mithunam ;AVANI; Amavasai, pournami, Pooraadam Mesham.

PURATTASI; Sapthami, sadayam, Pooratadhi, Revathy, Kanni, Dhanusu.

AIPASI; Navami, Pooratadhi, Viruschigam.

KARTHIGAI; Panchami, karthigai, poosam, magam, Thulam,

MARGALI; dwithiyai,navami,vishagam; Anusham; Uthirattadhi.

THAI; prathamai; hastham; thiruvadhirai; Ayilyam, Katakam.

MAASI; Chathurthi, Dasami, Moolam, Thiruvonam, Makaram.

PANGUNI; Chathurthi, Bharani, Kettai, Simham.


PRATHAMAI; thulam; Makaram; DWITHIYAI; Dhanus; meenam. THRITHIYAI; Simham, makaram,. CHATHURTHI; Rishabam, kumbam. PANCHAMI; Mithunam, kanni. SHASTI; Mesham, simham. SAPTHAMI; Kadagam, Dhanus. ASTAMI; Mithunam, Kanni. NAVAMI AND DASAMI; Simham, Viruschigam. EKADASI; Danus, Meenam. DWADASI; Thulam, Makaram. THRAYODASI; Rishabam, Simham. CHATHURDASI; MIthunam,Kanni, Dhanus, Meenam. No soonya Rasi for Amavasai and Pournami.

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BORN IN THESE THITHIS: Those Rasis and Rasi athipathi becomes weak.Exemption: If the lord of that house stays on the same house or if he sees that house or the Lagnathipathi or 5th Athipathi or 9th Athipathi sees that soonya rasi or soonya rasi athipathy No Soonya dosham.

If you were born on Panchami thithi Mithunam and Kanni are soonya raasi and the lord of the both is budhan. Do Archanai For Maha vishnu f0or 7 wednes days with sankalpam " request to remove soonya rasi dosham". If that Budhan is not aspected by 1st,or

5th, or 9th lords, and if budhan is not in mithunam or kanni, dhanus, and Meenam.

Do not choose on Dwithiyai thithi day dhanus and meenam for any auspicious subha karyams.

FOR WEDDING; Uthama Stars: Rohini; mirugasirsham; magam; uthiram; hastham; swathi; anusham; uthiradam; thiruvonam; sadayam; Uthirathadi. Revathy; MADHIMAM; ASWINI, PUNarpoosam, Poosam; Chithrai;Avitam;.

MONTHS; Chithrai; Vaikasi; AAni; Thai;. In uthiraayanam maasdi month is best for upanayanam. As manmathan( kAAMAA DHAHANAM) occured in masi month marriage is not good to perform in masi month; In panguni as the Tamil year ends the last fifteen days of that yearis not good. In Dakshinayanam : AAvani; aipasi; karthigai madhimam. In puratasi; Mahalaya paksham pithru poojai is most importanat;

AAdi. Margali; In Margali war between dharmar and duryodhanan and in aadi vaamanavadharam Maha bali chakranvarthy got moksham. So these months are not good for Marriage.

THITHIGAL; SUKLA PAKSHAM AND KRISHNA PAKSHAM; Upto panchami in krishna paksham is Good. Dwithiyai; thruthiyai; Panchami; sapthami; dasami; Ekadasi; Dwadasi; Thrayodasi are good. LAGNAM Uthamam: Rishabam; Mithunam; Kadagam; Kanni;Thulam : Dhanus; Kumbam; Others are Madhimam.

VISESHA VIDHI; The 7th house from lagnam should be empty without ant planets. In the houses of 3, 6, and 11 freom lagnam papa grahangal may be there. Papa grahangal are: sun; mars; sani; rahu and kethu, krishna patcha chandran; Guru; Sukran; Sukla patcha chandran; budhan alone or with subha grahas are Subha Grahams.

To be continued
For example I have taken June 21 st 2012 that is AAni month; In this month there should be one new moon and one full moon and one maadha pirapu Morew than this or nil of any one is not a uthamam month. as there is no Madha pirapu in this month this is treated as madhimam month.

There is no Guru Sukran ASthamanam. in this month. THARA PHALAN AND CHANDRA PHALAN must be there for both Bride and Bride groom. Here with I am giving a chart to find out easily whether thara palam for all subha karyams.

For the birth star of ASWINI; MAGAM;MOOLAM; Rohini; hastham; thiruvonam and swathi sadayam;and poosam anusham uthirathadhi and revathy are having thara palam.

FOR THE BIRTH STAR OF BARANI; POORAM AND POORAADAM; uthiram, uthiradam, mirugasririsham,chithrai, avittam, punarpoosam, revathy, aswini, magam, moolam are having good thara palam.

FOR KRITHIGAI, UTHIRAM, UTHIRADAM; Rohini, hastham, thiruvonam, swathi, sadayam, aswathy magam, moolam,poosam, anusham, uthuratadhi are having thara palam.

FOR ROHINI HASTHAM THIRUVONAM; Mirugasirsham, chithrai,Avittam, punarpoosam, revathy, uthiram, uthirada.

FOR MRUGASIRSHAM,CHITHRAI AVITTAM; Aswathi, magam, moolam,swathi sadayam, poosam, anusham, uthirathadhi, uthiram, uthiraadam, rohini, hastham, thiruvonam,

FOR THIRUVATHIRAI SWATHI SADAYAM; Punarpoosam, revathy, Rohini,hastham, thiruvonam, mirugasirsham, chithrai avittam are having tara palam.

FOR PUNARPOOSAM,VISHAGAM, POORATHADHI; Poosam, anusham, uthiratadhi, Aswini,magam,moolam,uthiram, uthiradam, swathi, sadayam, mirrugasirsham, chithrai, avittam are having thara palam.

