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Delhi govt caps fee charged by ambulance owners/drivers | Check rates here


Active member


  • India Today had exposed the nexus of ambulance owners, operators and drivers in Delhi
  • Charges prescribed in order include all services that come with an ambulance
  • Ambulance can also be impounded in case of violation, said Delhi govt's order

Taking a cue from India Today's sting operation, the Delhi government on Thursday decided to regularise the rates charged by ambulance owners, operators and drivers. Issuing an order, the Delhi government has now capped charges for private ambulance services in the national capital.

Earlier this week, India Today exposed the nexus of ambulance owners, operators and drivers who were fleecing Covid-19 patients and their families even in this time of crisis.

It is supply and demand that decides the fees. No law has ever stopped any thing. Government can not dictate the price. Price control never worked. You will see more dead bodies than the solution.

Even in the USA medicines are priced high, but Govt. can't touch the Medical companies who invest billions before they hit their jack pot. One can argue it is wrong, but even a worker wants more salary and benefit and will he or she accept ration of salary? Most diseases have no medical solutions because the return on investment ROI is very low. Socialism never works. If the whole society follows moral way of life (yet to be defined), then such laws will work.
Look at the mushrooming private schools and none can be controlled. The same story on hospitals….

The point we have too much demand, to few services and Govt. service means nothing but corruption.. If death penalty is enacted in the law, then we can talk about an orderly way of things.

The whole Indian society (90%) are greedy but get angry if some one tries to be greedy.

I am not projecting negative view, but realistically look at our India now. Sarvam bribemayam jagat.

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