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cutting for stone - abraham verghese

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i love this book and wish to share it with the public here.

this is a book of indian diaspora. most of the pulp around this subject, is first generation indian-westerners, who talk mostly about cultural conflicts, growing up ABCD or arranged marriages.

one refreshing change was 'a sea of poppies' by amitav ghosh, which i have already reviewed.

'cutting for stone' is another diaspora experience. this one set mostly in ethiopia.

not many of us know, that there are set small communities of keralite christians, mostly as teachers, in many african countries.

this is a complex story, with origins in madras - all the main characters originate from here - a nun, an englishman, an iyer woman and a bengali.

the story evolves around their journey from madras, via aden, to addis ababa, where they populate and energize a small, run down, mission hospital.

it is a story of love, abandonment and redemption. were it not have been so well written, i would have called it a desi masala. all the ingredients of a gothic novel is here - heros, heroines, actions, sorrow and joy, all blended into a nice fluffy mixture.

a new tone to story telling here. the narrator is a doctor, and most of the incidents occur in the hospital. the scent of ethiopia is flavoured, not only in some of the key characters, but also in the diseases encountered by the medicos.

these are very vividly described, as well as the curing process - mostly surgical. anyone who has a taste for medicine would love these sections of the book. people, who have aversion to blood, can do some fast reading.

i wish also to note abraham verghese. he is a guy whom i like. he is also a doctor, brought up in ethiopia, had his mbbs from mmc and then moved on to the u.s.

he has written extensively and empathetically about his experiences in a small southern u.s. town, about aids, and the society's refusal to accept its consequences. a very kind person, abraham verghese.

i have also given a couple of urls for reference, more to the story line. they do a better job of summarizing the story.

i hope this will encourage atleast a few of the public to read this very enjoyable book and share their experience with me.

thank you.

Amazon.com: Cutting for Stone: A novel (9780375414497): Abraham Verghese: Books

ReadingGroupGuides.com - Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

BookClubs.ca | Books | Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

ps.. the novel has many interesting titbits on the side.. one such titbit, is the explainng amazing feature of the number 10213223 ... any takers as to why this number is so special?
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