FOR POOSAM, ANUSHAM, UTHIRATHADHI; Revathy, rohini, hastham,thiruvonam, swathy,sadayam, punarpoosam, are having thara palam.

FOR AIYALYAM, KETTAI, REVATHY; ASwini, magam, moolam, uthiram, uthiradam, , mirugasirsam,chithrai avittam,punarpoosam, poosam, anusham, uthirathadhi are having thara palam.

Now for the bride birth star; rohini 21st june star is punarpoosam so there is thara palam. for the Bride groom birth star is Revathy so thara palam is there for punar poosam and revathy. o.k..

NEXT CHANDRA PALAM; FOR BRIDE JANMA RASI; RISHABAM; FOR BRIDE GROOM JANMA RASI MEENAM; On 21 st june the Moon will be in mithuna raasi From the janma rasi of
the bride mithunam is second and it is not good. For the groom it is in the fourth place and it is also not good.

Count from the janma rasi of the bride and groom to the rasi where the moon is there on wedding day. !. good health. 2. Loss of Money. 3. wealth. 4. fear of disease. 5. kariya vignam; 6. chathry naasam. 7,. sowbhagya vridhi. 8. increase of disease. 9 . kaarya dhamadham. 10 udhyoga vridhi. 11. ista sidhi. 12. loss of money.

some are saying in sukla paksham 2nd, 5th, and 9th are good and in krishna paksham 8th and 12 th rasis are good. According to this sukla patcham 2 is good and this becomes madhimam in chandra balam.

KASARA YOGAM; This is a very importanat yogam and must be considered.

To be continued.
to see kasara yogam: first see on the muhurtham day the suryan is running on mirugasririsham star 4th padam. muhurtham date: 21- 6 2012 . On that day punarpoosam is the star. from suryan saaram star mirugaseersham to punarpoosam mrugasersham, thiruvathirai ,punarpoosam is 3 rd no, divide this by 9. meedhi is 3. meedhi should not come as 3,4,5,9 . 1,2,6,7,8 must come as remainder whichn is good and no kasaram and marriage can be done on that day.

No pariharam for this. kasaram must be seen for upanayanam, marriage,seemantham and travel.

Then panchagam must be seen. For 21st june thursday . from sunday to thursday 5nos; thithi from prathamai dwethiyay is the 2nd no. Then star from aswini to punarpoosam 7nos. lagnam from mesham to kadagam 4nos; then some lagnams are having dhuruvam you have to add that dhuruvam if any; for kadaga lagnamno dhuruvam. so 5+2+7+4=18/9=2 no remainder here you have to take 9 as remainder.

remainder 3,5,7,9 are good. so panchagam is good for 21-6-2012. dhuruvam nos. are for mesham5, for rishabam7, makaram2; kumbam 4;meenam 6, others nil. For all subha karyam mruthyu panchagam vendaam. for upanayanam roga panchagam and for marriage raja panchagam vendam.

parikaram: 1, mrithu panchagam charity of rathinam. 2. Agni panchagam:sandal paste ;4. Raja panchagam: lime fruit; 6. roga panchagam deepam; for roga panchagam dhanyam dhaanam ( Raw rice or wheat).

THIEYAAJYAM; For each thithi,star,day, lagnam thyaajyam will be there after different naligais for four naligai thyajayam will be there. You should not do subha karyam during this period.

Stars not suited for subha muhurtham. Birth star, is 1,3,5,7,10,14,19,22,27. Chandrastama rasi 2 1/4 stars; chandra rasikku 8th rasikku ulla 2 1/4 stars. exception rule: Bride's 1,10,19 th star and Groom's 10 th star are eligible for marriage if there is no other way.

THITHI; Chathurthy, shasty, astami, navami, dwadasi, chathurdasi. are not good. exception rule: krishna patcham astami. yogam: marana yogam, uthpatha yogam, prabalaarishta yogam vendam. dhania naal, kari naal, rahu kalam; yamakandam; tuesday and saturday,rama, thivama must be avoided.

To be continued.
Combination of these three day, thithi, and star on a particular day is called visha yogam and on these days marriage should not be celebrated. SUNDAY, PANCHAMI, HASTHAM; MONDAY, SHASTY, THIRUVONAM; TUESDAY, SAPTAMI,ASWINI; WEDNESDAY, ASTAMI, ANUSHAM; THURSDAY, THRUTHIYAI, POOSAM; FRIDAY NAVAMI, REVATHY; SATURDAY EKADASI, ROHINI;.

AGNI YOGAM; sunday, saptami, dwadasi. monday shasty; ekadasi: Tuesday panchami,sapthami; wednesday, dwithiyai, astami; Thursday, shasty, navami; Friday, astami, dasami; saturday navami, ekadasi. Subha karmaakkal vilakka pada vendum.

MRITHYU YOGAM AND UTHPADHA YOGAM; If it happens the star on the particular dayyou can do subha karyam after 4 hours from the begining of the star.

Sunday; vishagam, anusham. Monday; Pooradam, uthiradam. Tuesday; sadayam, avittam, Wednesday Aswini, revathy. Thursday ;Mirugaseeridam, rohini; Friday; Ayilyam ,poosam. Saturday; hastham, uthiram.

SALAKA VEDAI; uthiradam---mirugaserusham; Magam---thiruvonam; Moolam---punarpoosam; sadayam---swathi; Revathy---uthiram; Anusham---bharani; uthiratadhi---hastham; abhijith-----rohini;. For example mariagge on punarpoosamstar day so on that day no planet should run on moolam padha saram.on 21st june planets are not in moolam star paada saaram. fine.

