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Cut down neem tree

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Sir, My advice is to leave the tree alone. Traditionally a lot of South Indian households have neem and I don't think it affects the foundations of a house. Apart from the religious significance, please visit the below link to know more about the neem.

Greening India with Neem
Sir, A neem tree had grown-up 4fts from my compound wall in front of my house and now it is 10 ft. height. some of my neighbours advice the roots of the tree will disturb my building and insist me to cut the tree immediatly.but my wife dont want to disturb the tree.now i am in confusion.Elders and knowledge persons please advice...

I did a bit of research on line, (I suggest you do the same.) and work with trees a lot here in Canada. Trees are kind of like icebergs. there is as much or more going on underground as there is above. Roots of poplars here can be as far as 20 metres away from the original tree. Poplars live to only 50 while neem can live up to 150 to 200 years. Four feet is very close to the house. Chances are very good that the roots are already abutting your foundation. All trees can over time work their way through concrete. My research is that neem trees have very deep roots. So my advice would be to move it before you lose it. Its still probably going to survive a move, (not a guarantee at all) but its growth may be delayed or set back a few years. Get absolutely as much root as you can, or if there is such a thing as a tree mover company there in India, hire them. Dig it up about a metre across. Move it a much further distance from the house. Then water it a lot at first. (You should dig the new hole twice as deep and twice as wide as the root bulb you get, and fill this hole with softer organic material so roots don't have to work as hard to get established. This encourages roots to follow the water down, and not horizontally.) Go to an arborist and purchase a deep watering attachment (basically a tube that you stick 3 feet or so into the ground so water starts flowing out the hose deeper) for watering after that.

Aum Namasivaya
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