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China gets drowned in South China Sea!

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China has 'no historic rights' in South China Sea: UN-backed tribunal

AMSTERDAM: Judges at an arbitration tribunal in The Hague on Tuesday rejected China's claims to economic rights across large swathes of the South China Seain a ruling that will be claimed as a victory by the Philippines.

"There was no legal basis for China to claim historic rights to resources within the sea areas falling within the 'nine-dash line'," the court said, referring to a demarcation line on a 1947 map of the sea, which is rich in energy, mineral and fishing resources.

In the 497-page ruling, judges also found that Chinese law enforcement patrolshad risked colliding with Philippine fishing vessels in parts of the sea and caused irreparable damage to coral reefs with construction work.

"None of the Spratly islands grant China an exclusive economic zone," the Hague tribunal said.

China, which boycotted the case brought by the Philippines, has said it will not be bound by any ruling.

China's state-run Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday that the "law-abusing tribunal" hearing a case about the disputed South China Sea had issued an "ill-founded award".

It gave no other details.

Philippines urges "restraint and sobriety"
The Philippines' foreign minister called for "restraint and sobriety" in the South China Sea on Tuesday after an international arbitration court issued a decision favourable to Manila and condemned by Beijing. "Our experts are studying this award with the care and thoroughness that this significant arbitral outcome deserves," Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay told a news conference.We call on all those concerned to exercise restraint and sobriety. The Philippines strongly affirms its respect for this milestone decision."

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It will be a blessing in disguise to India..China will be constrained not to oppose India for inducting in NSG!
Dr Swamy says"The ruling against China by a UN Tribunal over South China sea islands must be cautiously assessed. Tomorrow such a Tribunal can sit on J&K" ..Let us not gloat over this..Let us tread cautiously as far as China is concerned!
China has already said that it will not abide by the ruling. Rulings are good only when they are enforceable and abided. It can work against small countries like Bosnia or Montenegro.

Do you think, if something like this, is judged against USA for example its treatment of the Black Americans, and the Tribunal judges that each Black American family be paid indemnities, the American government is going to agree.

For once, I agree with Swamy. Kashmir is debated like hell outside of India and all the turbulence in the valley get coverage in the world press. I wouldn't be surprised if that too is brought up in the International Tribunal.
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