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Delhi court asks woman seeking alimony to find a job, stop being a financial burden t

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Some fails to see the sea of change that is taking place in the society, to be more specific in the life women in general.

Majority of them now serve as teachers and nurses and prove useful citizen of society

Most of them shine in various fields and I just read an article of a first woman scientist who headed a missile project in India.

The judgment was passed by a magistrate who happens to be a woman.

Since the society has a system of treating women equally, some perhaps get such opportunity and grow and shine too.

We had woman Prime Minister, woman President and now woman scientists and women in all fields.

In India there are States headed by women Chief Ministers,

Some who still live in 14[SUP]th[/SUP] century need to grow and update their wisdom, thoughts and outlook.
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Old women of last generation became school teachers. nursing profession is specially reserved for kerala women.

There may be few odd women who are occupying senior jobs in finance or politics.

There is hardly any equality of oppurtunity.

If someone even in middle class family who goes hungry , it is the female child or woman.

It is mostly women who abort children .

Their medical care is dismal.

It is stupid to talk of equality of oppurtunity.

These fellows should be forced to undergo sex change to experience discrimination women face in homes and work place.

Such good heart who fervently believe that there is no equality of opportunity, is without wasting his precious time, is free to organise a demonstration or agitation and thus fight for such good social cause at Jantar Mantar.

They are also free to undergo sex change to have first-hand experience of such women who argue inequality.

One can find women visiting TASMAC outlets at Chennai.

College girls take beer and enjoy dating with boys.

Some old aged arm chair revolutionist without knowing the reality, who refuse to move with the times and live in world of dreamland do come here and grumble all the time which is nothing but stupidity.
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