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Business and Economics-some food for thought 1.

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The internet's next step

Ajit Balakrishnan
The Business Standard
Published on November 18, 2014

The step forward in marketing could be a move
to bypass the media and towards owning it directly

The video starts with a 20-something man cuddling his Labrador puppy. It then shows the puppy running away with his master's shoe. In another shot, they are seen running together in the grass; then, the puppy - now nearly full-grown - dives into a pond together with his master. Then we see, one evening, the young man driving off with a group of his friends, and the dog wistfully looking at him go out of the window. The sky outside darkens into night and we see the dog whining for his master through the night, and we start worrying what has come of the young man; has something bad happened to him after his night of drinking? Suddenly, its daylight, the door bursts open and the young man arrives back, saying to his dog, "I was in a daze and couldn't drive home last night! I am back!" The dog jumps joyfully to lick his master all over his face. The video ends with a word from its sponsor, Anheuser-Busch, the makers of legendary American beers like Budweiser, and the video's message: the owner is a responsible young man; instead of driving home, he has slept it off in a friend's house and, hence, has arrived home safe the next morning - so you, too, be responsible, and don't drive after you have had a lot to drink. When this video was posted on the internet, it went wildly viral and in its first week has 13 million views. Many viewers re-transmitted it through various social networks with comments like "the new Budweiser commercial got me like (crying)".

The video tugged at my heart, too, and brought back memories of all the dogs that I have had in my life and the cute things they did when I got home in the evening from work or late in the night from business trips. No surprise here. The real surprise to me was what the Anheuser-Busch executive who was making a presentation on the stage at the AdTech Conference in New York last week said next: this heart-string tugging video that has had over 50 million views on the internet, making it one of the most viewed videos this year, has had no impact on Budweiser beer sales online; offline store sales were, in fact, down compared to the same period last year. He then went on to demonstrate the marketing initiative that his company was doing now with far greater effect on sales: putting LCD screens on the doors of the beer coolers that Anheuser-Busch keeps at retail beer outlets; these LCD screens are connected to the internet, and Anheuser-Busch transmits messages through the internet to these LCD screens throughout the United States, adapting these messages to the geographical location of the store.

The AdTech conference is the biannual gathering of all those interested in advertising on the internet and a moment's reflection will make you realise the strategic significance of the story: one of the largest advertisers in the world had just recounted a case study that showed that by "owning" media (that is what installing internet-connected LCD screens on beer coolers amounts to) they have found greater impact on sales than by "paying" media (which is what posting a video on popular video streaming sites is) to get them an audience.

It has always been a source of wonder for me that when internet technology first burst on the scene in the mid-1990s its first impact was felt in the media industry and not in, for example, in manufacturing or distribution. This path is a little different from the path other technologies have historically taken. When the possibilities of the steam engine first became evident a series of attempts were made - by Thomas Savery in 1698, by Thomas Newcomen in 1712 and finally, successfully, in 1749 by James Watt, all addressing the need to pump water from the coal mines of northeastern England. From here the steam engine was harnessed to pulling carts laden with coal from the pitheads to the consuming centres, then to the establishment of the passenger railway system, and so on. It took more than a hundred years for it to be applied to the media - in the production of affordable mass-media newspapers, when William Bullock used it to drive the steam-driven rotary press for his newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer. In a similar fashion, electricity and wireless spent many years being applied in manufacturing, transport and defence before finding its application in the media in the form of radio and TV channels, and wireless news services.

On the other hand, the World Wide Web found an early home in the media perhaps because Tim Berners-Lee, the man who conceived it, thought of a "website" as a place to store and retrieve information; entrepreneurs seized on this aspect to create "media" websites that showed breaking news and other information; and when users came flocking to these websites found an economic model by charging advertisers to reach this audience.

The Anheuser-Busch case study that I just recounted sounds to me like the next step forward in marketing - a move to bypass the media (the internet sites that host videos like the cute puppy one, offering them a platform to help them spread "virally") and towards owning it directly. Does it mean that advertisers using internet technologies will reach out to consumers directly at the point of sale?


Thread for business - Pabulum: was my title of this comment. But with lots of apprehension i ventured to type more. After-all lack of comprehension can only lead to apprehension. I would still use 'prehension behaviour' on myself, just to make myself not to go overboard on this 'surfing business'.

