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Cauliflower' benefits.

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1.An excellent source of vitamin C.2. a good source of folate and potassium.3.Low in calories and high in fiber.4. an anticancer food.

True but a word of caution..It is a Cruciferous group of vegetable so take in moderation as excessive intake interferes with Iodine and the Thyroxine hormones and may lead to Thyroid Disorders.

Cruciferous vegetables can potentially be goitrogenic (inducing goiter formation). They contain enzymes that interfere with the formation of thyroid hormone in people with iodine deficiency.[SUP][2][/SUP][SUP][3][/SUP] Cooking for 30 minutes significantly reduces the amount of goitrogens and nitriles. At high intake of crucifers, the goitrogens inhibit the incorporation of iodine intothyroid hormone and also the transfer of iodine into milk by the mammary gland.[SUP][4]
As far India, I would say avoid cauliflower altogether...When they are harvested and just before being loaded the caulis are immersed in a deadly fungicide solution...well if you ask me where does the question of fungus come in after harvest? no, farmers/merchants do not immerse for the anti-fungal property of the solution (its called Bavistin), its just to prolong the green lookingness...

and peepul please avoid grapes too....its deadly...

I would say none of the commercially farmed produce are good for your health...some of the exceptions could be jackfruit, groundnut, all paruppus , kambu, chozham, keppai/ragi because they are rain fed crops and farmers normally do not provide modern scientific farm care...

also onion,garlic, tapioca, potato, sweet potato to some extent as they are not directly sprayed with chemicals...(its not for the orthodox Brahmins, so pls do not get offended)

crops that were hard to penetrate have succumbed ...banana, coconut etc....they are being fed with systemic poisons and the poison gets into the very constituents of these crops...

So do we have a way out of this...not really now....as a thumb rule try to find vegetables/cereals which are not commercially farmed with hybrid seeds etc...
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