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Christian Missionary Mafia

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Pain on the neck. They are small in numbers, but can pull strings in all spheres of our country, like a mafia

Politics : Sonia Gandhi is always there

Education/Health care : cathilics don this, and a small scratch on them, they shut all their schools and black mail the nation and indoctrinate the children with their ideologies.Brahmins are not welcome in their schools. Christians are given concession in hospital fee, but not for hindus.

Media : Already been hijacked, N.Ram is already a victim

Lobby : Miniscule in number, but Christians in T.N has more grip with Karunanidhi and the old man dance to their tunes. Their representation in legislative assembly is much more than Brahmins or muslims.

Mass inciting : In the name of liberation & human rights, they incite the dalits against brahmins.

Lot more, lets explore and expose.
stop this menace

Mass inciting : In the name of liberation & human rights, they incite the dalits against brahmins.

Lot more, lets explore and expose.[/QUOTE]

[FONT=&quot] sometimes we are also to be blamed.

Its 21st century and these are the reasons why missionaries succeed.
Its disheartening coz CM herself is dalit & upper caste are not concerned.I don't know whether these things occur in TN but I read somewhere that Brahmin cooks are very difficult so we are not fussy abt getting NB cooks to prepare food as per guidelines.
Its certainly not Village v/s urban. I don't care whether they(villagers) speak english or become net savy or are educated but at least the govt and intellectuals should create among awareness villagers about the side effects of these acts.
We should find means to stop this. These narrow minded ppl are doing more harm than good.

Everyone should think alike and P2P trust has to increase to achieve real progress.

Dailt Cook in School | Upper Castes Protest | Mayawati's Ambitious Project - Oneindia News

Uttar Pradesh | Parents | Rioted | Government School | Dalit Cook - Oneindia News

Dalit cooks stir controversy in Uttar Pradesh as prejudices remain firm - India - DNA

Dalit cooks in UP schools, upper castes protest - Politics - Politics News - ibnlive

Please create awareness that not to isolate our own people from hindu fold.
எனக்கு ஒரே ஒரு விஷயம் புரியலே. ஒரு தலித் கையில் சொற் திண்ணினா என்ன செத்துர்வாலா?????????
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