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Carnatic Ragas to control B.P and sugar

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Extensive research is being done on the therapeutic effect of some carnatic ragas.

Of them "Charukesi" can be used to control blood sugar and "Thodi & Aahir Bhairavi"

for blood pressure.

"Charukesi" the "Eternal Enchantress" can also enthrall you with"Saint Thyagaraja's "Adamodi Galade" and Swathi

Thirunal's "Krupaya Palaya".

She can woo you with sringara rasa,"Manmatha leelaiyai" by MKT from the Tamil film "Haridas"-or again,"Vasantha

mullai" by TMS
from the tamil film,"Sarangadara".

Here is "Adamodi Galade" by T.M.S


And "manmatha Leelaiyai" by M.K.T


Is this research backed by any scientific evidence. Any university or research institutions is conducting such a research.
Ragas for Sugar, BP

I remember there was one Ragas Research Center (Raga Araichi Maiyam) under the leadership of Late Kunnadudi Vaidyanathan, which was funded by Tamil Nadu Govt. Jaya’s regime. He also announced some findings with regard to certain ragas.
I also remember the ragam 'Anandabhairavi' was declared as lowering one's blood pressure. Certain select ragas give select palans etc.

Are these findings of any such centre? What is the source for this information? These kind of information will get more wait, if it is revealed with the source.

General saying that hearing select ragas in karnatic music is more of general in nature. It is s a fact that it is difficult to prove or disprove these claims. I am interested in knowing whether your mention about Charukesi, Thodi & Agiribhairavi ragas as good for BP, sugar related problems has any scientific base, or it is a general mention, similar to the sayings, doing yoga is good, pranayama is good, not taking coffee is good, laughing is the best medicine etc.

No doubt all of us like to believe this kind of information, since hearing of these ragas is not a difficult prescription. Also if it does not yield the desired result, anyway the rasikas will enjoy the ragas and no one is at a loss.

G. Soundara Rajan
It is known fact that listening to music does lower ur tense & stress. Hence reduced problems to health
Unless there is a published report from a renowned university that Music cures certain diseases, nobody will accept.

If somebody has done research on the subject, please request him to get it validated by an approved university or research institution.

One of the music teacher in Annamalai University is known to me. If required, I can request his help for validation.
Unless there is a published report from a renowned university that Music cures certain diseases, nobody will accept.

If somebody has done research on the subject, please request him to get it validated by an approved university or research institution.

One of the music teacher in Annamalai University is known to me. If required, I can request his help for validation.
I agree with U. There should be some approoval frm regognised institutions& the concerned person should show all details,even though i appreciate his hard work
i am going to generalize here, and like all generalizations, this post is flawed.

i think, a certain section of us TBs, in conjunctions with other tamils/indians have a jingoistic attitude towards our vedic ancient culture.

we love to look back in time, to the pre islamic india, forgetting that kanishka's capital kanauj was in modern afghanistan, and prior to embracing buddhism, was a believer of gods alien to bharat.

i am constantly reminded of those soviet text books, mostly science texts, released through new century book house in madras, which while useful to the science/engineering students, if one could get through and understand the english, explained the fundamentals of calculus, physics or chemistry, in a cheap and affordable way (in the 60s, 70s).

the only snag, was that, the soviet russians (mind you, not the other soviet nationalities.. and there goes any arguement that soviet union was not racist) had discovered everything before other scientists.

apparently, there was a russian scientist who discovered the laws of gravitation, before newton.

now, our ardent bharatvaasis, are giving those bankrupt soviet scientists a good run for their money .. our ancient hindus have discovered it all.

whether it be guided missiles, or atoms or cell phones or televisions, there are instances in our ancient documents, which could be interpreted as equivalents.

as a fervent hindu, i comply.

as a realistic human, i cringe at these boasts, empty or otherwise, only God knows.. why cannot we be more humble?

though, i still do not understand, why we have such a defensive attitude against supposed ignorance.

do we not know, that the best place to start is from that of an underdog? look at japan or south korea or china? these countries and their outputs, were laughing stock, all over (including india) in my lifetime.

today, they are the terrors of the world, threatening to overwhelm the universe with their products.

the astounding fact, is that during the last public interview, that i know of, the PM of china, claimed that his country was a poor partner, and the world should not judge it by its exports.. but its exports were a means to pull the mass out of poverty..

what he did not say was 'beggar thy u.s., europe or rest of the world'.. the model worked for japan, korea, hong kong, taiwan and singapore.. but china is a giant, which will swallow its benefactors. ;)

thank you.

ps.. atleast, adhering to being a tamil, before i am a hindu, and definitely before a discarded brahmin cloak, i feel enhanced, that the tamil socio political mafia, is intent on literati glory of the sangam age, and does not have any pretensions to mastery iin science.

i can accept this without any reservations, whatsoever.

bhagavaney !! there is sanity, atleast in small doses, in the south eastern corner of india.
A quote from the links above. "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."


good sounding quote. enigmatic. but, to me, it is meaningless.

to quote a website, is not proof. anyone with a few basic skills can pen any type of claim and publish it on the web.

i would be impressed, if those claims, are published in scientific magazine, go through the process of experiment and proof.

otherwise, to me, they are wishful thinking, at the best; empty boasts at the worst.


I wish you had read all the links before writing. This is a very popular resource on Hinduism in the web. The lady who maintains it has painstakingly gathered and collated all the information and presented them. BTW, the links actually talk about what scientists, nobel laureates say about Vedic science. So if we are looking for the usual Western and Scientific seal of approval it is already there as it comes straight from the likes of Carl Sagan or Einstein or Emerson or Thoreau or Schopenhauer. I also suggest you read a book "A Tribute to Hinduism" published by the same lady which is a collection of what Indologists (predominantly Western) has to say about Hinduism. I cannot say or argue any better than what is said in the website. And it will take you quite some time to absorb the wealth of information that is presented here. Pray, spend some time over it.
Carnatic Ragas to control B.P and Sugar

Whether carnatic music and its ragas heal B.P or Sugar one thing is quite sure.They certainly are very soothing to the mind.

Dear Members,
Thaks for all reply to my thread-carnatic music for BP.While totally agreeing to all members,What I was trying to say was by getting recognition from recognised scientific forum more peoples frm our community will tend to accept.I am also one off the ardent fan of carnaticmusic& enjoying true value of the music.Thanks.
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