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Creative Couple


Active member
Attraction is the effect of dopamine they say
Produced in hypothalamus and secreted away
When its neurons find electrical pathway...
Which is whenever I see you even today..

Lust is the effect of amphetamines it seems
Working with other hormonal teams
Creating emotions, feelings at seams
Just your vicinity excites these streams..

Oxytocin causes the attachments and bonds
Alongside vasopressin, the brain responds
With security, contentment as unease absconds
Mere thoughts of you wave all these magic wands..

As years of marriage keeps its roll
Serotonin rises; desires take a toll
Your loving voice makes serotonin low..
Cravings and desires rise and flow..

Romantic love causes creative thinking
By producing hormones and all their linking
Let our mutual love ever quadruple..
So we become the most creative couple...

Happy anniversary dear..


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