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Death Ceremonies

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I have lost my mother 1 week back in Gurgaon. I try to do all the rituals as per Shastras with the guidance of learned 'vadyars' and since our family is widely respected by the 'vadyar' community' of Kolkata it has not been a problem so far. But since the rituals are to be performed at Gurgoan, can any learned member of the community,advice/suggest all the rituals from the 10th to the 13th day. Of course I know the basic like "nitya vidhi" to be performed from 1-9 days, 'pattu kottudal',ananda homam and shanti homam on the 10th day, Vrishabotsarjanam/eka homam on the 11th day, Sapindeekaranam and sodakuma srardham on the 12th day and shubasweeharam/grehyam on the 13th day.

I have enough beleif in our system and confidence on the vadyar community but in my earnestness not to miss out on any ritual to my mother I am posting this thread.Also, I have not carried my reference books with me.

I would prefer a step-wise/point-wise reply of all the rituals and no detailed/subjective opinions.

Friends please help me out.

Sundaresan Suresh
Shri.Sundaresan Suresh,
Please accept my sincere condolence.I pray Almighty God that Your mother's SOUL may rest in Peace.I was in NEWDELHI for more than 12 years.There are a number of qualified
Vaadhyars in DABRI VILLAGE (THIS place is between Janakpuri and DWARKA)to assist and guide you to complete all rituals to be performed on 11th day,12th day and 13th day.
One Shri.VISWANADHA SASTRIGAL of VIKASPURI was my Vaadhyar.He is a reasonable person and will not demand too much.My son-in-laws also engage him.
Shri.Sangom a member of this forum is very knowledgeable in these matters to guide you about various ceremonies to be performed.If you require any assistence in fixing a Vaadhyar
from DELHI/Gurgaon,please send me a PM.

Thank you mr.krishnamurthy

we have engaged the services of one Anantha Narayana Sastrigal from Gurgaon and we are being guided through the 10-13th day ceremonies.

sundaresan suresh
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