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Dasavatharam film

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If Kamal Haasan is least bothered about the Brahmins why he is making such sensitive movies on Brahmins?


The prestigious film of Kamal Hassan, Dasavatharam, which has been facing several problems right from the day of its shooting, again faced a problem in the form of a writ petition in Chennai High Court. One Govinda Ramanuja Dasar of International Sri Vaishnava Dharma Samrakshana Sangh, filed the writ petition that the film is adversely affecting the Hindu sentiments.

In response, the high court gave notices to censor board, producer Oscar Ravichandran, director KS Ravikumar in this regard. A two-judge bench comprising Rajasurya and M Satyanarayanan sought reply to the notice before May 13. In the writ petition, the complainant alleged that there are certain scenes in which the hero of the film Kamal Hassan kept his leg on 'Om', the most powerful pranava mantra of the Hindus.

Likewise, in some scenes, the hero sits on Bhagavad Gita, he alleged. In addition, there are some scenes that there were differences between Shaivaites and Vaishnavites during 11th century, which may flare up communal differences. Hence, the petitioner demanded deletion of the scenes and ordering of halting of the film's release till the objectionable scenes were removed.
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Kamal Hassan, like other people of the brahmin heritage, cares about his identity to some extent, at least. He seems to be a person who does introspect and meditate on things that have happened in his life, so doubt he would have given up his brahmin past in the wake of his new found atheism.

He has probably taken a longer, experiential route to realising his roots.

The movie is yet to come out, and we really ought to wait before we pronounce opinions. Controversy is expected whether he preaches atheism or embraces theism, because disagreement is the mother of controversy.
Two cases and two faces of Indian actors involving themselves against Hindu religion Published on June 6th, 2008 In Blogging, News, Philosophy, Politics | Views 71
Two cases and two faces of Indian actors involving themselves against Hindu religion
Islamized / Mohammedans ganged against Hindu religion: Kamal Hassan[1] (who wants to portray himself as a Mohammedan, instead of a born Brahmin) and Kushbhu[2], a Mohammedan (so far she has not denied her religion like Kamal Hassan) are involved in cases denigrating Hindu religion hurting the feelings of Hindus (see below for details).
The cases are not so simple and the actors might try to escape from the legal nuances spending lakhs to reap crores[3] at the cause of Hindus, as the gullible, naïve and ignorant Hindus only view the movie and shell out money to these gang of atheists, spoilers of society and useless guys for the Indian culture[4].
They pose as “individuals” to fool the law of this land, but their disrespect shown to Hindus by hurting their feelings and the sacrilegious acts done cannot be erased from the minds of Hindus for ever[5]. They might use / misuse the Censor Board members, judiciary and others to manipulate the master, trailers, copies[6] etc., but fact remains fact.
Cowardice act of Caveat: The creators of “Dasavatharam” have become nervous in filing the caveat, as they know that they have committed the sacrilegious act. Had they been clean in their minds, why they should file caveat in the Supreme Court? Do they feel legally, they are weak or threaten Hindus with such high-handedness? They can always manipulate the judiciary, as the politically appointed judges would act favourably to them. Moreover, they are interested in money only and not anything else.
Had it been the case of non-Hindus, say Muslims and Christians, the situation would have been different[7]. They cannot stand before the fatwas[8], and cavet and nuances of getting permission from the State / Central government etc., would not come in question. But, now all want to be very smart before the Hindus.
The caveat has been definitely a warning, caution, admonition, forewarning for Hindus. They themselves have shown a way, as the guilty conscience pricks. Definitely, the involved would get the reward, what they have heaped against Hindu religion, Hindu symbols and Hindus.
The Hon’ble Supreme Court should act taking the precedence: The Supreme Court, in fact should dismiss the petition filed for the caveat, as it must be knowing the earlier judgments, wherein, it has held that Sri Ramakrishna Mission is a Hindu, when the erred
Mission once tried to declare itself as minority or non-Hindu!

