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Common mistake in any household

  • Thread starter Thread starter S.Ramanathan
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We can try to create safe neighborhoods and communities, but to protect ourselves, we must be constantly alert and aware.

“This is shocking accident happened on 13th May 2012 in Pune. This may be a good, useful lesson in safety for all of us.

A housewife died due to burns sustained in the kitchen. Her husband too was hospitalized for injuries due to burns while trying to rescue his wife. How it happened?:- The gas stove was on and cooking under process. The lady observed some cockroaches near the sink and grabbed a can of insect killer and sprayed it near the gas stove, which was on. There was an explosion and in no time the poor woman was covered in flames, sustaining 65% burns. Her husband rushed in, tried to douse the flames and his clothes too caught fire. The husband is still in hospital, in the burns ward, still unaware that his wife was declared dead on arrival.”

Let us understand:- All insect killer sprays such as "Hit", "Mortein" etc. have highly volatile and inflammable solvents. The atomized nano spray particles spread extremely rapidly and one spark is enough to ignite this explosive mixture with oxygen present in air.

Please educate your family about this and spread the word around.... who knows you may save more than a life....


thank you Mr Ramanathan. this is very good information and people particulalry ladies should make a note of this

I am really concerned about the new type of spray for the oil. So many spray cans are kept in the kitchen. In India, the cylinder is kept so close to the source of fire. It is a huge health and safety hazard. In Australia, gas cylinders are kept outside the house; gas gets supplied by a system of tubing to kitchen and barbeque areas. Line is always kept positive pressured to avoid any back burning to the cylinder. In India, they should start keeping the gas cylinders outside the building at least starting from the block of flats.

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