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Dark Energy Scalar field - From Brhadharanyaka Upanishad..

Stri is the vacuum energy that fills the empty space or AkAsa. Rudra are the quantum force-fields that manifest in the vacuum energy. Rudra are the 'rupA' or 'form' of Stri.

prANa are the energy that fill these force-fields. This prANa, the energy distribution of force-fields moves in vacuum of spacetime, without a medium. When these force-fields and energy in force-fields dominated the Universe, the Universe is said to be in the Quantum state.

cakSu is 'reception' of energy in these force-fields, where transmission of energy happens without a medium. Hence cakSu is translated as 'Sight' as seeing happens by reception of energy transmitted without a medium.

When force-fields interact with each other, such 'interaction' of energy between different force-fields leads to reception of energy between the force-fields mutually. This reception is the 'observation'. This observation leads to 'Satyata' or 'permanence' in the deterministic particle nature as discussed here (1).

Thus the quantum wavefunction is said to collapse and the deterministic particle nature becomes permanent (Satya) on observation. This is the foundation of the 'Classical' Universe. The Classical Universe is filled with particles of matter.

On this classical Universe filled with matter particles, energy flows as baryonic acoustic oscillations in early Universe. This energy moves on a 'medium' of baryons. The 'reception' of this energy through a medium is zrotram. Zrotram is translated as 'hearing', as hearing is reception of energy through a medium.(2)

zrotram, the hearing of the baryonic acoustic oscillations by baryons clump up the matter differently in different directions, bring up anisotropies (direction dependent) of matter. Thus in an universe with otherwise no direction or diSa, the anisotropies of matter caused by 'zrotram/hearing', bring in 'diSa'.

How did this Stri, the vacuum energy, filled the force-fields with energy..? How did the prANa come into being..?
The Standard Model force-fields, Rudras
In Standard Model, we can find these ten force-fields or the Rudras.

1. Unified Electro-weak-strong force-field that manifests in the early Universe
2. Electro-weak force-field
3. Strong force field
4. Higgs field
5. The field in which Cold Dark Matter manifests
6. Weak force field
7. Electromagnetic field
8. The field in which different types of Quarks manifest
9. The field in which different types of electrons manifest
10. The field in which Neutrinos manifest

The eleventh according to Brhadharanyaka Upanishad is Atma (1), in itself that manifets as a Rudra or force-field that binds all the manifestations. This the eleventh force-field.

11. Manas- Atmanas - The 'field' that binds all manifestations.
Ananda - The 'lifting energy' - bliss
In Brhadharanyaka Upanishad Sloka 4.1.7, Yajnavalkya says

ānanda ityenad upāsīta;

Manas is invoked as 'Ananda'. Ananda is the 'energy' that lifts in an everlasting way. It is translated as 'bliss'.

Janaka asks

"ka ānandatā yājñavalkya?"

Manas, the eleventh Rudra - The dark energy scalar field
What is Anandata Yajnavalkya..?

Yajnavalkya says
"mana eva samrāḍ iti hovāca"

Emperor, manas is Anandata or this process of lifting the energy everlastingly.

In Quintessence Model (3), there is this scalar field that 'lifts' the energy levels of other force-fields everlastingly. It is called the 'dark energy scalar field'.

Manas, the dark energy scalar field pervades all the force-fields and vacuum energy. In that way it binds all manifestations together.

Manas the dark energy scalar field that interacts with other force-fields, gives them 'energy', causes them to be lifted everlastingly. Manas, the dark energy scalar field also causes the expansion of spacetime.
'Manas' captivated by Stri produce 'putra'
Stri is the vacuum energy, the energy in vacuum of spacetime. It is hidden and internal. The Rudras or force-fields of the Universe are the external forms or rupA of Stri, the vacuum energy.

In Brhadharanyaka Upanishad Sloka 4.1.7, Yajnavalkya says
manasā vai samrāṭ striyamabhihāryate,
tasyāṃ pratirūpaḥ putro jāyate,
sa ānando;

Manas certainly is captivated/seized/robbed off by Stri. Therefore in every rupA, the putrA are born.

