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can the government/s create wealth

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After reading the Ramdev thread, TN election thread etc. I think we are concentrating on the symptoms (corruption, governance, etc.) All or almost all the people who vote in and vote out governments, expect a better deal from the newly chosen government. Needless to say, we can stretch our legs on the bed only till its (bed's) length. To give us a better deal, are the government/s we are electing, equipped to create new wealth or expand the existing pie? The equitable distribution part can be taken up after the cake is baked.

So, for the present, does the government's job extends to creation of wealth or not? Are they equipped to do it? Do they intend to do it?


I think the person who can give a correct answer to this question deserves a Nobel prize in economics! The role of government in wealth creation has been debated as long as any of the other thorny questions raised in this forum.
All Governenment sits on Wealth, earlier peple inherit ancestor properties which has to be divided if two or more brothers/sisters are there, know the time has changed or has been changed by Poltiicians to make sure that each of their Kin get separate properties so that there is no inhouse fight , see the Drama of the current poltiicians, what they gain in all these years has all been lost by single controversy. Earlier our Grand parents/ Parents say Ni para in next generation you will face trouble, you will born like this etc, but i see generation / OR God has changed, he has no time to make record of all people in the world whom he see so he gives the result of their karma immediately, no time given for next generation, as know a days population, corruption, people mind, attitude are all changed and changing day by day, seconds by seconds so I think God's have also changed thier mind so that they can be free and concentrate on the other side for the welfare of good people. So my request through this forum his help others, needy, poor by atleast by way of giving food, old cothes, other things which we find is no more useful for us instead of selling for marginal money or under byback scheme. Help others and unkowingly it will rebounce to ourself and our families.
I don't think the government creates wealth, but definitely can be an enabler. Look at China! Definitely individuals deserve credit, but the sum is greater than the whole. Everybody was poor before, but after the arrival of Deng Xiaoping, the GDP just took off. I think he should be called the Great Enabler.
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