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Clarification reg. theetu

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My thesis it takes more time than I expected and Vedas are the one which has all sorts of answers with any problem regarding health. It is not possible to answer the questions in a single word and even after fifteen years of research I feel I am in the beginning stage. With my knowledge and with eager I wanted to share what I studied and what I read and what was the effect that I received in my body.

If the body is very sensitive it can absorb all the vibrations and separate them. But if the skin of the body doesn't have the alertness it is hard to feel the vibrations or you can say GOD!

Only a man who felt god can tell what he felt. In other words when a Slokam is chanted some feel it is giving pleasure, but for others it is a group that shout.

Yes I had written 600 A-4 pages typed in English , referred nearly 2000 books, hundreds of palm leaves and manuscripts spent most of my days in various libraries in Poona, Chennai, Tanjore etc., took thousands of pages in xerox and read and read but still I a feel I am yet to go through.

In all these days what I read and felt is there is a science behind Yagas and yagnas and if we use proper herbal sticks, the samiths based on present day astronomy, we will get 100% result.

But I am not the authority.

Now I am to state that I read Vedas , felt them, and as blind who touched an Elephant, I am saying this is what Vedas state etc.,

My thesis will conclude but I hope based on my thesis thousands more may come.

As a first victory, the present day science said that the rays from Candle light can bring cancer.
Candle-lit dinners can lead to cancer - Health - Health & Fitness - LIFE & STYLE - The Times of India

My theory is that the rays from herbal oil can cure cancer, recover from Coma etc., and if the same is applied in proper manner it can bring solutions for our problems through which we can earn money.

This is the prime of my thesis.

If time and my mind permits let me see if I can share my opinion with you in future!

we would love to hear alternate views. please parse your study into small posts, chapter at a time, and present it to us.

we would be looking forward to it.

best wishes re time and mind :)
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