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Clarifiction needed regarding returning to husband"s house after delivery

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My namaskarams to all,
I thought this would be a good forum for me to raise my doubt.Which is the good time for a girl to return back from her mother"s house back to her husband"s house after delivery?I heard 5 th month is the apt time for it..i just wanted to know is there anytime which should be avoided??Though my query might be peculiar..it has got many planning and adjustments to be done practically..so kindly give mu your valuable suggestions...
if u health conditions if good u can go to your husband home
u must fully heal before u go to husband home
make sure u got someone that can bath u baby in your husband home
because only old people can bath baby without hurting or cause bad effect
if u think u ready for all of it and able manage yourself and baby
u ready for husband home
then u can go
hi drk,

congrats on the baby. i am thrilled that in this day and age, that young mothers have the luxury of spending 5 months with their mothers after delivery.

my aunt for whom everything was traditional wa 90 days & that too in 1958. for my mom it was 56 days (in 1958) when my sis was born.

my wife delivered the baby and came home 2 days later. i took 1 week vacation. no parents as we were in canada. it was great experience for us.

take the baby to hubby asap. enjoy together all the things that you do to the baby. the best way to bond to the baby, and to each other.

best wishes..
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