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Chapter 9: The active knowledge which is the secret

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Life is a dream
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(Lord Krishna points out that people with specific targets attain only them and the one who does all actions surrendering to the supreme spirit, reaches him and merges with him.)

The Lord said:-

I would tell you, who is bereft of jealousy,
That knowledge, which is extremely secret,
Which is full of real reasoning,
And which frees you from the curse of ignorance.

This is the king of all knowledge,
Greatest among secrets, holy,
Pure, one which can be experienced,
Very easy to follow, which is imperishable,
And which does not swerve from the just path.

Oh devotee of the supreme, those men,
Who are not interested in this dharma?
Do not attain me and reenter the path,
Of the ordinary world after their death.

This entire world is fully occupied,
By me, who am not visible to any one,
And all the materials here are within me,
But I am not within them always.

Also none of the beings are within me,
For please see my divine glory,
And realize that my soul sustains other beings,
Protects them but I am not within them.

Like the immeasurable air that wanders,
All over, but is contained within the sky,
Understand that all beings are contained within me.

Oh son of Kunthi, all beings at the end of the cycle,
Merge within my nature completely and,
I give rise to them again at the beginning of the new cycle.

These beings which are in the control of my nature,
Become completely dependent on my nature, and,
I give rise to them again at the beginning of the new cycle.

Oh Arjuna, these activities do not tie me up,
Because I am not attached to any activity,
And remain as if I am not interested in them.

Due to my supervision, Nature,
Gives birth to movable and immovable things,
Oh son of Kunthi, due to this,
All of them revolve between states of existence.

Not understanding me, who am lord of all beings,
And not understanding my exalted nature,
Fools disregard me, when I take the human form.

These ignorant people with vain desires,
With vain jobs, which are being done by them?
With vain wisdom and with shattered knowledge,
Would adopt deceptive demoniac forms.

But the great souls of this world,
Obey my godliness and without any doubts,
Worship me, who am at the beginning,
And at the end of all beings and things.

They always worship me with firm discipline,
With stable efforts and great devotion,
And serve me with steadfast love towards me.

Others worship me as the unified one,
Through the clear knowledge of my form,
And yet others worship me, who has faces all over,
As unified or as having separate forms.

I am the rituals, I am the sacrifice,
I am the offering to the manes,
I am the medicine, I am the chants,
I am the ghee, I am the fire,
And I am also the sacrificial offering in the fire.

I am the father and mother of this world,
I look after it; I am its grandpa, further,
I am the one to be understood,
I am purity, I am the letter “Om”,
And I am the Rik, Yajur and Sama Vedas.

I am the goal, I am the sustainer,
I am the Lord, I am the witness,
I am the abode, I am the refuge,
I am the friend, I am the source,
I am the destroyer, I am the support,
I am the repository and the eternal seed.

Oh Arjuna, I give rise to heat,
I restrain and let loose the rain,
I am the death as well as immortality,
I am the existence and non existence.

Those who learn the three Vedas,
Worship me with fire sacrifices,
Get purified of their sins, by drinking Soma,
And request for going to the heaven.
Their good deeds take them to the land of Indra,
And they enjoy the same pleasures as,
Merited by the holy devas.

They enjoy that extensive heaven,
And once the effect of their,
Good deeds is completely eroded,
Come back to this land of humans,
Thus, those that follow the path of the Vedas,
Who are infatuated by pleasure,
Spend their lives in going and coming.

I look after the welfare of those,
Stable minded and great devotees,
Who do not think of anything except me
And worship me through meditation.

Oh Son of Kunthi, even those individuals,
Who worship other gods with steadfast devotion?
They really worship me, not following the right path.

For, am I not him who takes the fruit?
Of all sacrifices and also the,
God who grants blessings as a result of them?
But they do not realize me properly,
And return back to this mortal world.

While the people who worship devas, attain them
Those who worship the manes attain them,
Those who worship evil spirits attain them,
And those who worship me attain me.

If someone offers me with clean mind and great devotion,
Either a leaf or flower or fruits or water,
I happily accept that which is offered by him.

Oh son of Kunthi, whatever you do,
Be it eating or worshipping or giving in charity,
Or doing meditation with austerity,
Do it after, offering it to me.

By doing like this you would get freedom,
From the bonds of good and evil action,
And after getting freedom, you would,
Come to me with a heart of renunciation.

I am in equal measure in all beings,
As I do not hate anybody nor love anybody,
But those who worship me with great devotion,
Are within me and I am within them.

Even if a man with evil habits, worships me,
Without any other aim or desire,
I would consider him as a good man,
For he has taken the right decision.

He would become a righteous soul soon,
And reach the stable and peaceful state,
And so, Oh son of Kunthi, proclaim to this world,
That a devotee of mine never perishes.

Oh Arjuna, It is a fact that,
Women, businessmen, workers,
And people of other lower birth,
Once they surrender to me,
Reach me, the highest supreme goal.

When this is a fact, is it necessary,
To tell again, about the Brahmins with good deeds,
And great sages of royal nature?
So having reached this unpleasant and temporary world,
Worship only me with devotion and sacrifice.

Please become, one who thinks of me,
One who is my devotee, one who worships me?
And one who always salutes me.
For if you consider me as your divine goal,
Single mindedly, you would attain me.

Thus ends the ninth chapter of Bhagwad Gita,
Which is the essence of all Upanishads,
Which is the science of the eternal and yoga,
And the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna,
Which is called “The active knowledge which is the secret.”
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