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clear instructions correctly done in a wrong way.....


Well-known member
See some who behaved at 5Pm of Janta curfew day, yesterday .
How pity that they have wrongly understood the purpose!
Amazing IQ ,I should say.
Certified enemies of the people they are.




Well-known member
The District Magistrate (DM) and Superintendent of Police (SP) in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit are in the middle of a controversy after a video emerged on social media showing them leading a procession during Janta Curfew on Sunday. The police have, however, clarified that these officials were nota trying to defy the curfew.

The 20-second video clip shows DM Pilibhit Vaibhav Srivastava and SP Abhishek Dixit leading a group of people - at least two dozen in sight - many of them government staff and policemen, through an unidentified street.

While the DM is seen beating a flat metal bell in the video, the police officer is blowing a conch; the rest in the group are beating plates and clapping as they march ahead in tandem. Many are seen without masks. Even children can be seen hopping into the frame.

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