The chief concept that caught my eye or my eyes with glasses on if you may call it was: the advert made good business acumen. But what i wanted to contest or challenge was the comparisons made to certain domains or sub-businesses.

The comparison is thus: everyone watched the commercial on a TV, a portable TV that is literally portable, for the time and gadget factor was "pottable" as well. I CHALLENGE THAT.

Now getting back to my PREHENSION, firstly: on the VETERANS or the NOMENCLATURE of a certain cadre in this forum does derive some power. I would dare not to say that just yet, coz i don't want to be a VETERAN one-day (my SECOND prehension: THE REASON being i don't like the idea of FIGHT over FLIGHT in its F words).

Internet business will never be HUMANE business, because customer satisfaction has been proven time and again to be the lowest.

PABULUM is a difficult word not similar to VAAGMI, but as long as a prehension behavior to come down on usage of new words does not affect ENVIRONMENTAL AUTONOMY, in the name of enriching intellect. Actually it does, for i right clicked 8 times to change the spellings of my words.

And the final PREHENSION -- let us lock the bullet in its GROOVE. The 'question-finale' is very valuable of the OP, although i don't quiet understand what VAAGMI stands for. ...........and i just checked there are 2 AAs to finalize my creation of sentence out of VAAGMI, i.e, I AM GAME VA! Biting on the Inhibition a bit more, here it goes...I have not concluded yet of my 'lost' similarity to the Russian neurologist Luria with a tap, swipe (on the mouse pad for the right click) and breath ( for full expiration ).


Can someone explain the paragraph below?

High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/6b2202a2-86e2-11e0-9d41-00144feabdc0.html#ixzz3KHRibuZB

For Balakrishnan, the key to understanding the whipsawing world of the internet is to realise that technology is a social construct, not a technical one. “It does not have a life of its own,” he stresses. As one of the leading exponents of the “social constructivist” school of technology, he points out that success or failure in technology is determined not purely by technical merit, but by a complex social interplay of power, interest groups and circumstance. He cites the example of TCP/IP – the technological backbone of the internet – which won over the superior X400 system mainly because the US adopted it first.


A bhashyam please.

When a doctor wants to test certain aspect of front of brain function he uses PREHENSION BEHAVIOUR TESTING VERSUS ENVIRONMENTAL AUTONOMY. Patients sit in a buddha posture, he tells patients not to touch or grasp his hand. he then tricks him to a shake hand. It is automatic behaviour for any one to shake hands, but in that setting the patient will fail the test.

Now there is this remotest of similarity to what and how you want to trick your brain and fail it. For example before starting to type this comment i said the goals are two-fold. Firstly to shoot all veterans with v as the initial. and secondly to expand on the OP.... But the trick didnt work obviously as i am in the second paragraph already without completing both of my objectives.

Now u know the reason i popped the bubble by quoting VAAGMI or VAGNNEE ( the last time one of them used their trigger on me but as usual it missed the target ) i was put-off by the word BASHYAM. common sense tells me it is basha or bashai, but there is a african-Yam twist to it, whatever that is in multi-cuturalism terms. that provoked or a nicer word of poked me to post something bypassing a MERCI. Now that is serious misconduct on FOG platforms. But for the sake of december and thanks-giving i apologise.

But if you are still guessing my main concept for a challenge, the coffee challenge is in the TECHI-BORING-GIANT themselves. My key word is - SOCIAL HOME ON A CLOUD aka CASTLE IN THE AIR!

Btw, Luria ( as in LURIA test ) was an extraordinary man. In the era of multiculturalism, his works are exemplary.

Now then, to touch a bit on the school home-work,

Drawing on Cambridge’s Palate Map™ analysis, the brew masters
at Anheuser-Busch created a novel formula that – with a splash
of natural lime – offered a refreshing, citrus-infused alternative
to traditional light beers. A competitor had recently introduced
a similar product, but instead used artificial lime flavoring and a
pinch of salt. Anheuser-Busch believed its unique brew would win
over beer drinkers.

so they twisted the taste and sold it!

But they reached the customers tongue and brain to be very specific about their humane touch. and you want to extrapolate this to INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES, good luck and GODs help ! I wouldn't say more.

Not open for further replies.
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