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CWG Opening Ceremonies

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We were lucky to attend a 60 birthday prayers for a friend when there was the live TV of the CWG opening. It was covered in full here by the local official englsh language network CBC.

The audience (both male and female), a good chunk of it, while wishing the involved couple well, happily escaped the smoke and the monotonous chant, to the delights of a 52 inch LED HD presentation of the opening ceremonies.

I was impressed and so were the entire audience of about 30. it was an awesome presentation, and pulled off with utmost mastery. The Jasraj dance performance was a benchmark in itself. the ARR dance was a disappointment, only perhaps we have been expecting each of his creation to best the previous. Still the theme song (in Hindi) was no no nowhere near the rhymy beaty hummy masterpiece ‘waka waka’ of the world cup theme from south Africa.

The fireworks were awesome and on par with the best in the world. It would be interesting to find out if these were imported from china or made in sivakasi.

Now the politics of it.

A section of the audience stood up and claimed that all the complaints were over done and suresh kalmadi did indeed did a good job.

It took a little effort of yours truly to point out that the opening celebrations were more a product of Jasraj, ARR & the fireworks folks. Not suresh. To suresh we should confer the ownership of the sh**tful bathrooms, the broken bridge (rebuilt in a week by the Indian army), the budget overblown by a factor of 10 ($210 million planned, over $2 billion spent) not including the vast infrastructure including the metro lines, airport..all of which not included in the budget and the stink of corruption.

Charley was his usual classy pompous and paternalistic in his speech. Manmohan once again his presence, made me thank God for saving India from the bandicoots, which made an immediate sorry nasty presence in the form of Pratibha, whose petty politicking at the last minute to co-open the games showed the fourth rate calibre of the person who occupies rashtrapathi bhavan.

Among the unsung heroes of yesterday, my heart went out to the security – what thanks due to petty politicking that we surrounding by al queada, Pakistan, bangle, Maoists and not the least restive jats wanting their share of reservations. God Bless our security forces.
The dances and drums based on the Cultural Heritage of Hindustan by hundred of artists were good. But theme song by ARR was disappointing. It was more of his usual loud shouting supported by drum beating, than music. Mr.S. Kalmadi could not remember the name of our Ex-president, he added a sir name "Azad" to Dr. Abdul Kalam. The village scenes depicted the confusion and poverty prevailing there truthfully.But some where in my mind lingered the question "How much money was drained off by the selfish people for enacting this Tamasha?"
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