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Censorship for the electronic media

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On seeing the role, rights and responsibilities and relevance of many tv channels, I often wonder should not be there some kind of regulation for the content they broadcast, in the name of freedom of expression.

I detested their role particularly in the context of the following.

1. Highlighting some tragedy, national disaster, coverage of film
personalities wherever they go, live telecast of cricket matches
etc. hours and days together.

2. In the name of scoop or sensational news, broadcasting some lies
Even when it was proved beyond doubt that they
were at fault, no remorse, no apology, nothing. (Recall the case
of Arushi)

3. Bringing perverted relationships, anti-social activities and all
immoral things in life with vivid, graphic portrayal, inside our
house. Again, no protest, no objection and no complaints.

4. Imposition of western culture, on the negative side of it, through
serials, cinema, interviews and reality shows.

5. Showing women with niggardly and obscene dressing, with no
sense of guilt.

6. Finally, showing violence and terrorist activities, indirectly
justifying some of them by linking them to discrimination and
injustice in the society. They show the conspiracy/plot, frame by
frame, as if they are teaching them to the innocent viewers.

Don't you think that such scenes and programmes necessitate some kind of regulation or censorship?
in a way, the ppl demand it.
if one of the news channel does not provide information about what is happening (nationally/internationally), they simply change and go to the one which shows it.

end of the day, its all about money. there is not a lot of social consciousness involved in such things.

previously u needed to setup stage meetings to get your point across/say something.. now its all hitech and electronic.

howmuch ever we hate it, govt wont do much, cos its money in their kitty too.
dear sir,
self control should be exercised by media esp. electronic media. the hype about rakhi's' wedding/shah rukh's frisking and swine flu are examples. pl read sri swaminathan a iyers about media overkill in Times Of India 23/08/09(blogs)
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