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Case of potential eugenic characteristics within the Brahmin population

As an amateur, I've been studying the disproportionate presence of the V1(Varna 1) in multiple fronts in India despite the reservation which is far more clogged in North Indian states. Is it due to favourable eugenics or maybe genetics (although it's seems absurd and is a topic among the far right traditional circles in social media).

Understanding this may enable an understanding as to whether this is just an archaic social structure that will die with increasing prosperity of Bharat or does it intend to prevent genepool dilution of a community with predominant Indo European genepool presence. I'm reiterating that I'm just an amateur. Just trying to make sense or find a logical rationale behind the system which is muddled in between the AMT, Out of India theory, justification of Inter caste marriage and so on.

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