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Depleted Uranium and what everyone should know

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This is something which the average Tom does not know but is a big discussion topic in blogs and forums. Just to give a background, DU - defined as uranium containing a smaller percentage of uranium-235 than the 0.7 percent found in natural uranium - has found several military uses. Because of its high density, it is used in tank armour, sandwiched between sheets of steel armour plate. It is also used in armour-piercing, incendiary ammunition. It has also been used, above all, to destroy bunkers and tanks. Source: Vijayvaani.com

The main culprit in the usage of DU is the USA which invaded Iraq on the basis of presence of WMD. Laughably, an expert in the above article says that DU can be categorized as a WMD. Just read what she says - "Since 1991, the US has released the radioactive atomicity (through DU weapons) equivalent of at least 400,000 Nagasaki bombs into the global atmosphere. That is 10 times the amount released during atmospheric testing which was the equivalent of 40,000 Hiroshima bombs. The US has permanently contaminated the global atmosphere with radioactive pollution having a half-life of 2.5 billion years.” She also described DU weapons as “dirty bombs, dirty missiles and dirty bullets.”

The DU weapons creates untold harm for the future of humanity. Strangely, they affect the perpetrator and the victims because it is radioactive and spreads in the atmosphere. DU creates monstrosities of a stunning degree as the deformities in new born babies are seen for generations. There is now scientific evidence to prove that a majority of babies born out of Gulf War Veterans are born with deformities. DU deformities have been observed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The latest is on the areas of Punjab bordering Afghanistan, babies urine samples have been observed to contain uranium presumably by inhaling the air containing radioactive uranium. A majority of these babies are born with deformities. As usual the government and mainstream media are silent. There are some excellent articles on DU weapons and its impact in the archives of Vijayvaani.com.
I don't believe Americans are capable of doing,what the article is alleging them off.Total nonsense this is,i think.Thank you.


please do not post an entire externally published article and paste it in this forum.

you can give a brief summary and refer to the url here.

it saves disk space. this is a good norm to follow.

the only exceptions, at the discretion of the moderators, may be applied to articles of religious or spiritual nature, where a summary would not do justice to the paen.

thank you.
Dear Kunjippuji. Only the first 2 paragraphs were from the article as it is a technical definition of DU and I felt I won't be able to explain it myself. I could have just given the link but since this is not a topic which may interest everyone so thought of reproducing the definition of Du. The third para is just my comment and not from the article. Anyway if you feel so, will try and avoid doing it in future.

Dear Gopalji,

I don't think it is nonsense. Their are more articles about DU and the Americans role in the archives of Vijayvani and the writers are Americans. A huge % of deformities in babies born from the Gulf War veterans have been attributed to DU. Same with Iraq war and Afghanistan.

Let us remember that the politicians and the army generals who make decisions regarding arms and ammunitions are not the people who actually fight the war on the battle-front. What they are interested is winning the war at all costs. It is now established beyond doubt how trigger happy was the coterie of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Modern day wars are not fought on dharmic principles. I have great regard for the average American and America's scientific and technological progress and its freedom of expression but not so much regard as a country which is a self appointed policeman for the world and of late creating havoc in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

For your reading I am giving links on DU written by people who are experts in the field.


Also read below the link on DU where you can see the USA manufactured ammunition uses DU extensively.

These issues may not affect the average man's life like murder, robbery, rape or poverty but the long term health and environmental hazards affecting future generations of children can be mind-boggling. The least is to be aware of what is going on and not just dismiss it as a fabrication of one's imagination. Unfortunately none of the mainstream media will report these kind of stories because they don't sell like SRK getting caught in US immigration.

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