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Chapter 16: Division of divine and demonic attributes

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Life is a dream
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(All being are classified in to divine and demonic. The Lord tells Arjuna how to identify these two classes.)

The Lord said:-

Fearlessness, clean mind, steadfastness in yoga,
Charity, self control, sacrifice, learning of Vedas,
Austerity, honesty, non violence, truth,
Absence of anger, renunciation, peace,
Not telling slanders, pity towards all beings,
Be desire less for others property, gentle nature,
Modesty, firmness of mind, courage,
Forgiving nature, not getting impatient,
Purity, absence of deceit and humility,
Are the natures of those born with divine state, Oh Arjuna?

On the other hand Oh Arjuna, deceit, arrogance,
Self praise, anger and also harsh words and ignorance,
Are the natures of those born with those Demonic states?

Divine state is deemed to lead to salvation,
And demonic state leads to attachment,
And Oh Arjuna, please do not be sad,
For you are born with the divine state.

Oh Arjuna, two types of beings exist in this world,
And they are divine beings and demonic beings,
And I had told you in detail about the divine ones,
And please hear from me now about the demonic.

The demonic beings do not understand about,
Actions that should be done and those that should be avoided,
And with them there is no cleanliness, truth and good behavior.

Their world is full of lies, unstable, without God,
Created by interaction between each other,
Which is based only on lust and passion.

These ruined souls holding to path of materialism,
Lose their souls, doing horrible deeds,
And are enemies of this world and are born,
With an aim to destroy this world.
Holding on to their desires which cannot be satiated,
Filled with hypocrisy, egoism and arrogance,
They hold on to bad thoughts, because of delusion,
And observe unclean resolves and jobs.

Held in the net of thoughts which are perennial,
And end with only their death, they would think,
That passion is the greatest of their aims,
And are convinced that it is the only ultimate thing,
And also tied tightly with hundreds of bonds and desires,
Becoming slaves to their passions and anger,
And they would search for the tainted wealth,
To fulfill their cravings of passion.

They being under the illusion of ignorance,
Would think thoughts like,”This was attained by me,
I am going to get fulfilled of this desire,
I am having this; I am going to further get this,
That enemy was killed by me; I am going to kill others,
I am the God, I would be enjoy pleasures,
I would achieve results in my actions,
I am strong; I would run after pleasures,
I am rich; I belong to a noble family,
There is none who are equal to me,
I would do fire sacrifice, I would be charitable “
And many similar thoughts and would get befuddled,
Get deep in to lair of passion, become deeply attached,
To the pleasures which are brought about by the senses,
And would fall in the deep dirty hell.

They praise themselves,
Do not respect the holy ones,
Are filled with vanity,
Haughty due to possession of wealth,
And perform sacrifices for names sake
Not following the proper path.

They would be egoistic, strong,
Proud, passionate and angry,
And hate me, who am in them and others,
And laugh at people who conduct sacrifices.

They are inimical, cruel, base humans,
And sinners and I make them to be born,
Every time in this world among,
Those with demonical properties.

Oh Arjuna, these fools take several,
Births among people with demonical properties,
Do not seek me and reach still baser levels every time.

The three gates for traveling to the hell,
Are lust, anger and greed and,
These three are to be shunned always.

Oh Arjuna, that man who avoids these,
Three dark paths to hell and follows,
What would bring good to himself ,
Goes towards the supreme goal and reaches it.

He who does not follow the ways of scriptures,
But does work under the impulse of desire,
Does not attain perfection, happiness or supreme goal.

So the only guide for you to decide,
What should or should not be done,
Are the laws formulated by the scriptures?
And you should now understand and follow them.

Thus ends the sixteenth chapter of Bhagawad Gita,
Which is the essence of all Upanishads,
Which is the science of the eternal and yoga,
And the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna,
Which is called “Division of divine and demonic attributes.”
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