Hindus cannot keep quite just fooling themselves, as these cases could create legal precedence.
Kushbhu’s cross-legged posture before God’s picture:The Magistrate proceeding stayed.The Maduari High Court has stayed the case filed against Kushbhu for denigrating Hindu Gods on June 5th, 2008.The Magistrate of Pazhani taking up for enquiry, ordered the accused to appear on June 10th in the Court sending the summons.Shivakumar, organizer of Hindu Makkal Katchi filed a petition in the Pazhani magistrate court for the act of Kusbhu, as she sat before the picture of Goddess with cross-legged pointing the chappel edge straight to the Goddesses with arrogant-posture on November 28, 2007.She has filed a petition to annul the order. Moreover, she pleaded that if anybody to register complain / file a petition under the Criminal Code, he / she hast to get permission from the State / Central Government. But, the petitioner has not obtained such permission. As the denigration act had taken place in Chennai, the petitioner could file a petition only in Chennai High Court and not in Pazhani. Many persons who attended the function came with chappels on that day. Therefore, the proceeding against her alone is not known. Therefore, she argued that just for publicity the case has been filed. Therefore, she prayed that the petition should be dismissed and the order of the Pazhani Magistrate be stayed. She also pleaded that she might be given permission from not appearing in person in the Pazhani magistrate court. R. Kartikeyan and S. Ravi appeared for the petitioner.The Judge Periyakaruppan, who heard granted interim stay to the Pazhani magistrate court to proceed further and also granted permission for her not to appear in person. He also ordered to sent a notice to Shivakumar, the petitioner.
“Dasavatharam case”: Caveat in the Supreme Court to protect the financial interests of “Dasavatharam”! K. K. Mani advocate of K., Ravichandran, the producer and Rabikumat, the director of the controversial and allegedly anti-Hindu “Dasavatharam” movie informed that a cavet has been filed in the Supreme Court of India as a precautionary method, as the petitioners may proceed against them.
Note the fresh pleadings of Kusbhu: “Many persons who attended the function came with chappels on that day. Therefore, the proceeding against her alone is not known. Therefore, she argued that just for publicity the case has been filed.”
but all the persons who wore chappels did not sit before the picture of Goddess.
All sat before the picture of Goddess did not sit like that!
Permission not obtained from State / Central Government: Only the legal Pundits should go into the details. If that is the case, all cases pending against Karu would be dismissed citing this case as precedence. Would it be so simple to get such permission from the governments headed and controlled by Karu and Sonia?
The prima facie of the cases have been very strong, in deed, all people have watched what they did, what they spoke, how they behaved and have been behaving still.
[SIZE=+1] Kamal Hassan- Apologetic when Jihadi Feelings Hurt; Arrogant when it's Hindu Sentiments![/SIZE]
08/06/2008 11:59:46

Worth Knowing the Double Standards of Kamal Hassan who is now in news for his Blasphemous Movie Dashavataram. Two Years Back Kamal was too prompt to apologise when posters hailing him as 'Prophet Mohammed' hurted few Jihadi's in the City!

Posters: Kamal Haasan warns miscreants
Friday, 20 October , 2006, 00:37

Chennai: Popular film actor Kamal Haasan has issued a warning to `miscreants' who are responsible for the posters that appeared in some parts of the city comparing him with Prophet Mohamed.

Distancing himself from the posters, Kamal in a statement here, asked those responsible to apologise and give an undertaking that they would not repeat such acts. "That will be the service the miscreants can do to Tamil Nadu, a state known for its communal harmony and religious amity", he said.

"I have always kept away from all religious and communal divides. My fan clubs converted themselves into welfare associations 20 years ago to do social service", he said.

Posters hailing Kamal as `Prophet Mohammed of the acting world' appeared at a few movie theatres in the city. The Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, a Muslim outfit, took up the issue with Kamal's office. The staff informed Kamal Haasan, who was shooting for a film in Andhra Pradesh about it and he immediately issued the statement.

The TMMK leaders accepted Kamal's statement and dropped their plans to stage a protest against the posters.


I happened to see the movie. Further to that also watched madans thirai parvai. Let me start with the Madan's thirai parvai which included interviews and reviews and exchanges of thoughts and questions with a selected audience crowd ( who were highly baised in prasing kamal). Also followed by Yugi Sethu's appreciation for the film. Yugi Sethu was good at explaining the technical advancement the film had made within the small domain of the tamil movie especially in 10 roles in the movie etc. KS Ravikumar played out the interview with portraying and accepting that Kamal was the original director and himself was a rubber stamp for the film.

From that obeservations in the interviews and also candid acceptance of the few facts

1. This is a technically correct film (relative to tamil moviedom)
2. Kamal was A to Z in making of the movie

with this due credits for his work, i would like to add the following points

1. Kamal has unwarrantedly brought in the conflict between the Saivates and Vaishnavtes during the 12 century. Thank god why has chosen that particular confilct
Well if you could move few centuries earlier before renaisance of the savisim by the nayanmars we have to check jainism was politically strong religion also the that was responisible for prosecuting the Appar by the then palava king.

When we forward our time machines few centuries, we could have plently of stories with Muslim aggression which lasted till the advent of british in mid nineteenth century.

