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Coming of age?

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The kids and teenagers have started calling Thatha, 50+(even 60+) have started addressing as "Uncle",the girls and women come freely and sit next to us with secutity and safety in the crowded buses,people make way and offer seat in the bus with reverence. ofcourse here in Bangalore they do not use the term Perisu.

Do we need further proof of ageing?
But still why the Railways insist on proof of age!The TC on the verge of retirement is also calling us as Uncle and asks for the proof!

I am fortunate in one way,because I still have my mother and she calls me Kuzhanthai only.


Shri Sabesan Narayanaswami's 'sorchithiram' - 'caricature' - is an excellent feature item. The situation explained in the picture with a 'siro vakyam' as 'muthayppu'/'theermanam' in thani avarthanam in a kutcheri (December has come) by mentioning,his mother's calling him as 'Kuzhandhai' adds merit to this scenario. I got the feeling of having a read a shortest story. A classic Tamil writer Thi. Janakiraman's story in Tamil came to my mind. Excellent.

I did cross 50, three years back. But my three lines vibuthi (pattai), always in my forehead, gave me this experience in Chennai, few years back (I refer about young and somewhatborder middle aged women does not mind sitting next to me in the bus). In Chennai, the practice is reservation theory (100% gender reservation. thank god - not mandal kind of reservation yet
! Ladies seats, if occupied by gents, needs to be vacated).

Kudos.! Keep it up

அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!" _ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Thanks Shri Soundara Rajan.I am greatly Honoured if you are reminded of the great T.Janakiraman.
Infact a similiar incident happened to me last year.I had lost my mobile and had to get a police complaint registered to apply and get a duplicate SIM.Earlier my son and my wife had a horrible experience having to answer so many questions and had to go umpteen times.I was a bit scared.When I entered the Police station with my Pundareekam(pronounced vibhuthi mark),the Inspector asked me to sit,recorded everything got my signature and asked me go home.In the evening a constable brought me the Police complaint duly registered! Thats Vibhuthi Mahimai!
I have seen in the Madras Highcourt still some elderly advocates coming with Panchakacham, turban, vibuthi or thiruman and they are highly respected.

Inspite of the discrimination practiced against our community, these advocates bring respect to our community. Infact some of my friends belonging to Dravidian parties have told me that these advocates are very honest, collect very reasonable fees and tell the client at the time of engaging itself what is the likely outcome of the case. They don't make false promises to the client.

Let us continue to practice honesty and sincerity. Dress or religious marks are not going to affect any body.

All the best

This is an interesting thread, and brings to my mind another perfect example of respect given to vibuthi/gobi santhanam/naamam.

I, at 43 yrs, have always gone with bare forehead, as a matter of principle (for whatever it is worth). An year or so back, my uncle (in his early 60's) offered to help me get my village house patta recorded/registered with the Mannargudi municipality. As a matter of principle and child hood-inculcated habits, he always grandly wears a big gobi-santhanam on his forehead.

As we both entered the office premises, my uncle, in his most gentle and pleasing manners as always, enquired of an employee there as to who is the right person to go to for this job. To my surprise, the young man immediately offered all the answers politely, and then to cap it all, took it upon himself personally to get the job done. Initially, I was pretty sure he is offering help for some monetary gains, and yet was willing to hand over the task to him. Over the next 10 days, this young man single-handedly got the job done for us. Since both of us are Chennai residents, this man's assistance could not be thanked enough. But the crowning glory came when the man refused to charged us one single rupee more than the official fees for stamp paper, etc, along with receipts.

Till this date, I am certain this is only due to my uncle's appearance (his bearing and mannerisms may have been contributory factors, no doubt).

~ Raghu Sankaran

being 59+, and with greying hair & beard, i have been pleasantly surprised with sudden pleasantness, in this otherwise reserved canadian society.

i have a problem also of a different kind. in this age group and beyond, the males have an advantage, as there are more of them than the females.

so, it is not surprising, in an elevator or in a shopping aisle, a single woman to smile and pass inanane conversations. a quick exam will reveal ringless fingers, a more or less sure indication that they are not committed.

usually, within the first few minutes, i jut in something about my wife, and quickly the interest fades..and we pass on after wishing each other to have a good day :)
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