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Congrats!! H.h!!

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On this day, our member 'HappyHindu' has crossed the 1000 post mark.

If Don Bradman is for Cricket,for sure, HH is for TB.com.

These things don't come so easily. There must have been a real dedication & ardous work,behind this.

In order to encourage the active members, I request you all to join me in congratulating 'HappyHindu'..

'A Standing Ovation' is due from all of us..

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am feeling happy and embarrased at the same time..dunno how to react either...THANK YOU very very much Sapr and Kunjuppuji, its really very-very sweet of you.
Wise words and saner comments
Firm opinions laced with prudence
Your fingers never moved, perfunctory
You are an ultimate knowledge repository

You would produce many a link
Time taken, usually, less than a wink
A thousand posts, is only a beginning
A leading light you are, keep shining
Just saw this.

Congratulations on not just posting a thousand, but more importantly posting a thousand with real information.

You have taken some abuse, yet you persevered in a community where some looked at you as an outsider. You have proved that you are more of a 'Brahmin' than many of us.

good god, hariharanji and KRSji, you have elevated and made something special out of a silly me...thankyou sounds so simple for what you have written...dunno what to say.
Dear Sapr, Kunjuppuji, Praveen, Hariharanji and KRSji,

A heartfelt THANK YOU. Am grateful to you for you.
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Dear HH,

After hitting 10,000 Runs,Don Bradman took a long rest for a year,and holiday'd out in scandinavian alps..

So,I suggest, you, to take a break for few months, and focus on your studies and prepare for your forthcoming Exams.. Best wishes and Cheers..
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