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Chitra Pournami

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Chitra Pournami is the important function for females. They are meant this day for worshipping Chitragupta.

Chitragupta was born to parvathidevi through a painting (chitira puthiran). Later he entered into the uterus of Gomatha Kamdhenu and born on other chitra pournami and got the name chitra gupta, who is the assistant of Yamadharma in accounting one's Papa-Punya karmas.

Worshipping him with chakkarai pongal and other things without salt will give immense pleasure to the whole family throughout the year.

NOTE: One should avoid uptaking milk and milk-products on that day sicne he came out from kamadhenu. (It is preferrable to take buffalo milk if available). Then after finishing usual pooja and naivedhya, we have to donate rice, vegetables, dhal and dakshina in a "MURAM" (I couldn't get exact english word for that).

Also some persons will draw a kolam (padi kolam) with the south side alone leaving empty as a mark of entrance to him. After finishing pooja they will immediately wipe the kolam.

Worshipping Ambal in pournamis is a very special thing. Chithra pournami is famous for Meenakshi amman and Kallazhagar also. So, worshipping them also will be fruitful to us.

chita pournami


There is a sloka :

Chita guptham mahaa praagyam lEkanee pathra dhaarinam
Chitra rathnaambaratharam madhyastham sarva dEhinaam.

We may write wrong accounts or our accounting may be wrong;
but his is perfect and impeccable.

Chitragupta is the assistant of Lord Yama, the God of Death. It is believed that when a person dies his soul first goes to Lord Yama, where Chitragupta reads out the good and bad deeds of the person. There is only one temple in South India for Chitragupta at Kancheepuram. Chitra Pournami is a very auspicious day here which is considered to be the birthday of Chitragupta.

Another important legend associated with Chitra Poornima, involves Lord Indra, the king of Gods, and his Guru Brihaspati. Once Indra and Brihaspati had an altercation, and the Guru stopped advising his pupil. Without the sound counsel of his Guru, Indra committed numerous sins. Finally, when Brihaspati relented and took up his duty. He then advised Indra to undertake a pilgrimage to the earth to alleviate the burden of sins committed by him in his absence.

One day during his pilgrimage, Indra had a sudden realization that he has been redeemed from his sins. He looked around and noticed a Shivling under a Kadamba tree. He was sure that it was Lord Shiva who had helped him in alleviating his sins. He decided to worship the Lingam and to his surprise he found golden lotus in a nearby pond. He prayed to Shiva by offering the golden lotus. This happened on a Chitra Pournami day and the place was Madurai in Tamil Nadu. In remembrance of this event, in the Madurai Meenakshi temple, a Devendra Puja is observed on Chitra Poornima.

source: hindu-blog.com
Dear all..

i read before Chitta/Chitra Gupta is nothing but a function of our antahkarana only.

Chitta...repository of memories..from all our births
Gupta...a secret
The secret of our memories...

Upon death and during intrauterine life..the recording in the "microchip" of the Chiita portion of our Antahkarana plays all the scenes from our previous lifes..it unfolds in front of us and based on that recorded data..our karmic cycle kicks into action...
This is described as the book Chitra Gupta is supposed to have..
He actually does not record anything..we record it ourselves...

Well..Poornima is a full moon..Moon exerts effect on our Antahkarana(made up of manas,buddhi,chitta and ahamkara..loosely called Mind)

Hence Chitta Pournami..

Chitra Pournami is an important festival at Murugan temple at Ettukudi, Near Thirukkuvalai, Tiruvarur.

Welcome to Ettukudi Murugan Temple

Thousands of Kavadis will fill the small village with Milk Kudams and there will not be any space to move around.

Abhisekam will be done to Lord Muruga with milk continuously without break.

It is an important summer festival in the area and lot of people use to walk from their homes miles away with Kavadi to the temple.

In the olden days, renowned Annadhana expert `Annadhana Sivan' use to provide free food to all the devotees and the same practice is being continued even today.

All the best
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