He could not concentrate both the timing as Jainism is now a most adoptive and non-volience preaching religion. And we cannot even think of the hindu muslim conflict then he would be portrayed as safforn extremist by the psuedo secular media.
Thereby he took the scapegoat of saivisim and vaishnavism. More over when he opens the topic with following dialogues that there were not other gods to fight non other than siva and vishnu. He should be remember that Muslim aggression were felt and were common from the 8th century itself and it even had some sucess during the period of mohamed of gahzini which was well accounted by his courtesan Al Bharunei. Well one cannot claim that there were no other gods to fight (bascially religions to fight).

2. Second point is that he would like hide behind the Chaos theory (as every " Rational Intellectual" would do), tries to combine the 12 century story and present day crappy vial story which had been used and shredded millions of times holloywood, just by keeping the actors same and small chola mandapam. Though he would thought of solving the link problem with couple of scenes to relate, I wonder how could a person who falls from train at the dusk and was concentrating on the brahmin girl and his seconday vial could guess the presence of chola Mandapam. Good, thanks for Govinda Samy Naicker's intutive brain.

I wonder why it is fate of brahmins to be rediculed in the movies since the start from periyar in south. They were against brahmins because there created the vedas and used to rule the world. There is little evidence that brahmins were kings or in that machinery other than that of the advisory nature which were just advisory only and not decission making. thus who ruled the country were these other castes like naickers etc.Early society was divided into three segments in the south they were pappan, pallu, parayan. In which pappan and paryan were both in the same catogory of serving the pallu with all their efforts. While parayan served in the toliets, pappan served in the front court. Thus there is not much difference. While the pallu used pappan to rule country and enslave the paryan. this was true till the british conquered india. Here Pappan and Parayan served the same role but britsh took the rulling command from the pallu and retained with themselves. By this time pappan who was attracted more by british could also enjoy some rulling cake through government positiions. thus this was main cause for this OBC quota in every execpt in Defence. Because these ministers does not want body guard black cat through quota system. Well coming back to our kamal story he wanted a naicker to get married with the brahmin girl, while she could have come from any other caste with same devotion in the vaishnavism and perumal. There are many segments started by ramanuja acharya who are not brahmins. He could not dare to do that. He could have swapped a balram naidu with balram rao or balram bhat to show a brahmin in RAW and a matt run by a non brahmins vaishanvite. This he could not because then naidus and other communities which a proper sangam would make sure that release is not a happening one. Only brahmins are sily enough to go to a court.
3. Part is most infamous and blasphemous act is the inclusion of following dialogues through the RAW officer Balram Naidu

a. To question the govindaraj mutt guardian that " Matamna yenna criminals irruka kudatha?"
b. To answer the same gentlemans question for "Azhagia Singer theruyuma"Balram Naidu Character reply with "Maddonna" singer.
Even Kamal can give explantion that Maddonna is an italian word for Mother Mary, which he could as his ego would not give away,there could be no other justification in critizing Kanchi Sankrachrya and also the Azhagiya Singer Jeeyar.

Why this brahmins are so be a scape goat earlier with the ruling class with power and pondernce of neighbours through waging wars and now with the money, poularity and petty politics using the same techinques used for last five historically known milliena. Now kamal is silly character play additional part of double standard with hindu thoughts well bought by the anti brahmin movements.

I want to get some feed back from our pals.
Not worth talking about this guy - he has no faith in marriage too. Leave alone the above things...

Once was a good entertainer. Too much carried away by the image of intelligentsia..
Dasavatharam Film.

I saw this picture recently. This film has no story at all. The makeup is of poor quality. The episodes lack continuity. Editing struggles to convey the story. In my opinion it is just a waste of time to write about this. Better to ignore this as a waste and put it in the dustbin.


why this victimization mentality, of all things based on just a movie?

i do not see any1 protesting asin's bad-mouthing of naicker, etc, why single out specific dialogues and read so much into it?
Dear Sri Happuhindu

The answer to your question why we should read so much into the dialogues and come to a view just based on one film lies in the study of the behaviour of Mr Kamalahasan.

His name was Kamalahasan, meaning the one whose abode is Lotus or Thamarai. He changed it as Kamal Haasan. He jsut shifted the place of one"a" and provided an additional space. He doesnot have superstitions, as he himself declares. Then why change his name? He became a Muslim to wed as many times as possible and to get a divorce from Vani Ganapathy, his first (and only?) wife. The present name is KamAl Hassan a muslim name and not the old equivalent of Thamaraivasan. If he is so fond of the Tamil culture, he could have named himself as Tamaraivasan. He did not do that. He has so cunningly multi-standard personality.

