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Chapter 6: The art of meditation

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Life is a dream
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(In this chapter Lord Krishna tells about the techniques of yoga and meditation and tells him that, it is a superior method)

The Lord Krishna told:-

He who carries out all his duties,
Without depending on the outcome,
And not the one who has forsaken fire*,
Or the one who does not do any action,
Is a great yogi or one who has renounced.
*Who has discontinued fire sacrifices

Oh Pandava, understand the word yoga,
As indicative of renunciation also,
For no one can become a great yogi,
Without relinquishing the fruits of actions from his mind.

For the sage who wants to climb up,
The ladder of Yoga, action is a must,
And only for the one who has attained yoga,
Inaction is said to be the means to retain it.

When surely there is no desire,
To those things hankered by senses,
When there is no thinking for fruit of actions,
He would have renounced everything,
And would be called a great yogi.

One should elevate oneself by one’s self,
One should not ever lower oneself,
And surely self alone is one’s friend,
And self alone is one’s enemy,

He who has attained victory over self,
For himself is a very great friend,
And for the one who has not won over the self,
Self is a very great enemy,

For him who has won over his self,
Who is eternally peaceful within him self
Heat and cold are very much alike,
And so are sorrows and happiness
And honour and dishonor and he would,
Be always blessed with presence of the divine.

That yogi who becomes satiated,
By wisdom and his experiences,
Is immobile, a victor over his senses,
And would consider mud, stone and gold,
As one and the same and equal.

He becomes very special and great,
If he has the same relation with,
Good people, friends, enemies,
People who are neutral or middle,
People who hate or people, who love,
And even people who are really bad.

That yogi should concentrate his mind,
Sitting alone with control over mind and body,
With no desires, with no wealth or assets,
And try to meditate and keep his mind stable,

He should choose a very clean place,
Which does not move, which is neither high nor low,
And spread skin and cloth over Durba grass,
And sit there concentrating his mind.

Sitting on that seat, with concentration of mind,
And controlling the works of mind and senses,
He should practice yoga for cleaning his mind.

Keeping his body, head and neck straight,
Adopting the position of no movement,
Becoming stable, without seeing here and there,
Concentrating vision on the tip of his nose,
With mind fully not roaming here and there,
Without fear, observing self continence,
Controlling his mind, thinking of only me,
He should have me as his supreme goal.

That practitioner of yoga, who concentrates,
With a controlled mind attains that peace,
Which is at the end of salvation*,
And which is situated in me.

* I have used “salvation” to denote “Moksha”

Oh Arjuna. Yoga is not there,
For the one who eats too much,
Or the one who eats nothing at all.
It also is not there for the one,
Who loves to sleep and to him,
Who does not sleep at all,

To him who is moderate in his,
Food habits, walks, action,
Sleep and wakefulness,
Yoga helps to wipe away sorrow.

He is said to have attained yoga,
When his self controlled mind,
Remains always fixed in the self,
And is free of all desires and joys.

The wise men compare the non flickering,
Lamp kept in a windless place,
To the controlled mind of the yogi,
Practicing yoga within his self.

One should know that, that is called yoga,
When the mind which is controlled,
By practice of concentration, gets settled,
In which the self seeks the self and realizes the self,
And gets happiness in the self itself,
In which that state of bliss is realized,
Which is limitless, known only to the intellect,
Which is beyond the reach of senses,
In which one establishes himself,
And never moves down from it,
Which position once attained,
Makes one feel that no other gain,
Is better than that state,
And which position once attained,
Makes one feel that no great sorrow is worth worrying about.
This type of yoga which is worth practicing,
Should be learnt with strong mind and perseverance.

After controlling all desires which are born,
Out of the working of the mind, fully,
After preventing the sense organs,
From all sides, by use of the mind,
And using the wisdom along with courage,
You have to get peace slowly and surely.
You should make the mind position itself in the self,
And should not think of anything at all,

When the listless and unstable,
Mind wanders hither and thither,
It should be brought under control,
By using the self alone,

To the yogi with a peaceful mind,
Whose active pride has subdued,
Who is sinless and who has,
Become God himself,
Undiluted bliss surely reaches

This yogi who is free from a tainted mind,
Who can control his mind always,
Attains the infinite bliss of union with the ultimate,

This man who is always absorbed in yoga,
Has a mind which sees the same Brahman,
In all the things that he sees,
And realizes that Brahman is made of all things,

He who sees me everywhere,
Sees everything within me,
Is always able to see me,
And I am able to see him always,

He who worships me, who am in all beings,
In the spirit of being single entity, is a yogi,
And wherever he is and whatever he does,
He always lives with me,

I believe that, he is best among yogis,
Oh Arjuna, Who sees other’s pleasure and pain,
In the same way, as if it occurs to himself.

Arjuna asked:-

Oh killer of Madhu, because my mind is in turmoil,
I am not able to understand this state,
Where everything is observed as equal and same,
And which is also permanent and stable,

Oh Krishna, Is not the mind always unstable,
Turbulent, restless, leading to pain
And something that cannot be controlled?
I think controlling it is, as difficult as controlling wind.

The Lord replied:-

Oh Arjuna, there is no doubt that,
Mind is restless and difficult to control,
But Oh son of Kunthi, it can be controlled,
By practice and detachment,

I believe that to him who cannot control his mind,
The practice of Yoga is extremely difficult to attain,
But if you practice with willingness and control,
It can be attained by practice of proper methods

Arjuna said:-

Oh Lord Krishna, The one who has deep faith?
But lacks will to put in sufficient effort,
Slips away during the practice of Yoga,
And since he cannot get the fruits of yoga,
What does he eventually attain?

Oh God, who is a great hero, does he who fails.
Not fall from both ways that he tries to the ultimate,
And like a split and scattered cloud vanish?

Oh Lord Krishna, I do not find any one,
Capable of completely answering,
This question of mine except yourself,
For is it not difficult to find people to solve problems?

The Lord replied:-

Oh Arjuna, Such a one is not destroyed here.
And is also not destroyed after this life,
Oh son, anyone who does only good,
Would never ever attain a bad state,

The one who slips and fails in the path of yoga,
Would reach the land meant for people with good deeds,
Live there happily for several years,
And is born in a house of the pure and prosperous,

Or he is born in the clan of wise Yogis,
And such a birth is indeed rare in the world,

There he attains the use of the wisdom,
Which was there in his previous body,
And son of Kurus, striving more than before,
He attains a state higher than earlier.

Though he does not understand
The practices of his previous birth,
He gets surely attracted to them,
And even one who tries to understand yoga,
Crosses the limit of the performer of Vedic rites

But that yogi who practices steadfastly.
Gets the sins removed from him,
And gets better and better attainment,
In succeeding births and,
Slowly reaches the greatest possible state,

Yogis are greater than sages,
Also greater than the learned,
Also greater than the performer of actions,
And so it is believed, he is great,
And so become a yogi, Oh Arjuna,

I have concluded firmly that the one,
Who salutes me with sincerity and,
With his mind absorbed in me
Is the greatest among yogis.

Thus ends the sixth chapter of Bhagwad Gita,
Which is the essence of all Upanishads,
Which is the science of the eternal and yoga,
And the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna,
Which is called “The art of meditation.”
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