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Chapter 11: Seeing of the universal form

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Life is a dream
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(Lord Krishna shows his universal form to Arjuna. Seeing that fearful form of the Lord, Arjuna is made to realize that all his enemies have already been killed and he is but an instrument in the hands of God.)

Arjuna asked:-

The words you told with an aim to bless me,
Are very secret and clearly explain the science of the soul,
And those words have removed my delusion.
Oh lotus eyed one, have I not heard from you,
In detail about birth and death of all beings,
And also I heard about your perennial greatness.

Oh greatest God, I have realized you fully,
The way that you chose to explain to me,
But Oh greatest Lord, I also desire,
To see your great form in reality.

Oh Lord, if you think that I am fit to see that,
Oh God of all yoga’s, please be kind enough,
To show me that non perishable form.

The Lord said:-

Oh Arjuna, please see my divine form,
Which is of different kinds, which is,
Of different hues and shapes and,
Which are in hundreds and thousands.

Please see in me the adithyas, Vasus,
Rudras, Aswini devas and Maruths,
Please also see my never before seen forms.

Oh Arjuna, now please see together
The entire stable and unstable world,
And also all that you wanted to see, in me.

But you would not be able to see me,
Using the normal eyes that you have,
And I am giving you a divine sight,
Which would help you understand my godliness.

Sanjaya told:-

Oh king, after telling these words,
Lord Hari who is the lord of all yoga,
Showed Arjuna his divine godly form.

That form had many faces and eyes,
Many greatly surprising sights,
Wearing many heavenly ornaments,
And armed with many divine weapons.

That form wore several celestial garlands and apparels,
Anointed with divine sandal paste and greatly wonderful,
Resplendent, limitless and having faces on all sides.

If by chance one thousand suns,
Adore the sky with their shine,
Then that great being’s light,
Would be somewhat equal to it.

Then that son of Pandu saw in the body,
Of the great god of gods,
The entire world with all its divisions.

After this, that Arjuna filled with wonder,
And all his hairs of the body standing erect,
Started telling like this, after saluting Him.

Arjuna said:-

Oh God of gods, I am seeing in your body,
All devas, similarly hosts of other beings,
Lord Brahma sitting on the lotus,
All sages and all celestial serpents.

Oh God of the universe, Oh God with universal form,
I see your limitless form with many hands, many bellies,
Many mouths and many eyes, wherever I turn,
And I am not able to see your end, beginning or middle.

I am seeing everywhere all around,
Your immeasurable form, wearing a crown,
Holding a mace and the holy wheel,
And which shines in all directions,
Which is a ball of light blinding my eyes,
Which appears like a fire burning bright,
And which is resplendent like the Sun.

I believe, that you are imperishable,
A divine form, a thing to be known,
The resting place of this universe,
A person who never decays and
Always preserves the great tenets of eternal religion,
And that you are the primeval being.

I am seeing you as one without ,
Beginning, middle and end,
As one with limitless powers,
With innumerable hands,
With Sun and moon as your eyes,
With the raging fire as your mouth,
And one who heads the world by his light.

Oh great being, is it not true that the space
Between the sky and the earth is filled,
Completely by your great form?
All directions and all the three worlds,
Are extremely afraid and trembling,
Seeing this wonderful and terrible form of yours.

Very many Gods are entering within you,
Very many of them, who are frightened,
Are praising you, with saluted hands,
While bands of great sages and perfect souls,
Are uttering the words, “Let there be peace”,
And are also singing your praise.

You are being seen with sense of awe.
By Rudras, Vasus, Sadhyas,
Viswedevas, Aswini devas, Maruths
The manes who take vapors as food,
Gandharwas, Yakshas, Asuras,
And hosts of perfect beings.

Oh great warrior, all the world and also me,
Are trembling with fear seeing your great form,
With several mouths, several faces, several eyes,
Several shoulders, thighs and feet,
And several bellies, several teeth and tusk.

Oh Vishnu, seeing your form which touches the sky,
Which is resplendent, which is multi colored,
Which has open mouths and which has broad eyes spitting fire,
I am having a trembling heart and am not able to,
Have even traces of courage and peace.

Oh Lord of all devas, seeing your mouth,
With tusks and resembling the fire at deluge,
I am benumbed and not able to see any directions.
And also I am not able to attain mental peace,
And so be pleased with me, Oh abode of the universe.

All the sons of Drutharashtra, along with,
Hoards of kings who rule the world,
And also Bheeshma, Drona, Karna, the son of a charioteer,
And also many of our own warrior chiefs,
Are rushing in to your very fearful jaws with teeth,
And some of them are seen with smashed heads,
Caught in between the spaces between your teeth.

Similar to the rushing of the currents of water,
To the great ocean, these human warriors,
Are entering your mouth, which has flames all around.

Similar to the moths rushing towards the flaming light,
Towards their destruction, the beings the world,
Are also speedily rushing in to your mouth to die.