He queried as to whether Goddess Saraswati resides in the tiolet tissue paper. His mind and words are as dirty as the toilet paper.

Now, you have so kindly posted in another thread "want to know history" a link to the page "attacks on Srirangam"


I read that. Thanks to you. There lies the answer to your question. I reproduce some portion from that page, though at the cost of repetition. Pray tell me why Mr Kamal Haasan didnot use this historical incident in the story instead of the story saying that there was feud between Saivaites and Vaishnavites. Just look at his intentions to belittle the Hindus. He is doing this intentionally and not by coincidence. He is more a hatemonger than an artiste. His hatemongering is with an ulterior motive - to derive personal advantage monetarily and receive the praise of the rulers (who are themselves Anti-Hindu) and to derive Governmental advantages like awards and recognitions like Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and even a Bharata Ratna like MGR. His goals are clear. In the Altar of sacrifice to reach the goal, he is placing the head of a devout Hindu. That is why we are peeved at his so called "Kalai Sevai"

1323 C.E.- Ulugh Khan's expedition and the sack of Srirangam temple:
Ghiyas-ud-din Tuglaq, the Sultan of Delhi, deputed his eldest son Ulugh Khan to invade the Hindu kingdoms of South India in 1321 C.E. When the Muslim army of Ulugh Khan was close to the Srirangam temple, a festival was being conducted, in the course of which the procession image of Lord Ranganath was taken to a nearby shrine. The gathered devotees decided to keep the image where it was and the festival was continued. When the invaders reached Samayapuram, Srirangarajanathan Vaduldesika, a senior official of the temple, decided that no time was to be lost, and commanding the 12000 ascetics who had gathered there not to disperse, he sent away the procession image of the deity in the southern direction secretly, with Pillai Lokacarya as the guide of the secret party. Then, he dispatched secretly the image of Sriranga Nacciyar and a few boxes of treasure with a few attendants to a safe place, locked the doors of the sanctum sanctorum, barred the doorways of the shrines of both Lord Ranganayaka and Devi Ranganayika, placed pseudo images outside and then fled to the shrine of Panvijavian. The invading army desecrated the shrine, killed all the 12000 ascetics, including the great scholar Sri Sundarsana Bhatta. Another sage, Sri Vedanta Desika, hid himself amongst the corpses together with the sole manuscript of the Srutaprakasika, the magnum opus of Sri Sudarsana, and also the latter?s two sons. When the massacre was over, they fled to Satyamangalam in Mysore, where Sri Vedanta Desika published the Srutaprakasika. It is said that the image was finally housed in the protected sanctuary of Tirupati, unfortunately after Pillai Lokacarya died of shock when he heard of the slaughter of his kith and kin at Srirangam.
The Muslim army occupied the temple precincts and put and an end to Hindu worship. A temple courtesan, who fascinated the invading general, prevailed upon him not to destroy the temple altogether, and restrict his vandalism to the destruction of a few cornices. The Brahmins in the surrounding areas tried to perform the sacred rituals whenever they could, but were harassed by the occupying Muslim forces constantly. The general was constantly attacked by disease as long as he remained in the temple, and so he moved to the nearby Poysalesvara temple, which he destroyed and erected a fortress at its place.
The tale of sack of Srirangam cannot be complete without the mention of the sacrifice of the temple courtesan. Unable to bear the harassment of the devotees by the Muslims, she enticed the Muslim chief, took him up a temple tower in the east, and in the pretext of showing him a famous icon from there, she pushed him down and killed him. Scared that she will be tortured by the Muslims as a result of her deed, she threw herself also down. According to tradition, to honor her memory, the funeral pyres of temple courtesans are lit by fire brought from the temple kitchen.
In 1371 C.E., the newly founded Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagar wrested back Srirangam from Muslim control, and re-installed the icon hidden at Tirupati with full ceremonies and processions.
Hi All,
Thanks for the replies.

My least concern for the whole long comment earlier was to vent my spleen that even in a so called rational movie and was critizing our plight just living.

the dialogue were singled out beacause it was realy distressing. Could Kamal can think making fum of Real Italian Maddonna with the singer maddona. Can Pope accept this with his merciful view. No No No.

I accept if you argue with principle and not with faith ( which is beyond logic). I dont think why our learned pals are taking this seriously, i dont want any support with my views. Still I could not even find a strong opposition to this view.
Any to cut short the story, this seperation of dialogues were purposefully made to put up our defence to the consistent defiance of Kamal.

abt the dialogue, it really did not strike me abt any connection b/w madonna singer and mother mary, so i found it amusing when you pointed it out.

i do not know if it is a 'rational' movie. its all such a waste of time.

hv a good weekend :)
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I saw the movie two days back and liked it very much...

