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By lighting Holy Lamp control cancer

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I found certain herbal oils combination when lighted as holy lamp can get peace in mind and act as supporting rays in curing cancer. This oil I made in a pharmaceutical company in Chennai and wish to give to cancer patients and the group.
Application:- Light the lamp with the oil in the morning half an hour and evening half an hour. Place a Copper sombhu with lime fruit in it. Thats all.

You can take the tablets given by the doctors, and you must avoid food prepared in micro ovens.

This oil is available in Chennai.
can you please tell the name of the oil and where it is available. my neighbhours 30 year old son who got married a year back is suffering from blood cancer and is undergoing chemotheraphy in manipal hospital. i would like to purchase and give them.
Please Contact Mr.Vijay Mehta,Managing Director Retort lab, Next to Mehta Nurshing Home at chetpet, Phone No 28362924, and or Mr.Balasubramaian General manager Retort Lab Madavaram 25555291.

Please refer my name and they will prepare the oil of one liter and give it to you.

Once you get that oil I will come to the place and instruct how that can be lit etc.,

What he need is your feed back once in a week., improvements etc.,
wow that good information
our traditional got lot cured medicine
but not aware of it
from u we aware of it thanks sir ramachandran
After I posted these findings in the net, three years back, some scientists prepared oil with olive oil and lemon and gave a spoon to the cancer patients, and posted their findings in the net.
Lemon & Olive Oil Cure for Liver Cancer | eHow.com

oilive oil and lemon for cancer - Google Search

Secondly whenever you find time between 3 and 4.30 PM on tues day, visit Siva temple where people will light the lemon oil lamp in Durga sannadhi. On fridays too they do. Just see the flame for 10 mts. sit there for 30 mts., in the night you will get good sleep. For cancer patients it works well.

For diabetes if they sit under Nagalinga poo maram it will control the sugar.

For gas problems sit under Aththi maram.

Take bath in water soaked with betel leaves it will remove body pain.
cure for cancer

Dear sri Ramachandran,

This is a good news for the cancer patients. Have you conducted any trials
and if so, what is the percentage of success ? Are they cured of this deadly
disease ? Many are suffering from cancer and are spending crores of rupees
with no result. Many big specialty hospitals are making money and they know
that the patients will not survive.

Another disease is blocks in the arteries and at present only interventional
cardiac treatment is the answer and the expenses are quoted ' X' sum as a
package !

It will be a great service if you can enlighten us further on this subject.
Abstract :Cancer Cure as mentioned in Vedas
This Scholar believes that the atmosphere and environments plays an important role in forming all diseases including cancer. When a non smoker stands and inhales the cigar smoke he is getting cancer. Simultaneously candle light dinners in closed A/c rooms/ halls can also help the cancer cell to grow. After studying Vedas which’s main philosophy is fire sacrifices with different types of herbal sticks, under the atmosphere of Hindu temples in South India, constructed with rock and granite, worship of images of gods made with Copper that creates different kinds of light rays, that penetrates through the skin and make chemical changes in the blood cells. For all diseases and especially Cancer, blood disorder plays an important role.
Based on this theory this scholar approached the Cancer and shared his findings through net.
Olive oil cure mentioned in Vedas was applied 2000 before!

The sour grape (amphakion) "Omphacium" is a kind of oil obtained from the olive and vine. The former is from white olive and the vine is from Aminaean grape, when the size of a chick- pea just rising of dog star (The Sun). The verjuice (Unripe fruit juice) is put in earthen vessels and then stored in vessels of cyprian copper. The best is reddish, acrid and dry to taste. Also the unripe grape is pounded in the mortar, dried in the Sun and then divided in to lozenges.

The aminaean grape is a lanata or woolly grape "So that we not be surprised at the wool bearing trees of seres or the Indians." The former were mulberry trees with silk worm cocoons bred on them and later were cotton.

Pliny says "Omphacium heals ulcerations of the humid parts of the body such as the mouth, tonsillary glands etc., the powerful action of omphacium is modified by honey or raisin vine. It also cure dysentery, spitting of blood and quinsy."

(Ref:Wilfred H.Schoff, Ed,, Periplus of the Erythraean Sea(Travel and Trade in the Indian Ocean by a merchant of the first Century) Second edition., Oriental books reprint Corporation, New Delhi-110055, 1974 pp 75-76)

Further there were number of wooden planks used for extracting oils.
This is described in a book by Chattopadhyay K.P., Ancient India Cultures and Migrations, Firma K.L..Mukhopadhyay, Culcutta-12, 1970 pp 91-98

The oil boiled out is Ngai and from the pressed plank is Mayai.

A combination of herbal oil as mentioned in Agathya Samhita was studied and the combination of herbal oil was produced at Retort Laboratory, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, well known Herbal Medicine manufacturers in India. The produced oil was lit as a holy lamp in the room where the cancer patient was and his psychology and the approach of his well-wishers also studied. The holy lamp was lit, and before that three copper images/ Egg shaped copper balls were also placed, and the lamp was lit for three hours in the early morning and at dawn.
The patient who was declared IV stage of throat Cancer and kept under Morphine at one tab for six hours so that he doesn’t feel the pain was told about this trial. Since he was happy that he need not swallow any pills apart from the current one he and his family co-operated for this.
This matter was informed to the AACR (THREAD ID:1-1EBRX1H) (ACTIVITY ID:1-1EDGT18) in 2008 January.
After one week of lighting the lamp, the patient said he feels better, and requested to continue this supportive therapy. He reduced the intake of morphine in to three per day. Again after two weeks another tablet was reduced. After 45 days the patient fully stayed away from morphine and declared he was in III stage. At this time he was able to speak few words. After this, he went to a hospital and admitted himself as he was a Government servant; he was eligible for full reimbursements of the medical expenses. After 4 months he came out of hospital to sign a document at his office and he was speaking with everyone. But suddenly he developed bile and TB, and in next 48 hours he died.

The room where we reside plays an important role in curing the diseases. The air content in room remains the same and if we lit a lamp with herbal oil that sends ultra violet rays in to the blood cells that reduces the growth of cancer cells and its activities.
We need a device that measures the gas contents of the room accurately and send the volume and density per cu.mt. This equipment we must put in a room and record the combination of gases present in the room.
Then the room should be filled with cancer patients for 4 hours and we must record the gas content in the room for every hour. There will be a change and we can estimate what the cancer patients emit through his skin. Check the differences of gas contents in the room. Now counter this with lighting herbal oil, before which place a copper piece of egg shape. When the light rays passes through the copper egg it will split in to millions and penetrate as NaNo rays in to his skin and make chemical changes in his blood cell
Supportive therapy to cure Cancer as mentioned in Vedas

Please down load the file to read more


  • Supportive therapy to cure Cancer as mentioned in Vedas.doc
    72.5 KB · Views: 142
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