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Cosmic primordial being

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When I originally thought about this it seemed kind of strange.
But after reading some upanishads it became more clear.
Throughout the scriptures there is reference to supreme Purusha
the cosmic primordial man. There is also references to Cow being
abode of the Devas and Mahalakshmi and sometimes horse portrayed
as divine.
Anybody first hears about it would ridicule these notions.
But, I believe that Universe is optimal enough to fit in a living being.
and has designed living beings also with that purpose in mind.
May be the "hardware" of the universe which includes matter, space
and energy may not fit but the software that governs the
laws of nature may fit. I equate the software to possible
Dark Energy/Dark matter that governs motion in small and large scales.
I also firmly believe that there is a supreme consciousness that resides in all sentient beings not so evidently.
Just wondering what people think about this...
Not open for further replies.

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