No Dosham if the planets budhan, guru, chandran are there in the seventh house. No dosham if the rahu and kethu are there in the lagnam or in the seventh place, in the muhurtha lagnam rasi chart. Sukran should not be in the sixth house and mars should not be in the 8th house. chandran should not be in the 6th or in the 12th place from lagnam in the muhurtha lagna rasi chart. paapa grahangal should not be there in the 12th and in the 2 nd house from lagnam.

In the muhurtha lagna rasi chart from lagnam sun should not be in the 12th house; chandran and guru in the 6th house; mars in 9th house; budhan in 10th house; sukran in 7th house; sani,guru, chandran, in 5th house paapar in 8th house.

KANDHANTHAM; aswini and magam 1 st padam and ayilyam, kettai, revathy, in 4th paadam. muhurtha lagna time should not be in the end time of thithi, star, lagnam of that day.
To be continued
hi gopalan sir,
i have doubt abt iyer marriages....any differences between vadama/brahacharanam/asta sastram/vathima in wedding ceremonies?..
just curiosity....any difference in iyer/iyengar weddings.?,,,just i like to know.... just for knowledge.....thanks in advance...
No. of differences are there even in vadama: thanjavur, tirunelveli, mdyrai, north arcot districts people. Like this in all subsects differences are there. telugu brahmin, iyer, iyengar many differences are there. Also differences are there in yajur,sama,rig veda people. Also as per bodhaayana sooktham, aapasthamba sooktham, sathyashadam, thraahyaanam, aagasthyam,saakalyam, aashwalaayanam, sambaveeyam, kaathyaayanam soothrams, differences will be thereas per poorva soothrakaarargal.

Vaikaanasam, sownakeeyam, bharadwajam, aagniveshyam,jaimaneeyam, mmadhunyan, mmadhyanthinam, koudinyam, kousheedhakam are aapara soothrangal. in apara karma also it will vary according to soothrams.
On 21-06-2012 kadaga lagnam wedding day. draw rasi chart at about 8 A.M. sukran, guru, kethu in Rishabam. budhan, suryan, chandran in mithunam. Lagnam kadagam,. sevvai and mandhi in simham. sani in kanni. rahu in vrischigam.. sani and sukran vakram. lagnam in poosam star, chandran in punarpoosam, suryan in mirugasirsam star, budhan punarpoosam,sukran rohini; mars in uthiram, guru in karthigai, sani in chithrai , rahu in anusham, kethu in karthigai guligan in magam.

The seventh star of the bride is ( from rohini to 7th star is magam) and for groom the 7th star is ( from revathy to 7th star thiruvathirai). So on the marriage day no planets are having the paadha saaram of the 7th star magam and thiruvathirai) so the day is good for fixing muhurtham.

on the marriage day chandran is not in lagnam,; aswini,bharani karthigai star is not there only punrpoosam star is there; . rahu or mars is not in in the 8th house. the 7th lagnam from the kadaga lagnam is empty without any planet. chandran is in punarpoosam star and also budhan is in the punarpoosam star. this is not good. If budhan is in poosam star then it is good.

for kadaga lagnam in the 12th house suryan paapi is there and in the 2nd house mars is there. This is not good. this is called paapa karthri yogam which is not good to fix muhurtham.

There is no guru or sukrasthamanam which is good. If guru is in ucham and even there is sukraas thamanam you can do marriage. If sukran is in uchcha stanam and guru in asthamanam marriage muhurtham can be fix..

In the same rasi in the same star if along with chandran other graham is there dosham is there.

If suryan and chandran is there in the same star divorce will happen.
If budhan and chandran is ther in the same star '' mottai kaditham moolam mana valkai bhadhikuum'
if guru is there along with chandran in the same star they have to live separately due to job transfer.
if sukran is there poverty will come.
If sani is there dangerous disease will appear.
If mars and chandran is there in the same degree divorce will happen.

mars and chandran in the same rasi in the rasi chart in wedding day rasi chart will give problem.

For the bride rishabha rasi 8th house is dhanus and the groom's rasi is meenam and 8th house is thulam . muhurtha lagnam is only kadagam which is fine and you should not fix dhanus or thulam as muhurtha lagnam.

If chandran becomes subhar and is in the tenth house from lagnam and is aspected by Guru no thyaajya dosham. in this day muhurtha lagnam thyaajya dosham is there.
mahavyathee padham and maha vaidhruthee days should be omitted to fix muhurtha lagnam.

on 21st june suryan is on mirugaseersham paadha saaram and from the mirugaseersham star the 19th star is avittam and there is no ulka dosham, on this day which is good. hastham is the 9th star from mirugaseersham which is also not good. so there is no boohambam dosham which is good.

You should not fix muhurtham day on or the previous3 days and the next 3 days of solar or lunar eclipseday. so there is no upagam dosham which is good.

guligan or maandhi during the rising of guligan daily do not fix muhurtham on the guligan rising lagnam.

chandran should not be in6th or in 8th or in 12th house from lagnam which is inauspicious,

Muhurtha lagnam should not be aspected by papa grahams. (sun, mars, sani )

Do not fix the lagnam where papa grahams are there as the muhurtha lagnam.

The lagnam should not be aspected by sukran. For shanthi muhurtham you may choose that lagnam.
SANDHYA KAALAM; 48 minutes before sunrise you should not fix that lagnam as muhurtha lagnam.

USHNAM; do not fix muhurtha lagnam during ushna time of each star: 1. for aswini, rohini,punarpoosam,hastham magam from 7 1/2 to 15 naaligai is ushna time for these stars from the starting time of these each star. 2, Bharani, kirugaseersham, poosam,pooram,chithrai from 55 naligai to 60 naligai is tghe ushna neram.

