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Damara Dakara Dum

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'Mr. Karunanidhi Has Always Been A Man Of Two Faces'

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Radical Islam & Hindutva........

It is, of course, false, as we shall see in a moment. But there is a grain of potential truth in it — something that does not put Hinduism at par with Islam, but one that should, instead, serve as a warning to all who keep pushing Hindus around. That grain is the fact that every tradition has in it, every set of scriptures has in it enough to justify extreme, even violent reaction. From the very same Gita from which Gandhiji derived non-violence and satyagraha, Lokmanya Tilak constructed the case for ferocious response, not excluding violence. From the very same Gita from which Gandhiji derived his ‘true law’, shatham pratyapi satyam, ‘Truth even to the wicked’, the Lokmanya derived his famous maxim, shatham prati shaathyam, ‘Wickedness to the wicked.’


Lokmanya derived his famous maxim, shatham prati shaathyam, ‘Wickedness to the wicked.
I agree with the statement, though it cannot be generalized...

But this is what is happening now... hindu retaliatory forces are seen as "radical" in themselves... a strange perception indeed...

Are we taking ahimsa to the extreme so much that we have tuned our frequencies to differentiate between action and reaction??

The article puts it beautifully...
Are ordinary Hindus nailed to Gandhiji’s rendering? After all, at the end of the Gita, Arjuna does not go off to sit at one of our non-violent dharnas. He goes into blood-soaked battle.

P.S. sb, the title of this thread seems queer... any thought process behing this?
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s s

Hindus should not remain mute spectators like before.If one reads Gandhiji carefully,he sees people with cowardice with contempt.So,this Gandhigiri biz of non-violence to eternity is total nonsense.

Regarding the title of the thread,when i saw the cartoon of jayalalitha,i got reminded of myself studying in 8th std,when i came to chennai from new-delhi.One of my classmates was nicknamed as 'dancing gundu' and she wrote a love letter to me.In my tween years,i got mad,and went and wrote a limerick for her...damara dakara dum,gundu has come,to lick my b*m..somehow the cartoon of jayalalitha reminded me of the dancing gundacchi!!As for queer,my wife has washed her hands off me,for my lusty comments on beautiful american women...oh krishna,you are the only manmatha kunju...sigh...:doh:

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