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Chapter 10: the manifestations of God

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Life is a dream
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(Though god is, everywhere and in everything, his manifestations stand out, in some persons/things. Lord Krishna gives a brief list of such persons/things where his manifestations stand out.)

The Lord said:-
Oh mighty armed one, please again,
Hear my pleasant words,
Which are being told to you?
With a desire to do you good.

My greatness is not fully realized by devas,
Nor sages even though I am the primal cause,
Of all the devas and all the sages.

He among men, who knows me,
As the one without beginning,
One without birth and the,
God of all the worlds, is the one,
Who is really wise and is bereft of sins.

Intelligence, wisdom, freedom from delusion,
Patience, truthfulness, control over senses,
Tranquility, happiness, sorrow, birth, death,
Fear, freedom from fear, non violence,
Balance in thought, contentment, austerity,
Charity, fame, notoriety, and other such properties,
Are born out of me in to all beings.

Those ancestors of the present day beings,
Like the seven sages, four sons of Brahma,
And all the Manus are strong persons like me,
And were born out of my mind.

There is no doubt that those who know,
This glory and power of mine, attain
The unshakable state of yoga...

The men who are wise realize,
That I am the source of everything,
And everything acts through my power,
And see me everywhere and in everything,
And constantly worship me.

They become happy and satisfied,
Keeping their thoughts on me,
Keeping their soul directed to me,
And teaching each other about me.

I give that divine wisdom, which will,
Help them to reach and attain me,
To those who are very stable,
And who serve me with love and devotion.

For blessing them, I live in their heart,
And light the lamp of divine wisdom in them,
And drive away the darkness caused by ignorance.

Arjuna asked:-

You are the divine Brahmam,
And the sacred place of attainment,
And all great sages including Narada,
Asitha, Devala and Vyasa call you,
As the first god and eternal being,
Who is divine and the birth less one,
And you are also saying the same thing.

Oh Kesava, I realize fully,
That whatever you tell me is the truth,
But I know that neither the devas nor asuras,
Know anything about your divine form.

Oh greatest among all beings,
Oh creator of everything,
Oh Lord of everything in this world,
Oh the great god of all gods,
Oh ruler of all this earth,
I know that you alone know yourself.

So I think that it is only proper,
To request you to tell me those manifestations,
Through which you pervade this entire world.

Oh great yogi, be pleased to tell me,
How I should concentrate and think about you,
And fully understand you?
Please tell me in what all objects,
I should think and meditate about you.

Oh Janardhana please tell me in detail once more,
About your yogic power and your manifestations,
For I am still not satisfied by the nectar,
Which I have been drinking by my ears, so far.

The Lord replied:-

Well, oh greatest among the Kuru clan,
I would tell you about my manifestations,
Which are important, for if I tell them on detail?
Such a narration will never end.

Oh Arjuna, I am the soul,
That resides in the heart of all beings,
And I am the beginning, middle and end,
Of all the beings that is known.

Of the sons of Adithi, I am Lord Vishnu,
Among the shining objects, I am the Sun God,
Among the Marut sons of Dithi, I am Marichi,
And among the stars, I am the moon.

Among the Vedas, I am the Sama Veda,
Among the devas, I am Indra,
Among the senses, I am the mind,
And within the animal, I am their brain.

Among the eleven Rudras, I am Lord Shiva,
Among the Yakshas, I am Kubhera,
Among the eight Vasus, I am the Fire God,
Among the peaks, I am the divine Meru.

Among the priests, I am the Brahaspathi,
Among the commanders, I am Lord Subramanya,
And among the water bodies, I am the sea.

Among the great sages, I am Bhrugu,
Among the words, I am the letter “Om”,
Among the sacrifices, I am the sacrifice of chanting,
And among the immovable, I am the Himalayas.

Among the trees, I am the holy banyan tree,
Among the deva sages, I am Narada,
Among the gandharwas, I am Chithra Ratha,
And among the perfect souls, I am the sage Kapila.

Among the horses, I am Uchaisravas,
Born along with nectar, from the ocean of milk,
Among the great elephants, I am Iravatha,
And among men, know me as their king.

Among the weapons, I am the Vajrayudha,
Among the cows, I am the wish giving Kama Dhenu,
Among those who create, I am the god of love,
And among serpents, I am Vasuki.

Among the many hooded snakes, I am Adhi Sesha,
Among beings living in water, I am Varuna,
Among the manes, I am Aryama,
And among those who punish, I am Lord Yama.

Among the sons of Dithi, I am Prahladha,
Among the calculators, I am time,
Among the animals, I am the lion,
And among the birds, I am the eagle.

Among those who move fast, I am the wind,
Among the armed beings, I am Lord Rama,
Among the fishes, I am the shark,
And among the rivers, I am the Ganga.

Oh Arjuna, among those created beings,
I am their beginning, middle and end,
Among knowledge, I am the science of the soul,
And among those who argue, I am,
That argument which searches for the truth.

Among the alphabets, I am the first letter “Aa’,
And among compound words, I am,
The two word combination with equal emphasis on both,
I am the also the deathless time, and I am,
The one with faces everywhere, who protects.

I am the death that steals everything,
I am the originator of everything that is created,
Among the women, I am goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati,
And I am also the goddess of fame, memory,
Stability, Wisdom and patience.

Among the songs of the Veda, I am the great Sama,
Among the meters, I am Gayathri,
Among the months, I am November-December,
And among the seasons, I am the flowering spring.

Among those who cheat, I am gambling,
I am the strength of those who are strong,
I am the victory; I am the steadfast effort,
And I am the goodness of the good.

Among the clan of Vrushnis, I am Krishna,
Among the Pandavas, I am Arjuna,
Among the great sages, I am Vyasa,
And among the poets I am Shukra.

In the hands of those who punish, I am the rod,
Among those who want to win, I am justice,
In matters which are secret, I am silence,
And among the wise, I am the wisdom.

Oh Arjuna, among all matters,
I am that, which their root is,
If you ask me, whether there are,
Any moving or not moving things,
In which I am not there, the answer is no.

Oh tormentor of his enemies, there is no limit,
To my manifestations proving divinity,
And what has been told above,
Is but in brief, the chronicle of my manifestations.

Anything which proves my manifestation,
Or looks like having the sign of glory,
Or exists as the greatly great power,
It has to be understood as,
A part of my power which has materialized.

But Arjuna. , What advantage would you get?
By the knowledge of these and please understand,
That I am firmly supporting all the worlds,
Using a small portion of my divine power.

Thus ends the tenth chapter of Bhagwad Gita,
Which is the essence of all Upanishads,
Which is the science of the eternal and yoga,
And the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna,
Which is called “The manifestations of God”
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