3. for krithigai, thiruvadhrai, ayilyam,swathi,uthiram,from 21 to 30 naaligai. 4. vishagam,moolam,thiruvonam,pooratadhi from 0 to 6 naligai. 5. anusham, pooradam, avittam,uthiratadhi, from 52 to 60 naligai. 6. kettai, uthiraadam,sadayam,revathy, from 20 to 30 naligai is the ushna time.

STHIRA KARANAM; 1, sakuni, 2,. chathuspadham, 3. naaghavam, 4 kimsdhugnam. are the four sthira karanams. do not perform su bha karyams on these days.

LAADAM; During laada nakshathram you should not do subha karyams. To find out laada nakshathram on 21st june: From surya paadha charam star mirugaseerusham count upto moolam star; 15 nos; now start counting from pooraadam star the 15 th star is punarpoosam . This punarpoosam star is laada nakshathram and you should not do subha karyam on that day. Now here the 21 st june is punar poosam day .so this is not good.

EKARGALAM; On 21st june suryan is on 66 degrees . deduct from 360 degrees this 66 degrees you will get 294 degrees.Find out which is the star for this 294 degrees. Avittam is the star for this 294 degree. from avittam 1, 2,7,10, 11,14,16,18,20 stars are not fit for fixing muhurtham. that is avittam,sadayam,barani,mrigaseerusham,thiruvaadhirai,ayilyam;pooram,hastham, swathi stars are not good.

Now for 21st june punarpoosam star so this is good. VAIDHRUTHAM; The 14 th star from mrugasirusham is kettai and it should be avoided. no kettai star on 21 st . so this is good. AHISIRASU; The second portion of vyatheepatha yogam is called ahisirasu. on 21st dhruva yogam. so this is good. The second part of vyatheepadha yogam is not good for subha karyams.

VISHTI; In sukla patcham (valar pirai) during astami and ekadasi from 6 to 12 naligai; on chathurdasi from 24 to 30 naligai; and on full moon day from 16 to 24 naligai and during krishna patcham (thei pirai) on thrithiyai day from 30 to 26naligai; and on sapthami from 12 to 18 naligai; and on dasami day from 42 to 48 naligai; and on chathurdasi day from 0 to 6 naligai vishti unnum. do not fix muhurtham on these times.

ON THE MUHURTHA LAGNA RASI CHART : if guru aspects sukran and sukran aspects guru 7th paarvai this not good for muhurtha kaalam.

No thithi dosham at sunrise time. During abhijith time ( from 12 1/2 to 15 naaligai) from 11 to 12 no star dosham but upanayanam should not be done in this time. During sunset no lagna dosham. at night no day dosham.

to be continued
For each star visha kadigai; ushna siga; mruthyu time and amirtha kadigai are there. If the muhurtha lagnam falls on the amrutha kadigai time of that star on that day it is well and good; If it is not possible you may omit the mruthyu , visha kadigai and ushna siga time to fix good muhurtha lagnam.

; ALL IN NAALIGAI; visha kadigai .ushna siga mruthyu time AMURTHA TIME.
ASWINI;50-54 7 1/2-15 08 42-46.
BHARANI.;24-28 55-60 04 48-52
KARTHIGAI;30-34 21-30 12 54-58
ROHINI; 40-44 7 1/2-15 02 52-56
MIRUGASIRIDAM;14-18 55-60 06 38-42
Thiruvadhirai; 11to 15; 21to 30; 14; 35to 39. Is the visha kadigai; ushna siga; mruthyu time; amruta kadigai time.
Punarpoosam; 30to34; 7 1/2 to 15; 10; 54to58.
Poosam ; 20to24; 55to60; 16; 44to48;
ayilyam; 32to36; 21to30; 24; 56to90;
magam; 30to34; 7 1/2to 15; 20; 54to58;
Pooram; 20to24; 55to60; 22; 44to48;
uthiram; 18to22; 21to30; 02; 42to46;
hastham; 22to26; 7 1/2-15;26; 45to49;
chithrai; 20to24; 55to60;30;44to48;
swathi; 14to18; 21to30; 38;38to42;
Vishakam; 14to18 ; 1 to 8 ;38; 38to42;
anusham; 10 to 14; 52 to 60; 36; 28to 32;
kettai; 14to18; 20to30; 34; 38to42;
moolam; 20to24; 1 to 8 ; 32; 44to48;
pooraadam; 24to28; 52to60; 42; 48to52;
uthiradam; 20to24; 20to30; 44; 44to48;
Thiruvonam; 10to14; 1 to 8 ; 46; 34to38;
avittam; 10to14; 52to60; 48; 34to38;
sadayam; 18to22; 20to30; 50; 42to46;
pooratadhi; 16to20; 1 to 8 ; 52; 40to44;
uthiratadhi; 24to28 ; 52to60; 52; 48to52;
revathy; 30to34; 20to30; 54; 54to58;
to be continued.
No. of differences are there even in vadama: thanjavur, tirunelveli, mdyrai, north arcot districts people. Like this in all subsects differences are there. telugu brahmin, iyer, iyengar many differences are there. Also differences are there in yajur,sama,rig veda people. Also as per bodhaayana sooktham, aapasthamba sooktham, sathyashadam, thraahyaanam, aagasthyam,saakalyam, aashwalaayanam, sambaveeyam, kaathyaayanam soothrams, differences will be thereas per poorva soothrakaarargal.

