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Comparison between Aadi ( Aashada ) and Aavani ( Shravana )

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Recently in Sankara T.V. in a program the Jockey was asking all the callers over phone to Compare Aashada nad Shravana.
Immediatly I remember a story told to me by my Granny.
The utharayana Punniya kalam from Thy ( Jan 14 ) to Aani ( July 14 ) is the day time for Devar Kulam and Dakshinayanam is night for them.
So It is preffered to have all personnel functions like marriage in Utharayanam than Dakshinayanam.
Immediatly my elder sister ( about 8 yrs senior to me ), used to question her then why people are performing Marriage and other functions in Aavani Aipasi and Kaarthigai.
My Granny's reply to this was quite excellent.
Her reply in her own words.
After day long work ( From Thy to Aani ) all Devar kulam have to return to their house ( Means Travelling ) in the month Aadi so will not hear our prayer for blessings.
Aavani is the month Devar's have reached their home and will be in a relaxing mood ( Like watching T.V.etc ), and will bless us for our prayer.
Again Puratasi the Deva kulam will be going to their bed and about to sleep and may not like our prayers then.
Aipasi and Kaarthigai , the Devars will be fast asleep and all our noises will not disturb them.
Again During Margazhi the Devars will be starting their morning routine like travelling back to their work and all so no personnel functions are performed then.

That to as my granny used to say only in Kali Kaalam the Aavani , Aipasi and Kaarthigai are considered for performing Marriages and all other personnel functions and not during Tretha yugam Dwapara yugam etc.

It was nice one to remember back this story and it came to my mind when I was watching Sankara T.V.
I expect that lady to come out with the correct answer for the Question compare Aadi and Aavani.

Any way I expect a bang from our Tamil Brahmins Friends about this story.
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One very old book jodhida graha chinthamani says aadi month ravanan patta kastam;marghaliyil bharatha yuddham;maasiyil kaaman erindhadhu; panguniyil maha bali ellam elandhathu. so on these months marriage and graha pravesam should not be done.
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