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Bus Travel

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“I usually travel by Metropolitan Transport Corporation( MTC) bus, from Jain College stop (Which is near to my office) to Tidel Park. Formerly, MTC buses on routes 19B and 21H mostly won’t stop at Tidel Park. So I usually prefer to get into T51 bus, which stops. After some time, 19B started stopping at Tidel Park also. Today (March 22, 2010), while returning from office at around 8.30 pm, I got into a bus (19B) in Jain College at around 8.45 pm, and asked the conductor to give me a ticket to Tidel Park stop. He said, the bus won't stop there; I contested that; but he kept on saying the same thing. I found a complaint phone number (9884301013) in my mobile. I called that number. The MTC official at the other end asked me to give the phone to the conductor and asked for the bus registration number. He enquired where the bus was at that time. I said it is in Kandhanchavadi. The MTC official said he will come on the line and talk to them. I was curious how he will come and catch the bus. A few minutes ticked by. The wireless transmitter (to track the bus), near the driver in the bus started screaming... The driver stopped the bus on the left side of the road and started listening to the transmitter. The MTC voice enquired why the bus did not stop at Tidel Park stop. The driver said he stops in Tidel Park stop and in the previous trip also he has done. The voice asked him then why the conductor kept saying what he said. The voice asked the conductor too what the matter was. The conductor was speechless. The driver somehow managed the situation and supported the conductor by saying that the conductor was new to this route. The driver asked to be excused for the incident and said he will stop at the Tidel Park stop. The MTC voice said he wanted to talk to the passenger who called him. I went near the transmitter and spoke to it. He said he was sorry for the incident and apologised to me on behalf of MTC. Everyone in the bus was surprised. I came back to my seat and I was embarrassed as all were looking at me. A few passengers took down the number from my mobile. Eventually, the bus stopped at Tidel Park stop. Yes, nowadays good things happen in government sector also. Technology too is used properly”.
-Based on a letter from Shri Prakash M, a software trainee of Tidel Park, Chennai;Idea: Smt. Rama Devi Prasad

prior to the seventies, the state buses were busy keeping to time schedule rather than stopping for passengers. still, by indian standards, our pallavan was easily the best.

then around 1970, the government came with a bonus scheme - i think it was 2% of the total take, each for the driver & conductor. overnight, the bus stopping policy changed - these guys used to stop inbetween stops to take in customers.

but in those days, barring the peak hours, the buses were half empty. unlike now, whenever i come to chennai, i see the buses overloaded and a lot of sad faces waiting for the same :(
pallavan had a policy of limited standing passenger in 12 B routes,when i was growing.the frequency is to be good,even if standing passengers were full as per norm.nowadays pallavan has become,pallu lava lavan...
Senior citizens are due of concessional far in bangalore bmtc / ksrtc buses. when some conductors do not recognise it, the control room can be called and the concerned conductor is pulled up and justice done.... on the spot... all over mobile phone.

Please provide phone nos for registering complaints from your respective states too. So that all are benefitted.

(Note: I've replied to 2 threads on 1. Conversion 2. Samskrit. Do read without fail)

hi all

Chennai MTC grievance cell

Ph no:9383337639 round the clock. Complaints may also be lodged to the Wireless Control Room using Telephone Numbers 23455858, 23455859 or 23455801 - Extension - 239 between 10.00 hrs. to 17.45 hrs.

Bangalore BMTC

phone number: 12667, 22029935,

toll free no: 1800 425 1663
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