Vaikaanasam, sownakeeyam, bharadwajam, aagniveshyam,jaimaneeyam, mmadhunyan, mmadhyanthinam, koudinyam, kousheedhakam are aapara soothrangal. in apara karma also it will vary according to soothrams.
hi gopalan sir,
romba nanriiiii....please elaborate main differences...thanks in advance....just curiosity....
Now i am copying from the book what is the fruit if the grahams are there in each rasi in the muhurths lagna chart. If SURYAN is there in 1. sokam.2. varumai. 3. many children;4. breast without milk; 5. no children;6. nar pukaz; 7. disease;8. widow. 9. sanchalam; 10. sampathu;mangalam.11. dharma bhudhi; 12. virayam, kashtam.

If CHANDRAN; is there in 1. naasam; 2. kudumbhi; 3. sampathu;4. suhakuraivu; 5. kurai aayul; 6;. raghi= disease. 7. with sakkalathy; 8. poverty. 9. more female chidren. 10. vibhachara jeevanam; 11. sampathu. 12. virayam=loss.

IF MARS is there in 1. widow.2. kasta jeevanam; 3. sampathu. 4. fear.5. garbha nashtam.6. manamotha valkai.7. loss of son; 8. diseased. 9. virrayam;10. virakthi; 11. nalla palan; 12. adharmam.

IF BHUDAN is there in 1. nargunam.2. dheergha sumangali.3. pugal,sampath. 4. without disease. 5. weath, bakthi.6. veen kalagam. 7. disease. 8. apavadham. 9. loss of money. 10. good. 11. lakshmi kadhaksham. 12. expenses.

IF GURU IS THERE in 1. wealth; 2. good health.3. sowkariyam; 4. sukam. 5. gnanam.6. visvaasam; 7. arpaayul.8. sandai.9. dharmam. 10. kshemam.11.aayul. 12. subham.

IF SUKRAN IS THERE IN 1. padhivradhai.2. dhanam.3. fearbhakthi.4. sukam.5. wealth.6.nalivu.7. maranam.8. peedai.9. dharmam. 10. sukam. 11. dhanam. 12. pughal.

IF SANI IS THERE IN 1poverty. 2. thunbam.3. pughal. 4. disease.5. dhukkam. 6. sugham. 7. thunbham. 8. adharmam. 9. kalagam. 10. poraamai. 11. wealth. 12. virayam.

IF RAHU IS THERE IN 1. maladu.2. dhukkam. 3. maranam. 4. chakkalathy. 5. death during childbirth. 6. sugam. 7. poverty. 8. divorce. 9. poraamai. 10. widow. 11. nalam. 12. schoram..

IF KETHU IS THERE IN 1. mmorkan. 2. nalam. 3. tenshan. 4. widow. 5. sowbhagyam. 6. dukkam. 7. dhurgunam. 8. widow.9. chakkalathiyudan valkai. 10. bad habits. 11. lobhi. 12. schoram.

From Rasi chakram draw navamsa chakram for muhurtha lagnam. If the navamsa lagnam is Mesham: widow. rishabham=wealth. Mithunam. wealth. kadagam: avadhuru. simham. widow. kanni. nanmai. thulam. good habit son. vrischikam poverty. dhanus= sugha dukkam. makaram=maranam. kumbam.=diseased person. meenam= abhaagyavathy.

Kadaaga meena vrischiga lagnathirku mesha rishaba, mithuna navamsam neraadhu. to be continued.
we are planning to do upanayanam for my brother dis 21/6/2012... i want to know whether any kasara yogam is there for him on that day
On 21st june suryan saaram is on mirugaserisham . The star on 21st is punarpoosam . so mirugaseersham1, thiruvadhirai 2 punarpoosam is 3 . this 3 should be avoided. This is kasara yogam this should be avoided. as per kanchi acharyal madathu panxhangam the 3 rd star is having kasara yogam . and you should not do upanayanam. I do not know what is coming as per vakia (pambu) panchangam.

In olden days the marriage will be held in their own big house itself. In a good auspicious time ( except sara lagnam) do pooja to one bamboo stick , even before one week with purusha sooktha vidhanam or two days before in the vaasal . dig one hole3 in the north east direction and place this bamboo stick there.

brid'e father used to do this pooja. sankalpam; kalasa pooja; vignesvara poojqa; punyajanam; sprinkle in all the places where you are going to waive pandal.decorate in one bamboo stick with mangoleaf bunch, and apply sandal paste and kumkumam, pushpa maalai saathavum. do vishnu archanai.doopam; deepam; neivedhyam of two plantain fruits and thaamboolam. camphor aarathy. graha preethee;

sastrigal will chant manthrammamaagne-------vaahinasvam while carrying the bamboo to the pandal place. pour water and mangala akshathai and flowers in the digged place for the bamboo and place the bamboo there put mud and tie the bamboo well. druvanthey raja varuna-----dhruvam by chanting this manthra the bride and her mother must touch the pandal kaal. aasirvatham; aarathy.

to be continued

put mavu kolam in all the rooms and hall the previous day itself. In he room where the groom's party is going to stay in one room place one swamy padam facing east and lit a kuthuvillakku.In another room also arrange the seer varisai vesswels i n order,required for one family , sweets and savoury and rice, dhall,jaggary, ghee, vadagam, appalam, deepavali marunthu lehyam etc;.

Thiratty paal 500 gram; kai murukku 7 sutru 51 nos; mullu murukku 51 nos; athirasam, 9inches dia51 nos, laddu, mysur paahu each 31 nos; 5 sutru kai murukku 51 nos; small size laddu 51 nos; 5 inches athirasam 31 nos; each one well packed in plastic covers. and 11 nos. appam.

