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I want to know the similarities between dasavathar of vishnu and dasamaha vidhya of shri amba. In a muthuswami dikishitar krithi, it is clear that nandhi is hanuman, meenakshi is rama and sita is shri chockanathar. Similarly, I read somewhere that Thara is equivalent to shri rama and kali for shri krishna. Can anyone please explain me a lot regarding this. I will be very helpful.
You wont find any puranic lore for the relation between these Vidyas and Avatharas but the logic of putting the Dasamahavidya with the Dasavataram is related thru perception and thru the Tanric interpretation.
If watched carefully one can find the theory of evolution in the Dasaavathara.
The same way the Dasamahavidyas represent the evolution of the Soul.

The First Avatara in an 100% aquatic fish and the Last is the Man of Purnathvam(complete) - Kalki.
- from a fish to a complete man..

Similarly as Nirguna Swaroopi, she is Kali of Darness;
As Saguna roopi she is Sundari of ultimate Gnana(wisdom)


i want to ask a question regarding Dashaavataram of Lord Vishnu.
in the place i reside Lord Buddha has been replaced by Balarama in the temples?
now who is the actual ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu?
if Balarama is also listed as an avatar shouldnt Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrugan also be listed since they all form part of Lord Vishnus manifestation.
Respected Renukakarthikeyan

The avatar of Balaram is associated with Krishna. It is a combination of Adhisesha and mahavishnu and hence he is the avatar of mahavishnu too. But, lakshmana is pure avatar of Adhisesha only, baratha the Chakra and Satrugna the conch. They are just born along with swami and hence they are all not considered as avatars. Other thing is somewhere people consider Buddha as vishnu avatar. Its called Mayavathar. Like a padabetha in many slokas, this also has to be acceptible. Vishnu took so many avatars apart from this dasavathar. Somehow they call only these ten.

Can you reject the following avatars are not the avatars of vishnu?
1. Mohini
2. Dhanvanthri
3. Shri venkateswara

and so many like this. Buddha is also considered as an avatar of vishnu to help shiva in tripura samhara.


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Priya Durgadasan Mahodaya,

i have read about the tripura samhara episode where it states about a false religion spread to convert the Danavas in order for them to follow an Adharmic life and which would allow them to be extinguished by Lord Shiva.
Lord Buddha had preached logic, compassion and total ahimsa. How could that be false?
Would God actually want to transgress his own code and preach adharma.
Its Dharma Samsthapanaarthaaya and not Adharma Samsthapanaarthaaya.

may be we should look at the Tripura episode at a different prespective.
the Tripura had three forts made of Gold, silver and Iron which later became one strong fort.
The danavas there were leading a dharmic life and this did not go well with the devas but there was no grounds to terminate them unless adharma prevailed and they we misled by a new religion and become adharmic and Lord Shiva destroyed them with a single arrow.

the 3 forts represent our Gunas:Sattva(gold)
all 3 are binding and even under a state of perfect control the Gunas are only lying dormant and may surface anytime when exposed to irreligious conditions.
the true divinity in us( represented by the Devas in the purana) will always propel us towards a state of Nirguna( beyond all gunas) hence will summon the Lord(in this case Lord Shiva the destroyer aspect)
the 3 gunas can be only be destoyed by the arrow of Single pointed mindness (Eka Grata) represented by Lord Shivas arrow.
i do not think it was Buddhism which was mentioned but just general irreligious practices.
correct me if wrong
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You are absolutely correct. Buddha preaches everything is maya. Hence, this is known as mayavathar. thereby buddha rejected all sorts of gods. He did not accepted any deity as god. He stated only maya is this whole world. But, according to our culture, Maya is controlled by shiva and by his order only the shakti maya is working. So, buddhism is going quite opposite to saivism.

Also, the avatar of mayapurusha is mainly to change and divert the mind of tripurasuras. Do you think asuras are all uneducated or mindless people? They have well versed knowledge in each and every ideology. So, the preaching should be so effective then only you can change them. Obviously, buddha preached only love is god, thats the supremacy, no need of yagas and tapas, no god is above you. When telling all these kind of preachings in the intention to change them, the mayapurushan attained his success.

