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Computer tigers

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I feel sad that my assurances to people like Mr Kunjuppu have been belied due to the email threat allegedly sent by a young computer engineer Sriram son of Jagannathan of Rameswaram Road, T.Nagar, chennai.

He has been arrested by the Cyber branch for this allegation.

I hope and wish that a new breed "COMPUTER TIGERS OF TAMIL BRAHMINS" is not born.

I do see the reason behind the postings of Mr KRS, Mr Kunjuppu and others. This is the reason why that calls for protest should not be given indiscriminately and without any proper thinking also.
not to worry anjan. nothing is lost.

it is surprising that this sriram guy probably thought that he was safely anonymous and could get away with it. especially working in i.t., he should have known better.

nowadays, any word entered into the web is logged, and can be traced to the p.c. from where it originated. i am happy that the indian cyber police are upto par. :)

there are always folks who are fascinated by violence or delusion of power. it is much like the proverbial fly attracted to fire. not much we can do about that.

i think, we as tamil brahmins, have never employed violence at any time in our known past. hence very unfamiliar with how it should be successfully executed. also we have not yet thought through the cost of violence in personal terms ie financial and anguish to our families.

i have several bones of contention with many a practices of our ancestors. but one aspect i am grateful is that we have always believed that the mind is a superior way to combat indulgences of the body.

violence, like sex or alcohol, can be addictive. it can move one to levels of delusion, so that there is a need to periodically indulge in it. most often, such folks, are smart enough to escape the negative consequences, which they reserve for the naive and the sentimental novices.

my concern has always been for the latter group - innocents whose gullibility is taken advantage of by those armchair agents, and who end up committing acts which are ultimately self destructive.

anjan, on the same note, i am no fan of physical weakness either. as a community, i strongly believe, that our male youths, need to be indoctrinated into taking care of their physical self with as much fervour and care as those grey cells.

regular exercise, proper eating, involvement in group sports, weight lifting, body building etc. will help develop a confidence which will complement the book knowledge. furthermore, it is a perfect deterrence to any teasing or bullying, whether it be in toronto or thirunelveli.

one's personal carriage tells a lot about himself. an aggressive body language is sufficient to project a sense of leadership, remove the mental cobwebs, with the possible benefit of attracting females as a further fringe benefit :)

the male testosterone can be a awesome source of physical power. it is best put to use in such forms, that it becomes a catalyst to the refinement of one's brains. i think so anyway.

where does one start? right now. pronto. it is easy these days in any part of the world to find a few weights to lift, jog, and find a group to play soccer or kabbadi. also the best way, to get to know folks from other groups and communities. the universal 'WE' is anyday better than the exclusive 'we'.

not cricket. cricket, inspite of a group sports, is no-touch, and i think this confines cricket to more of a genteelness. one needs the rough and tumble of contact sports to develop agility of body and mind, and quick thinking to avert setbacks.

all these are life survival skills, once learned, never forgotten, and comes handy at the most unexpected of circumstances. it is not without reason, that there is this famous quote, about the battle of waterloo being won in the playing fields of eton.

back to this sriram. in a way, i am glad that he got caught. in the event, he had succeeded and performed some follow up action successfully, it might have attracted more imitators.

now, THAT would be a cause for concern.

thank you.
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the indian cyber police is so quick and efficient because they are all IT guys, not regular policemen...otherwise since when did our policemen become so efficient :) (we owe a lot to their silent role in containing terror by intercepting words in the cyberworld). As far as hacking goes, these days even high school kids are so good at it...
How can they establish the person with email?

In these kind of arrests , how can the police establish the link between the person with his email? Given that his password could have been hacked by some one...I also think IPAddress itself going from the client machine and can be modified.One might have written password and that could have been stolen.... It would be interesting to know cyber laws of India about this.Also I want to know if cyber laws can be used to prosecute people who bad mouth about particular communities in forum threads and support banned terror organisations and any arrests have been made so far in this regard?


It is easy to establish the computer from which the email address had been registered, or the computer from which info is typed out. I have heard of various forms of routers and tracking stuff and devices, but not sure what they mean.

So far there have not been any arrests made on the basis of bad-mouthing communites / faiths. Cyber crime is mainly to deal with the source (person) if he poses a threat to an eminent individual; and to deal with the content if it contains info on say a bombing plan.

It is possible a person in real life can retract a statement such as supporting a banned outfit that he gave in an email or forum. So cyber-police nails such individuals.

But there is always a first-time in everything. It is possible to provide proof, when say petitioning or filing a case, from a web site to nail an individual who may perpertate communal hatered; on a case filed for hurting religious sentiments and disturbing social harmony.
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