In addition to this as the grooms party entering the kalyaana mandapam the bride's mother should hand over to the groom's mother 500 grams thiratty paal well packed in a stain less steel box.one jody paruppu thengai for vradham, evening nichaya thartham one pair paruppu thengai. same paruppu thengai for maapilai alaipu. for oonjal one pair parupu thengai which will go to muhurtham. 5nos. aasirvadha parupu thengai in ground nut or in pottu kadalai.

for graha pravesam one pair and one pair for udhaka shanthy is required.In silver meety; chandana pela; kumkuma chimil; kuthu vilaku ;pancha paathram, uthirini, plate, teaspoon, and 2 kinnam ( to give milk and fruit to the coupleduring oonjal function).For groom ring, wrist watch, bracelet, minor chain. In brass :kudam, thavalai,sombu, thammbaalam.kuthu vilaku; adukku, sambadam are required. others in stain less steel.

gas stove, cooker, milk cooker, idly paany, coffee filter, one iron iluppai chatty, frying pan, karandy, plates,containers etc. must be arranged in the room infascinating order.

Sarees for the bride: for nichayathartham,oonjal,graha pravesam;udhaka shanthy, and muhoortha m saree (9 yards), reception saree or chudidhar.total 6 nos.

For groom: 9x5 one pair for muhurtham deer's eye width; 8 mulam one pair as matru vesty; one for graha pravesam and one pattu vesty.. For maapillai alaipuu pant; shirt; coat; tie; socks; shoe and chappal. For kasi yathra: visiri; umbrella; chappal; walking stick, towel one book are required. On the morning of the muhurtham day you have to give the following to the groom along with nsdaswara isai; One tray; tooth paste, tooth brush, towel shaving set; comb; mirror; hair oil; scent; talcum powder, and one pattu pai for muhurtham with name and date.

For other persons use: sample size soap; tooth paste; coconut oil;comb; kumkumam; chandanam; veebhudhi; mirror, manjal thool : buy one dozen each and supply to other people 6 for for bride's party and 6 for groom's party. Place drinking water can in upstairs and in down stairs near the rooms where they are staying, with paper tumblers.

If the groom's party is in nearby place some relative should go to their place with van to invite them showing them chandanam and kumkumam. If the groom's party is coming by train some relative must go to railway station to pick them up;

Now a days cell phone is there. Immediately after their arrival to the kalyana mandapam on the entrance of the kalyana mandapam relatives should stand there with chandanam, kumkumam, sugar, kalkandu, pushpam. for the groom the bride's brother or father should garland and some body from bride's side should take haaraathy. video taking people will do their work.

Bride's mother should give threaty paal to thr groom's mother and invite them to their rooms, Give them their requirements. and request them to take lunch and coffee.

In the entrance of the kalyana madapam place one table and two chairs panner, flowers; chandanam; kumkumam; sugar and kalkandu, and make arrangements with your relatives to be there to invite the invitees. to be continued.
VRADHAM...... groom's party will start vradham : bride's party if there is aththai of the bride she should go there with athirasam, appam, and one pair of paruppu thengai.and one mirror to place them there.Groom's party people should request bride's partty to attend the vratham function .

In return groom's father will give her thamboolam, fruits and money.parents must wear madisar and pancha kacham.after vratham paaligai thelithal and kanganam kattuthal in the left hand for bride and in the right hand for groom.For paaligai dhaanyam: paddy, black gram, green gram, kadugu, black ellu, soaked in water in the previous day itself.Odd no. of ladies from both side to both parties can sprinkle dhanyazm in the paaligai. and for them give thaamboolam, dakshinai, chandan and kumkumam.

After this function is over aarathy should be taken for each group by two ladies on their group and the aarathy mony will be taken by them and the lady who is in northern side should take the aarathy thaambaalam to pour in the vaaqsal kolam.
For the bride even though jadha karma, namakaranam, annapraasnam, soodakarma had done on appropriate times now it is necessary to do it once agin. anuggai; vigneswara pooja; grahapreethee, mukya kala graha preethee, honey, curd, prssnam, nandhee, namakarana punyavachanam,japa dakshinai; annapraasna graha preethee; paaligai punyaga vachanam; oshadhi sooktha japam,prathe sara bhandan raksha bhandan japa dakshinai sudakarma; harathy.

these should be done on the previous day in the morning,you have to invite groom's family for this with chandan,kumkumam.for ladies who had done paligai thelithal, will get from you thammboolam, dakshinai, manjal,kumkumam,chandanam. Then request groom's family to take meals.

In the evening, after evening sandhya vandhanam jaanavasam if the groom's party prefered for that ,should be done. First get permission from the nearby temple and obtain license for procession from temple to kalyana mandapam. send petromax light and jamakalam to the temple. in the evening, and take groom's family to the temple. nathaswaram party will go to the temple. take parupu thengai, janavasa dress, pushpam,chandanam,kumkumam,betel, betelnut, seeval, kalkandu,sugar, 2 turmeric pasted coconuts etc;

In the temple show chandanam,kumkumam,sugar, kalkandu, and give the jaanavaasa dress to the groom by sastrigal's manthras,The groom will come after wearing the dress along with the help of bride's brother , give chandanam, kumkumam, sugar to the groom, bride's brother adorn him with haaram cent, wrist watch, minor chain or bracelet. Then all will have darshan of gods of that temple and the groom will sit in the car

along with children, male members will go in front and female membrs will go in the back of the car carrying paruputhengai, fruits,flowers,etc; crackers and vaana vedikai may be there. But nowa days groom is not willing for this,band vaadhyam and naadhaswara kachery will be there.