As you said the preachings doesn't lead them into adharmic activities. As the mayapurushan said that there is no god above you, that turned their minds from sivapuja and as a consequence only they stopped that. After a while, they treated themselves as gods and started tortured everyone.

Here the discussion topic is certianly not about whether buddhhism is a false religion or not. Am I right? The issue is whether buddha is considered to be an avatar or not. The puranas showed clearly mahavishnu as buddha only during this. Even it also said, vishnu splitted mayapurushan into two forms: one is buddha and other is arka. So, even jain god arka is also the avatar of vishnu only. These two are only considered as mayavatars. You know why? Because, even now today without knowing that buddha has preached mayavadha which is totally against saivite concept, you are decalring that buddha is right??? Thats the power of maya.

So undoubtedly he is the avatar of Vishnu only.

One more doubt, did shiva killed the demons with that arrow????. Kindly go through the story once again.

Sorry if I goes wrong anywhere. Kindly educate with all means.

can you please tell me how shiva killed the Danavas?
because as far as i know thats the story i read a long time ago, please tell me the version you know it will surely improve my knowledge.
just give a brief answer, i would not want to burden you.
thank you
The actual legend goes like this in many puranas. Actually all the devas gave their shakti in this deed.The sun and the moon became the wheels of the chariot. The devas then stationed themselves in the various parts of the chariot. Shiva then took up the Meru mountain as his bow and used Vasuki, the king of serpents as the bow string. Vishnu himself became the fatal arrow and Agni became the tip of the arrow. With Brahma driving the chariot and the four vedas as the horses, Shiva climbed into the chariot. At once, the wheel hub broke. Shiva realised that he had forgotten to invoke Ganapathi. He got down from the chariot, prayed to his son and then got on again. With the speed of light the chariot took off into space. Finally they all thought that beacuse of them only shiva is going to kill the tripurasuras. Shiva on knowing this did not used the asthra at all. He just smiled and with that smile itself he killed the demons. A smile alone was sufficient to destroy the cities and the devas were humbled of their egos. It is believed that the Rudraksha emerged from the eyes of Shiva (Rudra- Shiva, Aksha-eye) during Tripurasamhara. Along with the destruction of the Tripuras, Shiva had destroyed the garva of the devas too.
thank you so much.
its just like hearing the first stanza of the Chandrashekhara Ashtakam.
Now can you please explain me the link between Dasavathar and dasamahavidhyas...
Am much eager to know this.

Today when reciting durga 'tha'kara sahasranama, one nama "Dasaseersha vadhopaatha shri ramachandra roopathayai namaha" came. Is it implies the relationship between durga and rama... I somehow want answer for my query. Kindly someone enlighten me. Is there no shaktaite in this forum to share....

Dear Durgadasan,

I had come across a post about Dashamahavidya in the thread A Personal Library of Sanskrit Text started by SaiDevo.

I had just glanced through and not really read it fully as it seemed a little too Tantra in approach.

Hopefully you can find your answers there and please share once you do so.

Dear Renuka ji

Thanks a lot for your info. Yes. It is in his library (Thanks a lot SaiDevo also)...

I will share that also. It is in the "Thodhala tantra".
1. Tara devi- Matsya
2. Bagala- Tortoise
3. Dhumavathi- Boar
4. Chinnamastha- Nrisimha
5. Bhuvaneswari- Vamana
6. Mathangi- Rama (which I referred in my previous post)
7. Tripura- Parasurama
8. Bhairavi- Balabadra
9. Mahalakshmi (kamalathmika)- Buddha
10. Bhagavathi Kali- Krishna

The worship of these devis as a remedy from planets are also suggested. I request all the astrologers in this forum how much they relates to each other and whether that will be fruitful.

Kaali- Saturn
Tara- jupiter
Mahatripurasundari- Mercury
Bhuvaneshwari- moon
Chinnamastha- rahu
Bhairavi- lagna
Dhumavathi- ketu
Bagalamukhi- mars
Matangi- sun
Kamala- venus.

