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Can take pride as Brahmin, Hindu??

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In India, Livlyhood are made hell.
People suffer so much.

if vedas/culture is claimed to be great assets, what I see now hurts.
if we are so cultured, how had we Nehru as PM?

If we have best teachings, how did EVR - get hold on TN, why is was taken serious?

If we lots of support for India while critket match? Why not for RSS, which wants India to succeed in Every field?

am confused with India. If my tradition is to teach vedas, why did my parents compromised for English Education?

am doing fine ecnomically. Its hurts, when others suffer? Why is so much India is Rude?

why we compromise vedas towards - modern education?

Are we not capable to?

GOD would worry for had transferred the vedic knowledge to India.
If it had been to white race/USA/RUSSIA/JAPN
the whole would be following the Vedic tradition and they would have found means to make livihood by Vedic edcation system.
Done more work on Aurvedic system and globalised it.

Artha Sastra(chanakya), techniques would have been implemented universally.

-----I post this out of my ignorance - ---
I am new to the forum. I was browsing the posts on this topic. Each has a point to tell. According to my thinking the basic fact is that Brahmin has got certain inborn qualities like acquiring knowledge, try to acheve some thing of his own in life, personal pride, peaceful coexistance and suffer silently. These are transferred generation after generation due to effect of his gene. Now we find this is changing. We lost our honour in the Society, when we started competing with others in acquiring wealth forsaking our traditions. Once Brahmins occupied high position in society, not because of wealth, but due to maintaining high values in life and knowledge. Culture does not mean Dance and Music alone. It is over all refinement in Life acquired in generations. Let us analyse what has happened to these values. Even Vegetarianism is questioned by our people. Killing of another living being was considered a great sin by our forefathers. Influence of USA a Country which doen't have any Culture is capturing our youngsters.Respect for old values an age have been given a go by. My good old grand mother will never eat any thing grown under the surface of earth. She considered roots and tubers were given by God for animals to eat. Not that I ask every one should go back to stone age. But atleast we should maintain healthy practices which enhanced our way of living. No wonder we have become object of joke and redicule, because in no way we are better than others.

If time permits I request our members to read the wonderful book "Dialogues with the Guru " a book on conversations recorded in 1925 and 1927 with HH Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Swamigal of Sringeri Mutt. We will find many of our questions answered convincingly.

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