Of course this is speaking without a reflection on the actors' personal shades...

The story is great and the movie is fast paced... but acting in ten different roles did not strike me much as much of the make-up clearly reveals... and there seemed no other intent other than to play in ten roles!

But some of the characters were themselves very much appealing and struck a chord...

=> The role of Ramanujam Dasan (Rangarajan Nambi) exudes passion by virtue of his unassailable faith and to me this character shines above all. I was exhilarated by his passion and my hair stood on end throughout his episode.

=> Balaram Naidu is comical, partly due to the caricature of the Telugu intent and the timing of his dialogues

=> The paati role (though the make up was bad) was hilarious

=> Fletcher is aggressive and ruthlessly pursues his objective

=> Gopal seems to be the atheist character attached to his scientific pursuit, but with a heart for humanity

=> Kalifullah seems to be a bumbling simpleton with no clue as to what is happening around him. He seems to be an overgrown retard.

=> The dalit vincent is portrayed nicely and the dialect is captured well by the actor

=> Asin, as the Iyengar girl is cute...:love:

=> Mallika Sherawat, yeah well... hmmm...

The other roles of Kamal (Bush, Avtar, the japanese brother) had not much aim other than to show their face.

The story, as he puts it in the beginning, revolves around the concept of "The Chaos theory" and "The Butterfly Effect". He weaves a pattern around the characters through a good interlinking of the sequences which are seemingly unconnected in themselves, but seem to have a subtle connection when viewed as a whole.

The special effects are good and the song "Kallai mattum Kandal" is touching...

A typical Kamal movie with witty dialogues that would entertain (I was entertained...). Of course there are cinematic exaggarations, but that is to be expected.

Good action sequences. There are logical potholes, but when compared to other Indian movies in this league, they seem minor.

A small niggle - brahmins are shown as being very reserved and prudishly sticking to values when apparently they seem to be of no relevance in the major scheme of things. This is particularly evident when muslims in the movie are shown as good natured beings (even when they repeatedly cry out the name of their god) and seem to have no reservations whatsoever. It is not difficult to be a brahmin and be a good human being - for in my opinion they go hand in hand. There are exceptions everywhere. I look forward to Mr Atheist Kamal enacting the role of a jehadi or a papal missionary while exposing their short-sightedness and farce? Would be dare do it? Would he live up to his self-portrayed atheism?

Anyway, the movie is a good entertainer in all. I wonder how it has fared with the masses...

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This I believe, is another usual movie of Kamal who tries to believe that he is one of the intellectuals of TN and so on. Basically, this movie seems to have the adhigaprasangithanam of Kamal everywhere. For instance, the Paati character. She sits behind the veshti during the puppet show where Saadhana Sargam sings for Asin (in her usual, boring voice. I like her voice but its boring nowdays. The song reminds me of a dozen similar ones) and throws something up and does some crazy act, which are seen and cheered by the public as the deeds of 10 avatars etc. Kamal might have thought that the same technique can be really done in his movies and it will be appreciated by the public.

The good actor in Kamal is wasting his talent.

The other aspect which is seen in this film is his Pidivaadham. Other than 3 characters in that movie, the rest are mere waste and just shows his adamancy to prove he can do 10 characters. Half of the make-ups were just horrible.

No wonder it did not do well in the box-office.

PS: The picturization of 'Kallai mattum kandaal' was equally nonsensical. Every Iyer and Iyengar standing with their Thiruneeru and Thirumann flashing. A group starts singing Thirupaavai all of a sudden. Some young boys trying to touch this 'holy man' Nambi's feet. Napoleon tries to look like Vettaya Maharaja of Chandramukhi. The Garudan appears as usual, and his army men tries to drive it away using arrows. Ada podhumappa..!!

Normally, the Tamils are emotional in nature. It applies to a great extent to the Indian public also, who are referred as emotional-rascals by the Brits. This is way too emotional but essentially crap.
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=> Balaram Naidu is the best characterlu ( in telegu )

=> The paati role was patti (in malayalam) role.

=> Fletcher is un-american ( CIA would agree with me )

=> Gopal ,kinda of liked this role. ( total sunti-ka-baal )

=> Kalifullah ,reminded me of Cabulliwallah of Tagore.

=> Vincent,The dalit - yucky pooh portaryal.Dalits are better in real life.

=> Asin, as the Iyengar girl boingggggggggggggg.

=> Mallika Sherawat, jhanda ooncha rahay humara.....rofl :))

Wife & i ,had a headache after the movie finished.Especially seeing G W Bush there too!!!

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