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Day dreaming

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The day dawns.
I start dreaming.
You come my way
And leave your fragrance behind.

You take my hand;
Keep it close to you.
Start to narrate
All that you have in your heart.
You look into my eyes
I feel a lightning.
Suddenly tears roll down your eyes.
You kiss me gently
And lie on my lap.

When you opened your eyes
You saw me still bearing you.
Wiping out your tears,
Straightening your hair.

You then decide
That we would be together
All through our life.

The sun sets on the west.
I come out of my dreams.
Don’t find you around.
I start weeping.
No one to wipe out my tears;
No lap to lie on.

One more day ends.

The next day arrives
I start dreaming again.
You come my way
And leave your fragrance behind.

Loka samasta sukhino bavantu.
I like the humour. But remember what I had already mentioned in another thread. "I keep my poems different from what I am". I am really not dreaming now. Fantasy brings in poetry!?

Loka samasta sukhino bavantu.
Not open for further replies.

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