In a separate car the bride will come with her friends to see this jaanavasam on the road. when the car reaches the kalyana mandapam the bride will be requested to sit near the groom to take videos and photos.then the bride's mother will give thaamboolam, fruits and mattai thengai,, the groom will receive it and hand it over to the ndhaswaram people, bride family members will take aarathy to the groom and the
groom will put changes and the lady who is in north side will take the aarathy and pour it in the vaasal kolam.

one male member of bride's family will take one coconut and rotate it clockwise and anti clock wise on the head of the groom and break it into pieces..

NICHCHAYATHAARTHAM. this is also loukeekam. groom's father and bride's father will start nichayathaartham. vigneswarqa pooja will be performed by the bride's father and the muhurtha pathrikai will be read by the sastrigals after giving chandanam and kumkumam, sugar and
kalkandu to each other.to be continued
during nichchayathartham the jaanavasa paruppu thengai and thaamboolam, fruits and flowers will placed by the groom party in the nichchayathartham place.The bride's father after vigneswara pooja will give to the groom's father in a plate thaamboolam and coconut with flowers and fruits and the marriage invitation and will tell that in the next day in the lagnam kannikaadhaanam will take place.|groom's father will receive the thaamboolam tray and the sastrigal will read the invitation.

In return the groom's father will give the thaamboolam tray to the bride's father. Then the bride will come there with haram and sit dowm near er father. groom's father will give nichchayathaartha saree to the bride and the bride will receive it after doing namaskaram to the groom's father. groom's sister will go along with the bride and with long thalaipu the saree will ador the bride.

The bride will sit down near the her father, and the groom's sisiter will adorn her chandan and kumkumam and will give her sugar and kalkandu and will put haram and thodutha pushpam on her head. then she will put a plastig bag which contains thaamboolam, .flower, fruit and manjal on her thalapu saree and it will be knotted on the hip.

Tirunelveli district people used to put in the plastic pocket pottu kadalai or green gram.south and north arcot people will do it after marriage when they reach their house. then bride must do namaskaram to her parents and haarathy will be taken from one in each groom and bride's family.

Then the sastrigals will give dhoties,pants,shirts, and sarees to the near relatives by chanting manthrams. then bride's koorai saree and groom,s muhurtha vesty will be given to the groom's father by chanting manthras by sastrigals. then allmust go to taqke meals. the bride now may remove the thaamboolam pocket from her saree. KAASI YATHRA to be continued:
On the wedding day early morning bride's father,mother,brother must go with melam and nathaswara isai to the groom's place along with tooth powder, tooth brush, tooth paste,towel; shaving set, scented hair oil, shampoo, comb, mirrior,scent, sweet, gingillyoil, seekakai powder, vaasanai podi, thundu, soap arranged in a tray, and request the groom to take bath. groom's aththai or maami will put some oil in the top of the head of the groom.

both the groom's and bride's parents must wear panchkacham and madisar. The Groom after taking bath have to wear panchakacham. apply chandanam and kumkumam, eyetex, dhristy pottu, and wear gold minor chain . have visiri, walking stick,spiritual book, ( in a new thundu add some rice, dhall, thamboolam and tie it ), and this bag, wear new chappals, and his friend will cover him with an umbrellaand also wearing muhurtha maalai and 2 maatru maalai the groom must go for some distance along with relatives,.

On those days learned pandits will live in kasi and the students after finishing their education in the villages they will pay guru dhakshinai and the guru will give him some food for his journey to kasi to meet the learned pandits to acquire more knwledge .

the groom will ask here to get permission to go to kaasi and the bride's father will come there requesting the groom to marry her daughter and along with his wife and aupaasana agni you may go to kaasi. for higher education at kaasi.
Naaradhar smrithi says even now if there is any problem about the boy or girl you can stop the marriage and conduct another marriage.

Groom's house people and the bride's mother will be ready there with koorai pudavai and vilayaadal saaman( Bride,'s make up articles.).

Maalai maturuthal to be continued
On the wedding day early morning the bride must also take oil bath and wear oonjal saree and now a days beauticians are making them beutifully and should wear muhurtha maalai one and matru maalai 3 in nos and will be ready. North arcot people will decorate kondai for the bride. when the groom nears oonjal the bride with her friend must come to the oonjal.

Bride's mother's brother( maamaa) will give matru malai from her neck to the bride and the groom's mother's brother will take from groom's neck one matru maalai and it will be exchanged three times on the necks of the couple.

For both the maamaas their family will give chandanam and kumkumam and vasthram for this.

Then the groom must catch the bride's right hand which will be in the fingers joining together position. then they will sit in an oonjal decorated with flowers. the bride should sit on the right side of the groom. but in mal nattu brahacharanaqm people the bride should sit on the left side of the groom. In some group of people the bride is going to oonjal with her mother in law catching her hand and the groom catching his mother in laws hand going to oonjal..

Put pattu pai on the oonjal. along with children the bride and groom will be in the oonjal. ladies will sing songs. laali paatu. naadhaswarakaarar also will do their best. paruppu thenga (after adorning it with chandan,kumkumam and puttinr thodutha poo on its head) placing it in a thaambalam must be carried by bride's side people,in another thaambaalam ,thaamboolam; fruits and flowers must be carried by some bride family people,

Groom's side people will carry in a thaambalam vilayaadal saman, and the groom's mother will have on her hand koorai pudavai and thirumangalyam.another one must have silver kinnamfilled with sugar,milk, and plantain fruit chips, and in another tumbler filled with milk.

the catere r will bring cooked raw rice and nalangu manjal mixed rice balls. The thanjavur and thiruchy district people will have only red colour rice balls.madurai district people will have manjal and red colour rice balls. north arcod and chengalput district people will have white,red, manjal colour rice balls,

Have in 2 brass sombu filled water, Light the upper part of the kuthu vilakku five mugam and keep it above paddy in a wider brass adukku.
both the bride's and groom's nearest relatives will come one by one . milk willbe supplied there. each one must take milk from their fingers of the hands and touch the foot of the bride and groom and by their saree thalaipu they will clean the foot.

paalaal kaal alambhi and pattaal thudaithu enru paaduvaargal. then they will serve milk, sugar, plantain friut mixture to thr bride and groom for three times each. on their right hand. paper/plastic/ silver cups will be provided to the couple, and they will devovour thr mixture.

