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carnatic music

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we want to inculcate in young generation:first: children the knowledge of carnatic music and induce interest in them .. I would like to get suggestions how to promote this in the kids which i feel is fading off.... I know....who love music will get inclined towards it but we feel that kids have to have knowledge abt our heritage..... please all suggestions are welcome.....
I could not find a teacher to teach my daughter. My daughter wanted to learn. Then she learned flute on line ( not carnatic though) and trumpet from school.
Music is an art that purifies and rejuvenates the soul. Inclination to learn music must be an innate urge in kids. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to convince them. Anything imposed against the children's will will be resisted by them and they know how to circumvent such compulsions from the elders - usually, parents and grandparents.

As far as I know, taking kids right from 3 years to music kacheris or making them listen to good music, while playing may create a growing interest in them (without their knowledge) to learn music and to create music. Under no circumstances the kids shall feel that something not to their liking is being imposed on them.

Most importantly, there should be only training and practice; no exams and no marks.
This will create an informal atmosphere for learning with enthusiasm and interest.
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Dear all,
I wish to provide a simple suggestion. Dont take step by step classes to them. I mean, varisais, alankarams, geethams, varnams and then keerthanais. They will be getting bored. In between itself you teach small songs. So that they will also feel a change and also feel happy to sing a song. This is my personal experience.

Don't insist the child to sing at anywhere. Slowly, it will shed up its shyness and come out. Insisting sometimes causes aversion over this.

i totally agree to this ..... great response ..... the children r totally harhessed these days ..... but few of my friends feel this is to encourage the kids to ...some need coaxing to do things which they r talented .......
Modern way to get interest in carnatic music

I think one way to get kids interested is to watch web videos....one site I use with my daughter is rasigan.com which has several such videos and find that kids these days respond to viewing videos better than other methods...
I personally feel that poorvajanma vasanas play a great role in guiding a child towards our carnatic music.Whatever methods you adopt in creating interest in this music ultimately do not bear fruit in the long run,if the child does not have an innate aptitude and a sense of appreciation for this type of music.I am stating this not only from my personal experience but also on observing quite a lot of cases where the parents spend a fortune for music classes for the children only to see them turning a deaf ear when they grow old.
It is a pleasure to see many children showcasing their superior talent and their deep knowledge in carnatic music in the reality show CARNATIC MUSIC IDOL currently being aired by Jaya TV.Hats off to Jaya TV for their wonderful service for encouraging the budding artists!
At the same time, when seeing the children who has been sent out from the show really makes even myself to cry. I dont know about how judges are judging the children. Am unable to find any faults with anyone. Its a tough task. Anyhow seeing children rejected is making myself much into distress... Also on seeing some children singing much of romantic songs, which they even dont know the meanings, somehow I feel much nervous. A child should be a child. Much of maturity spoils the child's childishness. This is my personal opinion only.
It should be in the atmosphere.Kids whose parents are into it, dont find it that difficult to get inclined.Else, paatis in home would be always singing bhajans and some kritis,they would like even that.But yes, it should not be forced. I myself was forced into it,that time i had aversion, after leaving it for a few years and now, i feel i had done a great mistake and now im totally into it.
Im in Abu Dhabi, having 6yrs old daughter who is learning carnatic music thr online.If u r interested i'll give her teacher's number.My id is [email protected]
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