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Chapter 15: the knowledge of Supreme Being

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Life is a dream
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(The entanglement with the day to day life is compared to a Banyan tree which starts growing from the top (Brahmam/Supreme godhead) and grows and spreads down in this material world. The only method to put an end to this perennial entanglement is to cut the stem of this tree, by detachment .It is also mentioned that a soul taking a new body, brings the memories from the old body, it leaves. The nature of the imperishable Supreme Being is explained.)

The Lord Said:-

People talk about the endless banyan tree,
With its roots above and branches below,
And whose leaves are the Vedas,
And he, who knows this, knows the Vedas.

Its branches which are nurtured by the three qualities,
Grow both below and above, with the senses as its shoots,
And its roots which are stretched below,
Produce actions in this human world.

Thus its form is not experienced here,
As it has no beginning nor end and nor existence,
And this well entrenched banyan tree should be,
Cut by a strong sense of detachment,
And then, one should search and travel,
By that way by which, those who travel never return,
Determining within oneself, that he seeks,
Refuge in that primeval being,
From whom this entire eternal process was started.

Bereft of pride and delusion,
Without the curse of attachment,
Devoted fully to spiritual pursuits,
Fully getting rid of the desires,
Getting freedom from joy and sorrow,
And fully getting rid of ignorance,
They attain that deathless goal.

That place where one goes, but never returns,
Is the place of my supreme state?
Neither sun nor moon nor fire can illuminate it.

That part of me, which is in the embodied soul,
Appears in this world, draws in to it the six senses,
And finds a place in this state of nature.

Once this soul leaves a body and takes another,
It draws these six senses from the body he leaves,
And take them along with it to the new body he assumes
Similar to a breeze carrying scents with itself.

He enjoys all sense objects using fully,
Using the ears, eyes, organs of touch, smell,
And the mind, all of which he makes as his,
And enjoys all the sense objects.

Whether he is the one, who leaves,
Or the one who is in stable state
Or the one who enjoys these senses,
He is not seen by the ignorant ones,
But is seen by those with eyes of knowledge.

Those yogis who make lots of effort,
In trying to see him within them, see him,
But the ignorant ones in spite of effort do not see him.

Please understand that light,
Which resides in the sun,
And lights the entire universe
And which illuminates the moon,
And which illuminates fire as that of mine.

By my power I enter within the earth,
And I support all its beings,
And I nourish all herbs,
By becoming the watery moon.

Becoming the digestive fire of all beings,
And uniting myself with the exhaled and inhaled breath,
I digest all the four types of food* which is consumed.
*Food that is eaten, swallowed, sucked or chewed.

I am the one, who is in the hearts of all beings,
I am the memory, knowledge and forgetfulness,
I am the one which is taught about by the Vedas,
And I am the one who knows Vedas and made philosophy.

There are two classes of beings in this world.
The perishable and imperishable beings,
Perishable beings are all the beings that exist,
And that supreme immutable being* alone is not perishable.
* The word used is “that which is hidden.

Different from these two groups is,
He who enters in all the three worlds,
And sustains it after entering in to it,
And who is completely immutable,
And is commonly called Lord or supreme self.

Because I am beyond the perishable,
And even greater than the imperishable,
I am called as the highest Supreme Being,
By all the world as well as Vedas.

Oh Arjuna, he who without any delusion,
Understands me as the Supreme Being,
Becomes knower of all and,
Would see everything as me and worship me.

Oh sinless one, I have taught you now,
This knowledge which is extremely secret,
And knowing this one, one becomes wise,
And becomes one who does, what should be done.

Thus ends the fifteenth chapter of Bhagawad Gita,
Which is the essence of all Upanishads,
Which is the science of the eternal and yoga,
And the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna,
Which is called “The knowledge of Supreme being.”
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