Next take the thaambaalam with cooked rice balls pioneer three times clock wise and anti clock wise and from below to up the thaambaalam and put the thaambaalam down. take one rice ball from thaambalam and and do three times clock wise on each bride and groom over their head and throw it away on the east side first and then another one inwest and another onr in south and another one in north direction.

Like this from groom side and bride side minimum 5 persons in each side can be done. no maximam limit, but it must finish in odd numbers.

Then groom's mother and one close relative must take each brass sombu filled with water Bride's mother will take the deepam inside adukku on the right hand and by covering with saree thalapu so that the deepam will burn. thanjavur side people will do like this. north arcot people will go around the oonjal with three brass sombu water and two deepam.

Mala nattu brahacharanam people will go around the oonjal with 2 brass sombu of water, one deepam, and one with rice and coconut and one with milk and fruit. All these ladies must wear only madisar pudavai.

brass sombu water will be dropped around the oonjal after going around three times the remaning part of the water will be sprinkled on the couple,s feet and the other remaining water will be poured on the cooked rice blls thammbalam and it will be used as harathy now one by groom party and one by bride party. and it will be pored in the nadu vaasal. north arcot people will take another haarathy after this.

Then groom's mother in law and bride's mother in law will give to to groom and bride thaamboolam , fruit and mattai thengai which will be handed over to mela kaaran, a one person will do clock wise three times and anti clock wise three times couple i sutri chathur thengayaha couple ulle chenra pirahu udaikka vendum.

The couple will enter the muhurtha medai by having lifting their first right leg. gowri kalyaanam paaduvaargal ketty melam.

to be continued muhurtham.
MUHURTHAM; place the articles which you had for oonja: paruppi thengai; thaamboola, fruits, coconuts,vilayadal saaman, and also ut pushpam , materials required for homam,turmeric powder, sugar, kalkandu,water in pancha pathram, uthirini,koorai saree, and thirumangalyam, place the pattu pai, and request the couple to sit on that facing east. parents of both party must be there.sastrigals of both party must be there.

Anuggai; ganapathy pooja; vara preshanai; kannika dhaanam; koorai pudavai alithal; madhu bhargam goh dhaanam; nughathadi placing then maangalya dhaaranam, paani grahanam, saptha pathy, laaja homam

Anuggai=permission. for marriage. then ganapathy pooja; Then ganapathy pooja for doing kannika dhaanam; graha preethee after ganapathy pooja, Paadha pooja for the groom by his father in law maha vishnu swaroopasya varasya idhamaasanam; etc; after which both the sastrigals will say the 3 generations of bothe group and ask for permission for marriage.

Then bride's father must sit on a paady bag, and the bride must sit on her father's lap having in her palms, thaamboolam,fruit and coconut, and the bride's mother will pour water and kannika dhaanam will be done. Bride's father should be in, facing east direction, groom facing west, brid'e mother facing north.

After chanting manthras with bride's right hand, (thaamboolam, fruit, coconut, flower and water) bride' should be handed over to the groom and the groom will receive with chanting manthras.

The koorai pudavai and thirumangalyam along with flowers, fruits,and coconut will be shown to all elders to get aasirvatham. as before the bride should sit on her father's lap the groom will give the koorai pudavai to the bride by chanting manthras. Afder doing namaskaaram to the groom the bride will receive the koorai pudavai and along with the groom's sister she will go to wear the saree. Then she should wear all the maalais and along with the groom's sister she must come to the mana medai.

some people 's loukeeka palakkam.: after wearing the madisar pudavai with the help of others the bride will sit on a chair where the old (oonjal podhu, kattina pudavai)( pudavai was placed on that chair) for a few minutes and somebody will show a lamp on her up and down for 3 times.

Cow dhaanam and madhu bargam.: After kannika dhaanam is over the bride's mother will bring fire for the homa kundam and one mattai coconut. bride's father will wash first the right leg and then the left leg. by chanting manthras. along with his wife. groom must chant manthras now. while washing the padham the groom must chant manthras and touch his father in law. If elders have to touch the youngers foot the younger's strength will go down. so the groom must touch the shoulder of his father-in-law.

then bride's mother will give water three times with the help of uthirini and the groom must take it saying achuthaya namaha; ananthaya namaha; govindhaya namaha. then they will apply to the feet chandanam and kumkumam, thulasi dhalam pooja.; Then the bride's father will give a mixture of curd and honey to the groom.by chanting manthras. the groom will take it once with manthras and twice without manthram.. Then the groom must drink some water saying amiritha pitha namasi.

Some people will also mix along with curd and honey, ghee, nelpori, sathu maavu. AAthu palakkam and Ooru palakam.

Then the bride'sfather must bring one cow after doing pooja to it it must be handed over to the groom. Instead of cow now a days one mattai thengaai will be given to the groom chanting manthras. After this the groom must take lunch or full meals on that time. After taking food nobody is eligible to do homam. so the bride's father will give one plaqntain fruit instead of meals and the groom must take it. by chanting manthras.

to be continued
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