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Can Bhagavad Gita be recited at home?

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Hi, I have this query since long. Can Bhagavad Gita be recited at home? (I tried asking some priests, vaathyars etc., but could not get a definite reply). Because they say that Gita should be recited only at temples. Which leads to another query? Which is the religious book that could be read daily by the Hindus (The christians have Bible, and Muslims have quran. How about Hindus?)
Similarly they say that Srimad Bhagavatam also should not be recited at home (on a daily basis). Can I read Gita and Bhagavatam at home. If yes, what is the ritual to be followed?

Another query, what is the ritual to be followed for Narasimha upasana? (Everybody frightens me by asking me to avoid Narasimha upasana as he is a angry God.)
How to Read the Bhagavad-Gita | eHow.com
There are various site to listen and recite Gita.
The following is one such site:
Introduction to Bhagavad Gita

I have a Gita given to me by my guru. I also have his CD and DVD to follow in my home.

Mahatma Gandhi said:
I would like, however, the reciters to realize that the mere recitation is not an end in itself. It should be an aid to the contemplation and assimilation of the meaning and the message of the Gita. By patience even a parrot can be taught to recite it by heart. But he would be no wiser for the recitation. The reciter of the Gita should be what its author expects him to be - a yogi in its broad sense. It demands from its votaries balance in every thought, word and deed and a perfect correspondence between the three. He whose speech and action do not accord with his thoughts is a humbug or a hypocrite.
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Dear "Srivarahe",

To my knowledge Bhagavad Gita can be read by any one, any where comfortable to concentrate.
I would consider it is the gift of Lord, if we could understand the purport of his words given in Gita
to clear the doubts of his friend Arjuna in the battlefield in the form of Samvada.

Best wishes,
Mr. Srivarahe,

Because they say that Gita should be recited only at temples.

Who said it? What was the authority under which it was said? Is there a vedic pramana for this?
Dear Sir,
I have no idea whether it has any vedic pramana. but many people who I interacted said that it should not be read in house, as it will cause confusion at home (?!)
Sri. Srivarahe, Greetings.

I am not an expert to give suggestions here. But I like you ask you one question, please. Why would you recite Srimad Bhagavad Gita? Read it, discuss it with your partner if you have one. Kindly check how it suits your life. Gita suits everyone differently. It is like if a million dollars are given, each person would spend it differently. Gita is like million dollars; if you only want to recite it, it would be like digging a big hole in your backyard and burying it.. in other words, you will not enjoy any of the money. Similarly, if you restrict yourself only with 'reciting Gita', you will not get any benefit from it. Open the book, read it, discuss it, apply that to your own life, imagine you are Arjuna and check out your sorroundings for Kurushetra... if you think you don't see Kurushetra around you, you are wrong.. you are sorrounded by six enemies all the time... see how you can identify them, see how you can fight them.....

Well, I and my wife did. I am absolutely happy I did. Actually thinking about doing it again.. our circumstances hhave changed....

In Sanskrit ‘Jigyasa’ stands for Curiosity.

Curiosity has been the basis for all human growth and learnings. Nothing could have been achieved if human being were not curious about thier envrionment and surroundings. The newton was curious about falling of apple, so were Adam and Eve about the fruits from tree of knowledge. Galileo was curious about universe.

In human life if you have no thirst for knowledge, you may as well be dead.
Ram Ram . Here is my opinion on this discussion.

1. Bagavath gita can be recited in home for sure. - There is a book called Bagavath gita mahatmyam which contains incidents( I will not term it as stories) that happend to the Reciter of each chapter in bagavath gita. This book will tell you the fruits of reciting each chapters daily. Bagavath Gita homam is also in practice in northern side of the country.
2. If you would like to have a comparison to quran and bible then you should study vedas daily. As hinduism is flexible and offer multi channels to reach the salvation , gita or srimad bagavatham also holds good.
3. Srimad Bagavatham can be recited in home for sure - It is one of the Six duties of a person who follows the Bagavatha Dharma as per the principles of Sri. Marudhanallur Sathguru swamigal. There are specific set of slokas from Bagavatham recited for specific purposes (EX : The slokas starting from "Sruthva gunan he bhuvana sundara " for marriage related problems(These slokas are from the letter given by rukmani to krishna asking him to marry her) , "The Drowpathy maana samrakshana" for serious troubles and all)

There is nothing like a ritual for daily reciting . If it is for occasion it should be done as Bagavatha Sapthaham(Reading entire bagavatham in seven days as per procedures). For daily recital start with the first sloka then read the part you wish to and end with the last sloka , offer neivedya and harathi. Even you can study like 1st x number of slokas for a day and continue it on the next day from where you left yesterday.

4. Narashimma Upasana requires a lot of aacharam(controls) that needs to be followed and it should be learn through a proper guru. It is not that he is an angry god.

I hope this will help ..

This is purely my opinion and i do respect others.

Arun M
Ram Ram
Shriman Sivarahe,

1.both Srimad bhagavad Gita and Srimad bhagawatam can be recited at home. I do regular parayanam of them along with Srimad Ramayanam. There are several pramanas in several puranas for this.

2. Nrisimha Upasana : Pl approach a Guru and learn the mantras. There are some Yama/Niyamas to be followed.

Simple logic will help us understand..

Geeta recitation is for the purification of the mind.

The Mind is present at home, at work and at a temple.

So place of recital makes no difference in my opinion.
Dear Srivarahe,

You need have no qualms about reciting Bhagavatam and Gita at home. My father used to do it for many, many years, along with Sundara Kandam. If nothing else, it gave him and the family a sense of peace and serenity.

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