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Chak De India

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Chak De India is a 'must see'.

A welcome change for a nation obsessed with cricket.

Not many actually remember or realize that it is not the cricket but Hockey which is the national game.

A surreptitious phone call to a panju friend revealed that 'Chak De' is borrowed from panjabi 'Chak de Phattee', where 'chak de' means sort of buck-up of lift it.

But I could not seek clarification on 'Phatte'. Is it the same as 'Paththey' as in "Ullu ke paththey" ?
Dear Sri LQ Ji,

My wife and I saw this movie last week at the local Indian movie theater - my city where I live in USA has two such theaters, where they screen Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. (Yes, please tell Sri Hari that I have seen 'Sivaji'. It was so bad, it was good! We enjoyed it!)

I don't understand Hindi and at first I thought that 'Chak De' meant 'Discard It' as in "chuck' in English. I only understood the meaning after my wife (who is an Indian army 'brat') explained the meaning.

By the way, like the Tamilians 'teach' some choice Tamil expressions like 'Unga....' to the non tamilians, one of my wife's dear north Indian friend has taught me about "ullu ke....". SHAME ON YOU!

When we meet sometime in person, we will raise a glass of 'nature's milk' to each of us and laugh!

Not open for further replies.

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