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Chapter 7: Knowledge and Realization

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Life is a dream
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(In this chapter Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, how he can be searched and researched by intelligence.)

The Lord Said:-

Oh Arjuna, by listening to me
With your mind fixed in me,
With your mind depending on me,
After learning yoga well,
You would know me completely,
And without any doubt, in your mind.

I would teach you fully that knowledge,
Together with realization and experience,
After learning which there would be,
Nothing left to learn in this world.

One in thousand men try to become,
Learned in the knowledge of perfection,
And only one of those learned men,
Really know me in reality.

My nature is split in to,
The eight fold division of,
Earth, water, fire, air, ether,
Mind, wisdom and pride.

But this is only my baser nature,
And different from this, Oh Arjuna,
Is my higher form, which is in the form of soul,
By which this entire world is sustained.

Please understand that all things,
Are born to these two forms of living and non living,
And I am the origin and source of destruction,
To the entire world, consisting of these two forms.

Oh Arjuna, There is nothing,
Higher or bigger than me,
For like the beads strung on a thread,
Everything else is strung on me.

Oh Son of Kunthi, I am the taste of water,
The light of the Sun and the moon,
The letter “Om” of the Vedas,
The manhood in all men,
And the sound of the sky.

I am the earthy scent of mud,
And the glowing light of fire.
I am the soul of all the living,
And the austerity of the sages.

Oh Arjuna, understand me as the seed,
Which is primeval of everything that you see,
As the wisdom of the wise and,
And the prowess of the heroic.

Oh greatest among the Bharatha clan,
I exist among the strong ones as,
The power without desire and attachment,
And as the desire not opposed to just duty,
Among all beings that roam.

Please know that that the serene,
Active and base states are born out of me,
But please do understand that I am,
Not in them but they are in me.

In the form of these three states,
The entire world exists in delusion,
And does not understand me,
Who is stable and outside of these three states.

This divine illusion of mine,
Which is based on these three states,
Is extremely difficult to surmount,
And those who surrender themselves to me,
Easily cross this divine illusion of mine.

Those ignorant people drowned in the mire of sin,
And those wicked souls, who have lost,
Their wisdom due to this deep delusion,
And those with the attitude of demons,
Do not take refuge in me or worship me.

Oh Arjuna, those who are distressed greatly,
Those who are in search of wisdom,
Those who are searching for wealth,
And also the wise man, are the four people,
Who always worship me.

Among them the wise man who is,
Daily in contact with me and who has devotion,
To the single entity is the best.
For it is for definite that I am very dear to him,
And he indeed is very dear to me.

Though all of them are great,
I am of the opinion that,
Among them the wise man is the best.
He being constantly in my communion,
Always tries to reach me,
As there are no other higher aims.

After several births, this wise man,
Realizing that everything is the universal godhead,
Reaches me and such a person is rare indeed.

There are others, who are swayed,
By particular desires that attract them,
Who are ignorant, follow particular rites,
For praying to particular deities,

To the person who wants to be a devotee,
For whichever god he addresses with faith,
I make his faith extremely unflinching.

He with type of stable faith,
Worships the God of his choice,
With great willingness and,
Gets fulfilled those desires,
Given to him by me.

But for them, who are of lesser wisdom,
That type of benefit would be temporary,
For those who worship demigods attain them only,
And those of my devotees always attain me.

Those ignorant ones do not understand,
My divine form which never changes,
Which does not have any thing above it,
And think that I have attained a form*,
While I am never born and have no form.

I am not understood, by many people,
Because I am hidden by the divine illusion,
And this world which has lost its wisdom,
Does not understand me who am birth less,
As well as the one who undergoes no change.

Oh Arjuna, I understand clearly the past,
The present and the future happenings,
But no one understands and knows me.

Oh Terror to his enemies, Oh Arjuna,
Even as soon they are born, all beings,
Are born with the twin delusions,
Of desire and aversion.

But those who do good deeds,
Get rid of the effect of bad actions,
And get freedom from these twin ties of desire,
And would firmly worship me with devotion.

Those who try to surrender to me,
For getting rid of death and old age,
Would know about the ultimate truth,
And all about the science of the embodied self,*
And also the dynamic action in full.

* The word used is Adhyathma.This is explained in the next chapter

Those who know me with the concerns,
Of beings, gods and sacrifices*
Fix that idea in their deep mind,
And know about me even at their death.

*The words used are Adhibhootham, Adhidaivam and Adhiyagnam. These are explained in the next chapter.

Thus ends the seventh chapter of Bhagwad Gita,
Which is the essence of all Upanishads,
Which is the science of the eternal and yoga,
And the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna,
Which is called “Knowledge and Realization.”
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