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Clarification on going to another temples after parihara poojai

There is only one GOD. Like wheat can be made into puri, chappati, Parotha etc., we worship according to our own wishes, time and space. So, if you belief in GOD, say Om Tatsatu Krishanarpanam and do Pooja in any convenient place. If you can not get out of the fear of GOD, GOD will not help you. Krishana says, I have given free will and freedom to act, thus GODnever behaves like a human being.
I have visited over 300 temples all over in India without wishing to go there. HE directed me and I never say any difference in all these places. Hell and heaven are basedon your karma and not on your worship-
I live by what I have said. Every GOD has blessed me but also payin gfor my sins.
Hindu religion is a not a religion, but a philosophy of life and accept One God or even if you deny it as both of them are two sides of the same coin.
Marriage is a social contract and nothing to do with one's worship. Praying to any GOD or kula deivam is fine. If you think carefully, Hindu religion(or philosophy) never has said anywhere that there are many GODS as Christians will make propaganda. The one GOD is also within you if you can recognize. To get a pure drinking water, you need to separate surface level algae in a lake, analogously detach from routine thought (very difficult and takes a long time and breathing practice as a first step) you can realize it. If you can close your eyes in darkness and if you can see your loving GOD any form Ganesha, Saraswathi... ) you have reached the first step. If you continue meditation and mindfulness of just only concentrating on your breath eventually you will peace. That is the stage of realizing your GOD. That stage will be the feeling "Aham Bramasmi - I am Brahma or GOD". So, your atma that makes you live and physical body that carries the atma will feel one". A tall order for a common man. Worshiping is the first step - kinder garden for deep realization. deivam worship is the Kinder Garden step.

Hindu GOD (your inner GOD) never punishes you, what you are going through is due to your ignorance of all the facts of your action.

If you find three fruits say a banana, a Pine apple and an orange, your thinking will be based on your motivation: hungry: eat; agriculturist: for how much I can sell, nutritionist- Vitamins and minerals, doctor- healthy?, sales man – how much profit I can get, a lawyer who owns the fruits, a shipper- how to pack and how much to charge, an accountant – what is the profit on investment, a tax man: how much tax I can collect... so which is true is based on motivation. At least 10 different views each insisting his or her view is the correct one ! It is context sensitive.

You may wonder why such a long write up? It is very difficult to express our ideas very clearly and without any ambiguity and we do not have any current single word or specialized ward to answer your question.

But be assured, GOD never interferes in our daily life and we are responsible for our acts.

If you ask Shakaracharya or a priest they will give different reply and final decision is yours.

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