Every 'external rupA of Stri' or 'force-fields of vacuum energy' produces 'offsprings' or 'putra' because Stri, the vacuum energy captivates/seizes/invokes the 'manas', the dark energy.

Manas the dark energy scalar field is invoked as Ananda, the energy that lifts everlastingly. The different force-fields or external rupA of Stri, invoke Anand/Energy from dark energy scalar field. This invocation produces the offsprings in these fields.

This is exactly what quintessence model says. The dark energy scalar field interacts with different force-fields. It interacts with Electromagnetic force-fields producing radiation and interactions with Quark, Electrons, neutrino force-fields producing matter particles.
The 'womb' (Hiranya-garbha) of Universe
The Universe is 'inside' a womb of 'dark energy'. The dark energy is distributed in a dark energy scalar field. This dark energy is the 'Shiva'.

During the cosmic inflation epoch, the dark energy scalar field expanded greatly (Why and How it happened in another blog), creating 'space' with vacuum. Visualize it as the dark energy expanding suddenly on all sides leaving out an empty space in-between.

This vacuum space got filled with 'vacuum energy'. Some of the dark energy from scalar field manifested in the empty space or vacuum and became vaccum energy. The dark energy 'lost' some of it to vaccum energy. The external 'form' or 'rupA' of the vacuum energy are the different force-fields that manifest in this space or vacuum.

The creation of space and filling it with vacuum energy slowed down the expansion of dark energy scalar field. The expansion of dark energy came down, but continued.

The Universe can now be visualized as a 'swarm' of vaccum energy inside an ocean of slowly expanding dark energy. The dark energy interacts with vacuum energy, causes excitations in the force-fields and establishes radiation and matter particles.

This ocean of dark energy inside which vacuum energy, radiation and matter particles and beings evolve is the 'Golden womb' or Hiranya-garbha. This Hiranyagarbha is the four-dimensional 'spacetime' of the Universe or the 'Womb' of the Universe.
Hiranyagarbha becomes Brahma
Manas is the dark energy scalar field. There are ten other force-fields. These ten force-fields or rudras are the forms or 'rupA' of vacuum energy (stri).

These ten force-fields interact with dark energy (manas) and produce their 'putrA'. Of these ten, only the Higgs field is like a condensate that impedes the energy flow. The electromagnetic field contributes to radiation. The quark, electron, neutrino, higgs, dark matter, weak, strong forces contribute to matter particles.

Of these the Higgs field (Vishnu) at some point of time in Universe started interacting with other force-fields. When it started interacting with other force-fields, it impeded the energy flow in other force-fields and created the property of mass in these particles. It also resulted in acceleration of expansion of Universe's spacetime. The Universe started accelerating in its expansion of spacetime.

The spacetime or womb (Hiranyagarbha) that started accelerating its expansion is called 'Brahma'. Brahma means expansion. Since it is caused by Higgs interaction (Vishnu) with other particles, Brahma is said to be borne from the navel of Vishnu. More on it in the next post.
Brahma bends to (feed) energy - Gravity
These nine force-fields (except the Higgs) can be visualized as 'sucking' or 'feeding from' the energy of dark energy scalar field and growing particles, like embryos that attach to the womb and grows.

When they do so, they 'bend' or 'warp' the expanding spacetime/womb, towards them, causing the spacetime or the womb to curve. This warping of space or contracting the space by force-fields is perceived as the 'Gravity'. Thus the energy in force-fields is said to bend spacetime and cause gravitational warping.
Brahma becomes the Creator
The warping of expanding space or gravity or Brahma in turn becomes the 'creator' as it brings force-fields closer, make them interact and create new 'matter' particle manifestations. The bending of spacetime or gravity also leads to various stellar nucleo-synthesis processes, newer molecular clouds and eventually to more complex form of matter and living beings.

Thus Brahma, the expanding Universe becomes the creator.
The accelerating expansion of Universe
How did the Universe's spacetime started accelerating its expansion..?

When Higgs started interacting with other force-fields, it created the property of mass in these particles. It also resulted in acceleration of expansion of Universe's spacetime.

How did that happen..?

In next post..

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