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Brunt of reservation policy

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Hi, friends I am not a Tamil, but I feel the need to unity among Hindus and particularly Brahmins, to save ourselves from opportunists conspiring against us in the guise of being rationalist.

I will tell Brahmins are the best. Whether, from J&K, Gujarat, or Meghalaya, or Kerala, maintaining the 5000 years of genetic purification has made all the Brahmins the most intelligent and bright of all. But this must not be an excuse for hatred against us.

I am a Bhumihar from Bihar. This is a forward caste, with only 10 lakh population in India(most in Bihar). We are not exactly Brahmins, the difference can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhumihar Many of us are living in poverty and lead a difficult life. We have been given similiar treatment in Bihar as Tamil Brahmins in Tamil Nadu, but we forced even people like Laloo to bend in front of us and accept that no one can win election in Bihar without support from Bhumihars.

But the damage done wasconstant humiliation and disgrace was permanent, as once constructive and peaceful Bhumihars have been completely militiarized.

Affluent and stronger castes like Yadavs and Kurmis have been given the OBC status, which helps them in getting admission into good educational institutes and nice government job, even after securing half of our marks.

I can feel the kind of injustice done to Tamil Brahmins, due to the long lasting reservation policy.

While reading an article in "Times of India" I came to know about reservation in Tamil Nadu, which has been 69% for last 25 years!!!
By taking the plank of false Aryan invasion theory, the politicians have made Brahmins target and ruled the state by using the divide-and-rule theory, just like Laloo did in his days.

We all need to unite to end this anti-Brahmin pseudo-secular cult being raised in this country.
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