Am reading that from today onwards. Once I finished I will share someother interesting details also. Thanks a lot renuka ji

the book Dasa maha vidya in tamil by T.K.muthusamy sastry derives a lot of information from various tantras and is produced in a succint form.i had some information reg.the relation between the vidyaas and avatars and will reply once i remember the salient details.i remember that tara is derived from siTARAm and similar associations were also mentioned linking them.ji,let me search thro my books and endeavour to answer at the earliest.swamiye saranam ayyappa!
Respected Sastha8

The word "Thara" means she can help to cross (Thaaranam- Helping to cross). The perfect form of thara in shri chakra is Shri Devi Gurukulla (who is also the devatha for green herbs). Thara will be there in the amrutha dweepa as boat-rider and take the devotees inside the sripura.
The worship of thara is mainly concentrated in Buddhism and even Jainism too. Thara also has several forms like Ugrathara, jvalathara, neela saraswathi, and so on.

The actual word "RATHA" derived from "THARA". In Gokulam (Not the one in mathura. The actual abode of krishna and radha), radha is found to be more superior even than krishna. She is one among the pancha prakrithi devis and she is the cheif most too.

I too had a book about dasamaha vidhyas with all their moola manthras, chakras, important slokas, pooja vidhanas, and also some other rahasyas. But the relationship of these sakthis to 10 avatharas has not been explained. I will be greatful if you share any of the known details. Thanks a lot in advance.

dear ji,
namaskarams.there is no surprise that tara devi is worshipped mainly in the buddhist and jainese traditions as the goddess herself has ordained to sage vasista that the only way to attain her mantra siddhi is through sinachara.not to get diverted from the issue,i had come across the comparisons while compiling notes and researching on a bashya for dharma sastha sahasranaama and as such the comparison was only esoteric and had no back up of any primary tantras.i am going thro my old notes and as soon as i get the relevant details will send u ji for ur evaluation.
surprisingly there is no mention of tara or kurukulla devi in parusurama kalpa sutra,the most authentic text on sri vidhya paddhadi,and it is only in umanandaas "Nityotsavam" their role is mentioned along with chando chanda.
thank u ji for ur enlighting information on Raadhikaa.only the upasakas of her vanca cintamani mantra can realise her stature among the prakruthi devatas.swamiye saranam ayyappa!
I was thinking about the relation between buddha and patanjali. Many scholars believe buddha and patanjali lived around the same time. It is said that patanjali was an avatara of Shesha Naga. It's consistent with the previous avatars where Shesha Naga came to accompany Vishnu as Lakshmana and Balarama.
Thanks a lot shri sastha8 ji... Am totally unaware of both parasurama kalpam as well as umanandha. I know some slokas thats all. Iam willing to learn these things from you. Can you help me in this regard???

Dear SAHASRAnama ji

Balarama and lakshmana lived together with Krishna and Rama. but here no such instances of buddha and patanjali have been explained. Also pathanjali wasdepicted as pure saivite and as a good yoga master. Even the avathara of vishnu as buddha itself is still under debate. Even if its so, buddha lived in NOrthern part and our own pathanjali lived here in southern part. ANyhow the point you revealed should be analysed by experts and historians and then only we can come to a conclusion...

dear ji,the srividya paddhati was taught to parasurama by dattatreya and parasurama wrote the text "Dattatreya Samhita"comprising of 18000 verses on srividya maargam.his disciple sumethas of harita gothra condensed it to 6000 verses and authored parasurama kalpa sutram,the complete guide on srividya.umananda is the disciple of sri Bhaskararaya and wrote nityotsavam c0mprising of the worship of thithi nityaas along with their yantrams.please mail me on [email protected] if u would like to know further details ji.swamiye saranam ayyappa
Dear Sastha ji

Thanks a lot. Will contact you soon thro my personal ID. My family deity is also Sastha (with poorna pushkala). LAst week only we did Balalayam for the temple. I thought of you with the name of him. Am much interested to know more about Shri Lalithambika.

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