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Chittirai Back Again as Tamil New Year....Let us Celebrate...

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The New State Govt again Declared Chithirai as the Tamil New Year...

We have to Celebrate.

Of course The last ( and Lost ) DMK govt has converted it to " Thai "
(Pongal ) as Tamil New Year.

The Whole Tamil People never admitted this new year except MK and his Hench Men.

MK who is about 87 years old by now ,has celebrated Tamil New Year for nearly 86 years in his life time , and many 1000s of years we are celebrating April 15 as Tamil New Year.

Foolish Act of DMK govt is Scrapped.Let us all welcome it.
The lady who arrested the acharya couldn't have changed this for the love of our ancient heritage, but to settle political scores over her rival. Next time if DMK is back, new year will be changed to January. While these two parties keep changing the date at their whims and fancies and at the cost of confused public, we will remain uncertain when to celebrate year on year basis. Enna Koduma saar idhu.

i agree JJ changed this out of revenging MK.

however, there is a good case for making thai maasam as the first month. research has been done by maraimalai adigal in the
1920s and almost 500 scholars agreed that moving tamil new years to coincide with saka varushams makes sense.

however MK executed this badly and arrogantly, i think. had he been inclusive, and got everyone to agree, and further
emphasized that it was not dissing the hindu folks, he might have pulled it off. or might not. but the way he did it,
was bound to fail. tamils outside of india just ignored the diktat and kept celebrating april 14th. now tamil nadu is also
back in the fold.

re changing this back when dmk returns to power. hopefully MK is gone by then or fully senile. stalin and others, i think,
have little stomach for these types of tom foolery.
It is the other way. KK did it to humiliate tamil hindus as he perceived it as aryan and brahminical. Not only that, his assistants and nominated temple officials threatened and put pressure on temple priests not to celebrate on the traditional day. Fortunately, nobody took it seriously and ignored the government orders. Neither MK's deeds nor intentions are honourable.

There are many new year days in india followed by different communities; no harm in having one more. MK can as well call it MK new year day or DMK new year day. Those intersted can wear new clothes and watch kalaignar movies.
It is good that Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa has reverted to tradition by declaring the beginning of Tamil New Year to Chithirai. I welcome it.

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