Hey Vishnu, You are swallowing the world,
By your mouth which is full of flames,
And also licking them from all sides,
And your fierce rays which glow,
Is filling the world with radiance and burning it.

Oh fierce looking God, please tell me who you are?
And let my salutations become yours and oh great deva,
Please show mercy on me as I am interested,
In knowing about you who is primeval,
As I have not really understood you properly.

The Lord replied:-

I am the terrible time that destroys people,
And am here to destroy the world and even without you,
All those enemy soldiers who are assembled here,
Would not live for any more time.

So you please get up, win over the enemies,
And gain fame as well as enjoy the benefits,
Of the great kingdom which is filled with wealth,
Please also understand that I have already killed them,
And also understand that you are only an apparent,
Reason for killing them, Oh Arjuna*.

*Here Arjuna is addressed as one who is capable of using the bow with left hand .

Please kill Drona, Bheeshma, Jayadratha,
Karna and all other great warriors,
Who have been already killed by me?
Don’t be afraid and become sad but fight.

Sanjaya told:-

Hearing these words of Lord Kesava,
Arjuna trembled and saluted him,
And with great fear again saluted him,
And with a faltering voice asked.

Arjuna asked:-

It is only proper that the world becomes extremely joyous,
And becomes attracted by the singing your praise,
And the rakshasas get frightened and run everywhere
And all the host of perfected beings is saluting you.

Oh great being, Oh endless one, Oh God of Devas,
Oh abode of the world, why would they not,
Salute you, for you never ever decay,
You are the distinct, you are the indistinct,
And also that which is beyond both of them.

Oh Lord with endless form. Oh primeval God,
Oh ancient God, you are the supreme repository,
To this great universe, you know everything,
You are that which is knowable, and also,
The highest abode and pervade everywhere.

You are the wind; you are the god of death,
You are the fire; you are God of rain,
You are the moon, you are the creator,
You are the great grand sire and to you,
I salute again, again and again,
And also thousands of salutations to you.

Oh God who is everything, salutations to you,
From the front and from behind and from all sides,
You are of limitless prowess and of limitless valour,
And you pervade in everything,
And you also become everything.

Without realizing, the greatness of yours,
And without knowing, this great form of yours,
Because of my ignorance, and affection to you,
I might have impertinently called you,
“Hey you Krishna”, “hey you Yadhava,”
And “hey my pal” and so Oh my lord Krishna,
I beseech you, who are immeasurable,
To pardon me for those insulting words,
Told, when we were playing, when we were lying down,
While we were eating, while we were sitting together,
While we were alone or while we were in company

Oh God, who is the unrivalled power,
You are the father of this world,
Which is movable and immovable,
You are the Lord fit to be worshipped,
You are greater than the greatest being,
And there is none in three worlds equal to you,
And so how can there be any one greater than you?

Oh God therefore I prostrate before you,
Lying down on the ground before you,
And beg to you, who is the worshipful lord,
“Please pardon all my mistakes and errors,
Similar to the father pardoning his son,
Similar to a friend pardoning his friend,
And similar to the lover pardoning his sweetheart."

Oh God, having seen that which I have not seen,
I am elated and happy with joy and also,
My mind is confused due to fear,
And so please show me your normal form,
Oh God, abode of the world, please be kind.

I want to see you wearing the crown,
Holding the mace and the wheel,
And Oh God with thousand arms,
Please become one with only four arms.

The Lord said:-

Oh Arjuna, having been pleased by you,
I have shown this universal resplendent form,
Which is beyond limits, which is primeval,
Using my divine power and this form,
Has not been seen by anybody other than you.

Oh great warrior of the clan of Kurus,
I cannot be seen by studies of Vedas,
Or sacrifices or by charity or by rituals,
Or by doing austere penances, in this form,
By anyone in this mortal world, other than you.

Please do not get afraid or deluded by seeing,
This fearful form of mine and get rid of your fear,
Become happy and see that form of mine,
Which used to be seen by you before.

Sanjaya told:-

The Lord after saying this to Arjuna,
Appeared before him, in his normal form,
And that great one cheered up,
The frightened Arjuna assuming,
His normal pleasant form.

Arjuna said:-

Oh Lord Krishna, after seeing this human form,
Of yours, I have become self composed,
And have gone back to my normal self.

The Lord said:-

All the gods are ever desirous of seeing,
That rare form which was seen by you now
But have not been able to see it like you.

I cannot be seen in that form,
In which you have seen me now,
By either the Vedas or austerities
Or charity or fire sacrifices.

Oh scorcher of his enemies, please know,
That I can be seen or known or conversed to
In this great form by undivided concentrated devotion.

Oh Pandava, he attains me at the end,
Who considers me as the supreme goal,
Who is only devoted to me without attachment,
And who bears no ill will against any being.

Thus ends the eleventh chapter of Bhagawad Gita,
Which is the essence of all Upanishads,
Which is the science of the eternal and yoga,
And the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna,
Which is called “Seeing of the universal form”
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